『Are you scared?』




『….I am.』




 My face is scary, isn't it?





 Tiriel is so scared that I feel confused.




 I don't mind being disliked, disgusted, or abused, but I don't like being feared.
I want to take that fear away somehow.  so that I can take her with her ass.





 I've probably opened dozens of women's eyes, haven't I? Now it's time to put my professional brain to work.
I'm going to make Tiriel fall in love with anal.
Don't just make her an elf queen, make her an anal queen, I'll open that door for you.
She is my favorite elf after all.





 *Tsupp* ……
slowly inserting in.
I ponder the possibility of somehow relieving Tiriel's tension by flipping over the scary memory.




 feeling stuck, I looked around.





 Arshella was still down.
Only the tip of her tail was twitching.
Lydia and Ferris are not making out they are talking seriously.
I'm sure they can see that Tiriel is in trouble, but they don't seem to have any intention of stopping me.
What a surprise.





 I saw a paper bag lying nearby.
This is the same paper bag that was blown up by Arshella earlier when she hit me.

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 ――I got it!




 When I was dealing with Abigail, I had a theory that the girls would be more comfortable if I fucked them while wearing a paper bag!




 My eyes were opened.




 I immediately went to get a paper bag and tried to put it on my head, but then I had an even stranger idea.




 The bag would hide my face, but Tiriel would still be able to see the Butcher's ugly body.




 My skin is gray and has strange spots on it, as well as my nails and other things that make my body quite horrifying.
















 I put the paper bag on Tiriel's head, but put it other way around.




 This is reasonable, because the woman being raped will not be able to see anything.
From what I've seen so far, providing a closed personal space for a scared child is the most effective.
This accomplishes both at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.
It's brilliant.




 And guess what? now a woman in a praying pose appears under me, wearing a crude paper bag.




 Her shiny flaxen hair spills out of the bag, and the sound of her breathing moves up and down the surface of the bag.





 I wanted to take away her pain, so I undid the shoulder straps of her negligee and pulled her dress so that one breast was visible.




 It's done!





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 A half-naked praying elf girl with a paper bag over her head is being penetrated in the butt.




 To put it simply, it's extremely immoral.




 Tiriel's body was supple and beautiful.
The white shining skin, the bare shoulders, the clearly visible collarbone, the nape of the neck, the artistic curves of the female body are all interwoven, and where the flaxen hair and expected beauty should be, there is a paper bag with a hole for the eyes.
The ultimate in imbalance.
This is where the reality is broken.




 What is this? Even though it's just a paper bag on her.
The prayer pose is also very effective.
I feel like I'm raping a devout saint.




 This is good stuff.
Let's rape all the frightened women like this.



 Before I knew it, my son was all the way inside Tiriel.
The base of my cock was fully lodged against her buttocks.
It was warm and cozy.





『Tiriel, I'm all the way in』




 I spoke to her, but from underneath the paper bag, The only thing I could hear was the sound of her ragged breathing.





 It's not as if I could just slam my hips into her and be done with it.
No woman can suddenly feel pleasure from anal.
I had to make a link between anal and pleasure.





 I extend my black tongue to her labia and flesh buds at the same time.
I've already developed this one.  since I rubbed it up in prison.




“Mmmmmmmm ~~~~~~!?”




 Tiriel shouted from under the paper bag and clenched her hands even tighter.
It was because I had begun to ravage the improper hole while stimulating her proper sex zone.





 In this way, I send the developed stimulation to the undeveloped sexual zones to induce that sensation.
to have her come in the shortest possible time.




 I don't take too long when I thrust in, lick up the entire labia.
When I pulled out, I took my time and teased her clit.



 The buttocks are made to feel a certain kind of pleasure when they are being pulled out.
I was trying to force her to link that ecstasy with her climax.
My caresses seemed to be reaching her, and her beautiful vagina twitched.
A little bit of clear liquid started to flow from the vagina.




While I was repeating this, I noticed a change in Tiriel's breathing.


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