Chapter 120: Devil's Proposal

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 I got to get back to the room.
I have to pick up Diamond.




 I racked my brains looking for the birdcage.




 What I see is a cage with a freezing cold atmostphere.



 Inside the cage, Diamond and the Great Horned Owl were staring at each other.
White threads were stretched and torn in many places.
Some of them were caught on both of their bodies.




 The diamond had been scratched by claws.
The horned owl, on the other hand, is puffy with a raised eyebrow.
His body is puffed up and his eyes are glowing blue.
Meanwhile, Namiten was upside down, its legs wriggling as it let off steam.




 There's so much to digest….




 Anyway, I opened the lid of the basket and rescued the upside-down Namiten.
Then Diamond immediately jumped on my hand.




『Mister! This little girl is one hell of a jerk!』




 And then Diamond did an angry squat.
He looked like he was in tears.




『What happened to you?』




 I put the diamond on my shoulder and then asked.




『After mister husband went into the bathhouse with the girls, I tried to calm this frightened girl down.
 Hehehehe….., as long as you're quiet, nothing will happen to you, just sit back and count the stains on the ceiling.
I told her, but she kicked me and sulked at me.
She took advantage of the fact that I can't touch her because you told me not to hurt her, and did whatever she wanted!』




 I guess I was in the wrong to say it that way.




『And on top of that, she tried to scream in an incomprehensible loud voice, and I told her not to do that because it was too noisy, but she didn't listen! Of course, I kept interfering!  but there was nothing I could do, so I made a big show of trying to tie her up with a string, and this is the result.』




It's totally sound like the story of a thug who's trying to kidnap the town girl, you know.




You can talk to animals? I'm jealous.




Anyway, I stroked the head of the Great Horned Owl, which was puffed up in its cage, and apologized for scaring it.




 Then the owl looked up at me with its acorn eyes, made a hollow cry, jumped out of its cage, and flew noiselessly into the darkness outside the window.




 The darkness outside was beginning to fade.

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『Come on, let's go home.
We've had too much fun and it's getting late.
Do you want to stay with Ferris?』




『I've been told by the lady that I'm to be the servant of the concubine! Leave it to me!』




『I'm counting on you.』





 I attached the reassuring Namibian ladybug to Ferris's shirt onesie that was on the floor.




 Finally, I stopped to put Lydia's pendant, which was hanging on my chest, into the birdcage.




 I reall want to have one of these……….





『Heh heh heh, mister husband, let's take that one.
If you bring it back to the young lady's house, they won't be able to get it back so easily.
The young lady will be delighted to see it.
I bet you'll have a —- great bedtime entertainment that day』




 That's for sure.




 I want this so badly, I can hardly contain myself.




 But —-.





『Diamond, I'm a professional.
I adhere to my contracts.
Keeping even the smallest promises is the one thing I'm proud of in life.
Besides, it would be a disaster if Lydia failed to finish her year.
Ferris, who I've gone to a lot of trouble to say goodbye to, might be furious and barge in on me again.』




『Huh~, I'm no match for the mister after all! But I like that kind of reluctant!』




 When I joked with Diamond, he deftly raised his hands above his head and shook his head.




I'll find another way to talk to Titania.
Oh, that's right.
There's something I want you to tell her when you get back.』




 I asked Diamond to give her a message.




 I'm looking for a way to talk to you.
I am originally a subhuman.
I can read and write in the language of subhumans.
I will not attack Faymbaum yet.
I have four girls there.
I heard that they were going to send some skilled troops.
My cave is on the border between human and subhuman territory, so it's not safe.
I wanted to find another base.
I'm going to the subhuman city after this.
I'm going to look for Abigail, and I'll be back soon.
And lastly, I love you.




『That is quite a responsibility.
Leave it to me.
By the way』




Diamond, although I'm not entirely sure how he does it, held up his little finger. 『Is this the Abigail you're talking about?』 He said.




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『No, she is a woman I'd like to have some connection with and help.』








 After hearing his brave reply, I placed the pendant in the birdcage.




 I said goodbye to Namiten and hurried out of Lydia's house.





 The air was slightly humid, the night sky was beginning to burn red, and I could hear birds singing in the distance.



 The temperature was low.
White breath escaped from my mouth.
Maybe it will start snowing soon.




 Eventually, a simple brick building came into view.
The entrance to the sewage channel leads through a dedicated building.
It's not a manhole or anything.




 As I put my hand on the door, I suddenly saw a figure step out from the shadow of the building.







 My whole body suddenly tensed up.




 Dantalion a demon officer with a sword in his hand, stopped about ten paces away from me and confronted me in silence.





 I took my hand away from the door and turned around.
Diamond on my shoulder also lowers his posture and is in a fighting stance.



 Several aliens stepped out of the shadows around me.
They are lightly armed, but the deadly energy they exude tells me that they are also skilled.
I was surrounded.



 You're good.
I wonder how he knew that I was infiltrating.




 Oh well.
If you want to fight, so be it.




 Despite the unexpected situation, my heart remained calm.




 The nails on my both hands slowly extended.




 Dantalion saw this and quietly raised one hand.
He held up his palm in a stop pose.




 He thrust the sword in his hand to the ground and raised both hands.




 As I watched in bewilderment, he pulled out two clear stones from his pocket and tossed them to me.



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『Jibodan right』








 He still has the same handsome voice.
What is this, a telekinetic crystal?




『……It's Gevaudan.
Why are we talking?』




『Hmm?』 Dantalion furrowed his brow.




I see.
Gevaudan, that is the Windtalker's crystal.
If you have those two stones, you can have a two-way conversation with me from a great distance.』




how did you know I was coming?』




『I just got a call from Mustachio.
I didn't think you'd actually come back here on your own.
I was completely outsmarted.
You're such a bold one.
Or perhaps that's why you're so daring I'm guessing the entry point is an underground canal.
I don't know how the hell they got in there when we sealed it off.』




  Who? Pistachio? Beans?




『I've heard a lot about this.
I know you're here to return Ferris.』




 Seriously? How do you know that?




 Who's Mustachio? What is he, some kind of super spy?




『Lydia reports that you are intelligent and righteous, but not like this.
You have retained your personality in perfect form』




『Do you need something? I'm in a hurry.』




I'd like to thank you first.
I have to admit, getting Ferris back in one piece was a huge help to me personally.
If anything had happened to that girl, Phoenicia would have killed me』








『You're a Knight of Ferris, aren't you? You're a man of your word.
I like that.
I want to have you as a subordinate before you attempt to destroy the city.
I don't care if you're formerly subhuman or not.』




 They know that I am also a former human?




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 Talking to Dantalion is not beneficial to me.
He's a senior officer.
I'm not a spy, and I'm sure there's no important information I can extract with my speaking skills.
On the contrary, I'll probably be siphoned off.
I think it's better to end this quickly.




『I'll be fine if you just shut up and let me through here.』




『Of course.
I don't want to get into trouble with you right now.
If you want to leave without doing anything, then, by all means, leave.
I just came to see if you were interested.
Well done.




 Dantalion paused and continued.




『You're going to attack the subhuman stronghold, aren't you?』








 I asked back.





 You know too much, no matter how much.
I told Lydia she could tell them, but it's all too fast.
What's going on?



『Because I had her summarize the conversation between you and those four.
Mustachio is a kind of elemental.
He can talk to the wind and he has good hearing.
He even has the power to listen in on telekinesis.』




So, who is Mustachio? …… 




『Oh, that's too bad.
I took good care of them.
I'm sure they're all still up in heaven together.』




 I was a little frustrated that I had completely lost the information war, so I made a hateful remark.




 Dantalion, however, cocked his head curiously.




『Too bad? Are you referring to procreation? That's the free will of those girls.
There's nothing wrong with that, as long as you take care of them』








『The idea of trying to dispel you was not a bad one. In fact, they were able to get the Butcher, who was loyal to his sexual desires, to do exactly what they needed him to do.




  Oh, you're not angry? It's not like he's holding back either.
I still don't understand alien common sense.




『Gevaudan, I know you don't have much time.
I have a straightforward proposal for you.』








『Why don't we make a temporary ceasefire agreement?』

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