Chapter 119: Farewell

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 Here comes the final act! Yaay!




 Lydia asked Ferris to take care of Tiriel, and immediately began to gently wash my meat stick with soap.
I was thrilled.




『I have to clean it properly first.
Hang in there! I am almost done.』




Lydia was giving my son a gentle nudge.
wiped the glans with her finger and rubbed the underside of my balls. This girl has it all.



『So, can we conclude that the bond between Titania and I was strong after all?』




  I asked Lydia, who had started sucking after washing off the soap.




Ha….ha, did you found out?』




 As expected.
Especially when it's that blatant.




『Domination, right?』









 With a pop, Lydia removed her mouth from the glans and smiled, looking slightly complicated.




『You'll get cold.
Let's do it in the bath.』




 So she pulled me into a large bathtub and made me sit down.
Even though I'm sitting on my knees in the water, because I' m so big, it doesn't reach my shoulders.




 She licked her lips and hugged me, straddling me.
I put my hand on her brown ass and slowly lowered it.





 I dove into the everlasting summer garden.




“–Hmm! Ah …” 




『Ha~a….Gevaudan's cock….ummm』




  When I bottomed out, she smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck.




『Ferris says she wants to help you.
So do I, okay?』




 Lydia said, numbly, as she moved her hips.




『Gevaudan was originally a subhuman, right? Ferris said, even though we're both battling with each other, it's terrible that you've been turned into a Butcher and that you've been deprived of your free will.
She said she felt sorry for you.』




『I don't know.
I've accepted it.』




『I like the Gevaudan as it is now.
As long as the present is good, I don't care about the past.
I only care about tomorrow.』




『I like you too, Lydia.』








 Lydia shuddered, her whole body trembling.




You caught me off guard! You were a womanizer?』




『Actually, yes.』




 Lydia kissed my lips.




You're getting big inside.
Would you like to?』




『Do you want me to move?』




『Yes, let me do it.』


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 Lydia said, and moved her hips up and down.
At the same time, she nipped my nipple and kissed it.
The steamy surface of the water rippled between us as she moved.




 I couldn't even hold back, and she had me ejaculating in no time at all, as she attacked on my inner muscles with such perfect accuracy.









 In the middle of the torrent that I was unleashing, Lydia continued to move her hips in a relaxed rhythm, and continued to nurse my raging cock.




『……So you know, we decided to at least try to break Titania's control of you.』




『I think you are wrong about me trying to attack Faymbaum because Titania told me to.
I mean, I don't think I've been brainwashed.』




I hugged Lydia's back and stuck out my tongue.
She happily sucked it into her mouth.









『I think Titania was going to kill Ferris, too.
She didn't want me to return Ferris to Faymbaum, and I forced her through all of that.
Do you think I'm still in control?』




『I don't really understand domination.
I don't know what it is.
We don't even know for sure if it's a skill.』




 My ejaculation was over.
Lydia stopped moving and gave me a blowjob on my tongue, breathing a little unevenly.
We twirled our saliva-covered tongues together in the air.




『I think Tiriel put a bunch of things on you earlier, but it didn't seem to work right?』




Rather, I'm doing great.』




 I'll have to thank her more carefully next time.





 I urged Lydia with small thrusts from below.



『N~a ♡ ……It's not enough? as expected』




 And then Lydia began to move again.
The rhythm was faster than before.




“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ……




『But you see, The 'Gevaudan is probably under some influence' was the conclusion of the four of us.
I don't know if your current state is domination or the result of another power,……, but Titania has managed to get into your mind.
It's unnatural.』




『To begin with, are you two on bad terms with Titania? What is she? Why is she there? I don't know anything.』




Nothing directly, I suppose.
But our kingdom, Elysium, is at war with Titania's kingdom, Agartha, and we destroyed her country.
Then there's some kind of extermination hunt, and Titania is one of the targets.
Why she was in Feybaum is a mystery.
I think everyone is looking into it now.』




 So that's what's going on.




 When I was about to ask more about her, Lydia looked worried and said.




I'm sure that a group of combatants will arrive not too long from now.
Titania is considered to be particularly dangerous.
We call them Destroyers, and they're under the direct command of the Demon Lord, and they're very strong.』




When will that be?』




『I'm sorry.
I don't know about that, but considering the distance to Elysium, I'm guessing the advance team will be here in a month or so.』




 That sounds dangerous.
Another new problem.
And with a time limit.



『Lydia, are you cumming?』




I'm cumming.




 I lifted Lydia's ass with both hands and shook it up and down violently.




「Aah, aah♡, aah♡, aah♡, aah♡, aah♡!」




『Gevaudan, cum with me……

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 I ejaculated into her vagina as she was flexing her brown ass.





『Ah …
amazing, so hot …
♡ 』





 She hugged me tightly.




『Lydia, can we do it again right now?』




『Oh, wait ♡ Ehe …
♡ I'll not be able to talk right』





 A sly smile up appeared on her brown face.




『What are you going to do now, Gevaudan? I heard you' re going to attack a subhuman fort』





 I hesitated a bit, but now that I had told Ferris, I had no choice.




『Fort 88, it's called Hachibachi, we'll go there and bring Abigail back first』








She's probably in danger.
So I plan to take her out of the city for now, and then raid the city again.
I'm going to take Faymbaum out after that』




『 And why Abby?』




 Lydia asked with a serious look in her eyes.




 I didn't know how to answer, and I was at a loss for an answer.




『I don't know, …….
I need to help her.
That's what I feel.』



 There was no reason to help her.
She was supposed to be a stranger already.
Still, I couldn't help but feel concerned.




『Gevaudan』Lydia began.




『 I have just come up with the first request, will you do me a favor?』




『Huh? Yeah.




  That was abrupt.




『I want you to take Abby back and let me see her again.』




『Abigail and you?』




 I have no idea what that means.
I don't remember you guys being that close.




『Don't ask me why yet.』



 Lydia pressed her forefinger to her lips and said.



『Please , save her.
Bring her to me.
Preferably before Titania.




『Well, fine.』




『Yay! thankyou!』




  She smiled and then quickly changed her expression to a coquettish one.




『…….Hold me, Gevaudan.
I was comforting myself by remembering that time you fucked me that time, I'm not lying.
You fucked me up.』




……aahhh ……! Ohhhh!”



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 It sounded so bewitching that I instantly lost my reason.





 The next thing I knew, Lydia was crying in my arms. Her face is crumpled with joy, and she is so captivating that it makes me tingle.







『I knew this would be great.
♡ Gevaudan ……!』





 I devoured her naked brown body, engrossed in the bathtub.




 My movements thrust her up and down forming a huge wave, and Lydia clung desperately to me in the middle of it, matching my movements.




“Hah ♡ Hah ♡ Hah ♡ Hah ♡ Hah ♡ Hah ♡”




『Aaah ……
♡ thrust me deeper ♡ ah, no ♡ amazing ♡ so hard ♡』




 The tone of her voice gradually rose as she began to speak from her heart.
The duet of the two voices seemed to flow into my brain as a sweet numbness.




『I might not be able to see you for a while♡, Ahhmm♡,  so I'm going to need a year's worth of supply♡, just like before. –I'm cumming! I'm cumming♡!!!』




 I hugged Lydia as she closed her eyes and clenched her teeth tightly.



 I pushed her against the edge of the tub and allowed my animal desires to erupt as I was told to.



“Huh! …………
ah ……
ah ……




 I poured my sperm, which was far hotter than hot water, into the deepest part of Lydia, who was hugging me tightly.
As she accepted it without spilling a drop, her eyes narrowed and she shivered, her face filled with ecstasy.




 It was cute to see her shaking her body in time with my powerful pulses, and my ejaculation lasted longer than usual.




 The line of white teeth and small fangs appearing in the mouth of Lydia, who was panting painfully, looked unusually lustrous.



When I'm being pumped by Gevaudan like this, I don't care about anything else.
It's like happiness runs through me from the top of my head to the tips of my fingers.
Amazing ……』





 Lydia said, inserting her tongue into my mouth.




  I gently stroked the back of her head with the palm of my hand.
I ruffled her fine black hair with my fingers, mussing it up




『I like that.
♡ Do it more.♡』




『I've always wondered, Lydia, do you ever feel weird about me?』




『What? Not at all? Your face is a little scary, but you're strong and good-looking』




 Maybe the human race has a different sense of ugliness and beauty? Even Ferris was scared in the beginning.
I wonder if Lydia is a little different among the aliens.




 In addition, this girl is very energetic.




『Lydia, I know you don't think so, but please don't do anything rash for me.
I know because I've seen so many girls thrown in the Butcher's jail and disposed of.
If anyone asks you anything, you can tell them everything I told you today.
You can blame me for anything that's inconvenient.
You have to put yourself first.
And tell Ferris not to do anything stupid.
I can take care of myself』




『You're worried about me? I'm so glad.
I'm going to melt』




 Lydia nuzzled her face into my chest.



『Don't worry.
We may not look like it, but we are pretty good at what we do, you know?』




 She said, looking up.




『So, one more time.




 After I had expelled all the lust that was left in me into Lydia's womb, I held her for a while and enjoyed the aftermath of our saliva exchange.





 When the water surface of the bathtub calmed down, I stood up and took her in my arms.




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『Gevaudan, do you like bathing now?』




『I like it a lot.
I'd gladly pay to take a bath like this.』




『Fufufufu 』Lydia's face broke out in a smile.




『I know it's none of my business, but Ferris and I are on your side.
Don't forget that.』




 She said.





『I will bring Abigail to you.
You should think about the other two wishes as well.』




 With that, I set her down next to Ferris.
Tiriel seemed to have calmed down and was sleeping quietly with her eyes closed.
What a good medic team.




 Ferris grabbed my fingers coyly.



『Jibodan, um, I'm also —-.』





 I looked down.
Lydia hugged Ferris' shoulders from behind, squeezing her modest breasts and looking at me provocatively.




『Well, Ferris wants to have a go too.
What do you think? Would you like to fuck all four of us? It's a chance to make us all Gevaudan's fuck toy.』




 A tremendous temptation.




 But after a moment of hesitation, I put my hand on Ferris' head.





 I replayed the lines I had thought of in advance in my brain, as if ruminating in my mouth.



『It's nice of you to say so.
But I'm sorry.
Ferris is special to me.』




 I continued stroking her.




『It was when you came to me that I was able to be free like this.
We've spent a lot of time together since then, but without your kindness, I'd still be in jail, or maybe I'd have gone completely insane.
Ferris has already saved me』




『That kind of thing….』




『I want Ferris to have a good life.
I know it's not right for me to say this, but I'm like this.
Even if you like me, you won't be happy.
Everything I'm going to do from here on are all terrible things.』



 Ferris tightened both hands and kept her mouth shut.




『I'm going to be the target of all forces.
Just being near me is dangerous.
Even back with Titania, Ferris almost died more than ten times.
It's best not to get involved with me any further.
It'll affect your position.
I once ate one of your people who was thrown aside and told to eat him because he was a traitor.
They'll do the same to you.』




 Her eyes wavered in confusion, but they were fixed on the Butcher's fearsome face.



『So you better find someone else to love』




 I gave her a final pat on her head and pulled my hand away.




 Ferris seemed to have stopped breathing.
Lydia behind her was also speechless.




 –I'm a little sad, too.




 Just then, Arshella stood up and walked over to me, her knees shaking.



『What's wrong, Gevaudan? ……What's with all this serious mood?』




 I gave her a good pat on the head as well.




 Arshella just looked up at me blankly.




 I left the bathroom.



 I borrowed a towel to wipe myself off, put on an apron, and put on a paper bag.
My formal clothes are easy to change.




 Every time I did something, the sweet scent of soap drifted out of nowhere, washing away the small tingling in my chest as if the events I had just witnessed were just a daydream.



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