『So, let's start dating in secret.』

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『A local wife[1]』




『Local wife…….?』




 Arshella raised an eyebrow.




『Is that different from just being a girlfriend?』




『You're more likely to get pregnant being a local wife than being a girlfriend.』








  It's not true.




『If you're a local wife, you'll get priority over other women.
Because you're my wife.』




『How many women do you have, ……
and Lydia too ……?』




Arshella looks at me scornfully.
Here, let's push harder. 




“Hmm ♡! “




『There are other perks, too.
If you're my girlfriend, we can only have sex when it's convenient for both of us, but as a local wife, you can call me anytime.』













『As often as you like.』



『As often as I want.……♡』




 Arshella body shuddered.




 The reality is that there is never a second when I don't want to have sex, and once we start, even if Arshella doesn't want to, it won't end until I'm satisfied.





『And besides, you will get to enjoy the ultimate position that only lovers are allowed to experience』




『What's that?』




『It's called Mating press』




『Maring press.……』




『It increases your fertility.』








『Arshella is also strong enough to withstand my mating press.』




『Ah, mating press ……
sounds amazing …….』




『This doubles the pregnancy rate 』

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 She now has a heart symbol in her eyes.




  I don't know if her brain is okay, maybe the brain cells died when I punched her before …….




『A normal man can only cum three times in a row, but I can cum thirty times in a row without pulling out.
With being a local wife, you can have it all to yourself.』




『I will♡! I will become Local Wife♡! Teach me about the mating press!♡!』




 The local wife was born.




 All I had to offer was a pair of crab deal in missionary position, but to Arshella, whose IQ was dropping, my sales talk sounded like the deal of the century.




 I continue to teach her what to do and what not to do (mainly what not to do).




『Then put your hands around my neck.
Both legs on my hips and held it』




『Like this♡?』




 Arshella hugged me tightly.
There's no longer a shadow of Exmut's linege whatsoever.
I'm sorry, ancestor.
With such a sense of accomplishment in my heart, I slowly push her down.





『Yes, yes.
I'll have sex with you one more time to celebrate your promotion to local wife, okay?』




“N ~a‼”




  Before I could finish my sentence, I began to pump my cock in and out of the dragon girl's vagina.




“Fuu! Mmmm!! Mmmm!! Mmmm!! Mmmm――――!!”




 I pressed her lower body, squeezing her throat with my tongue and licking her cheeks.
Every time I did that, Arshela's vagina got wetter and wetter.




『Okay, let's recap.
Try to match everything I just taught you.』




『――Stop it♡! I don't want to be pregnant♡! It doesn't feel good♡! take this naughty cock off of me♡ big, fat, long, hard♡ hot, cock.♡ lo~ve♡ baby♡ give me♡ No♡! Get it out ♡! Butcher baby♡ No, no.♡ I don't want♡ N! Hmmmm♡!?』




 Suddenly, Arshella stiffened her body she didn't announce her climax.
Perhaps she was struggling with her words.




『No, you need to say you're cumming.
Do it again』




 I punish her with a heavy blow as she struggles with her orgasm.








『I'm sorry♡ Wait, wait.
My body's shaking ♡ I'm sorry♡ I don't say that earlier, so stop!♡』




『Are you sure? If I stop now, I won't be able to produce the best quality sperm.』




『No♡ No no♡ Okay, then♡ phlease♡ cum in the womb♡ It's hot♡ amaezing♡ give me♡ Oh!! There it is again!♡ Iiii――――♡』





 It seems she came on her own again.
This kind of lewd chanting is very effective for self-hypnosis.
She's really excited, Arshella.




Thus, her behavior, which began in the “love, love, give me baby” mode, finally deepened into the “love, love, give me baby right now” mode.




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 It scares me a little bit.





『Arshella, do you like me?』




『――――Li~ke♡ Local wife ♡ I want♡ I'd like to make real sex.♡ Teach me.
Teach me.♡』










 This is the kind of thing where if I get caught lying, She'll chase me to the ends of the earth and tear me to pieces.




 A gruesome ending crossed my mind.
Dying on top of Arshella…..Not bad.
As if to shake such a future from my mind, I continued to shake my hips.




 She then performed a series of climaxes as if she had lost her mind.



“~~~~♡!! ~~~~♡!! ~~~~♡!! ~~~~♡!!”



 She has great stamina.
Climaxing burns a lot of calories.
It's almost the same as doing isometric training.
Sex diet, I highly recommend.





『――――No~♡! I don't want to♡! really♡ not lying♡  I'm not♡! wait♡ stop, when, I am, talking!? ……s-top♡! Listen, to me♡! Ge- vaudan♡! please♡!』




 Maybe she are seriously at her limit, but I'm going to interpret it the other way.



『I got it.』








 In the midst of the merciless, intensified torture from the Butcher, the dragonkin continued to pant for breath. The begging and pleading that she spouts is too depraved to be heard by anyone but herself.




『Oh, yes.
Arshella, I know it's a little late, but I was wondering if you could help me with the butcher thing』




『What's♡ that♡?』




『Please kill me, Butcher.
I want you to say it.』




『K, kill me♡ butcher♡』




No good.
This is a mistake.
It ruins the mood.




But I couldn't back down now.  The only way for me to survive was to paint a lie on top of a lie. 




With such a strong sense of duty, I gave her a new lie.




『Arshella, may I try anal next?』








『I will pull it out when we cum and Insert it in your ass next round.
It will makes you feel better.
It's like a break for real sex』




『mmm……Ooo♡ ass♡ ass♡ why♡ not♡ Let's rest♡!』




 It was harder for her to take it in her butt, but Arshella, blinded by the salvation in front of her, was willing to take the leap further. It doesn't help that her intelligence level is now down to that of a toddler.




 To make sure she doesn't come to her senses, I pile on the lies, just to be sure.



『If I ejaculate in your ass, the pleasure and pregnancy rate will increase tenfold for a certain amount of time.
It's called a full hole completion bonus.』




『aweso~me…♡! do it♡ ass♡ all of it♡ fill it♡ hole♡ completion♡ full ♡!』


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 Of course, there was no such shameful bonus, but there you go.




 After a long time of enduring as an educator, I had reached my limit.
I hadn't felt such a tightening of my chest in a long time, and the feeling of ejaculation came up.



 I fully restrain her in the form of the seeding press I promised, and then I thrust into her.



『Hig I am♡! I am going to♡! I can't do this anymore♡ It's amazing♡ I am cumming♡!……cumming~♡ please♡ kiss♡ chuuu♡ cumming♡ I am going to cum♡ get it out♡ no…don't♡ Not good♡ if you don't ♡ pull it off♡ no♡ no♡ no♡ no♡』



 The finished product was a fully custom-made, custom female dragonkin only for me.




 As I bit down on my bitter guilt over the fact that Urshela, who had been so brave before coming to the baths, had transformed into such an stupid girl, I took the bittersweet taste as an excuse to blast it into her unclaimed womb



 I hugged her hips, and when I hit her pubic bone, I felt a popping sensation as the head went in.







Archela stiffened and held onto my head.



 She was on the verge of rolling her eyeballs into her head as she chewed my tongue.
Because I was in the ” Mating press ” position, I was able to fully appreciate the climaxing and agonizing face of this fully custom-made female dragon lady at close range.
She seemed to be enjoying the best orgasm of the day.
Thanks to this, I could feel her ecstasy radiating into my meat rod, which sent a rush of pleasure up my neck.





“――――!! ――――!!”




 Every time her vagina tightened, there was a vacuum feeling as if I was being sucked deep into her.
I felt a sense of union when I poured white fluid into it.




 It was easy to synchronise my ejaculation with her contractions.



 I continued to inject myself into the womb.
All the while, Arshella leaned back with a look of euphoria on her face, as if she had accepted everything.



 Our first joint effort.
A passionate love making.
Our sex was perfect.
We continued this joyful ritual of procreation until I was satisfied.



 After I had taken it all out, I gave her one more thrust to finish her off, and raised her up.




 When I pulled out, the swollen womb of my beloved erupted in a gushing stream. Even the sensation of the overflow had become a sexual stimulus, making Arshella whole body tremble with the aftermath.



 She had nothing to hide, and was in a state of mind break.
With this face alone, I can shoot my load three times.



 To her, I showed my heartfelt gratitude by clapping my hands three times.



『―Oh right 』



 I searched for a horn in Arshella messy red hair, grabbed it, and roughly pulled it.





『I'm not going to use my hands, use your mouth.』








 I let her suck on it while I fed her additional lies.




『When you clean up, stick out your tongue and say I've been defeated by this strong, robust cock.
This is an adult manner.』




『I'm too embarrassed to day such a thing――』




My conversation with Abigail revealed that I'm not very talkative.
Oh no.
I'm starting to feel guilty for lying so much.






 I plunged my cock deep into Archela's gurgling little throat and urged her to continue.





『Ngo ……
♡ I've been defeated by this strong, robust cock♡』





 –Ummm …….



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 If you're going through all this trouble to have a baby, and the baby is born a butcher, it would be sad …….





 Once we lay our skin on each other.
The part of me that was still sane suddenly felt a surge of emotion.





 I grabbed Arshella's tail, flipped her over, and got her down on all fours.
For now, I let her get into the doggy  position.
She was strong, so her knees would be fine on the hard bathroom floor.




“Ohhh ……”




『Tails ♡ Stop ♡』




 Like Ferris, I wonder if the tail is still a weakness.
Is it just painful, or is it a sexually sensitive area? Next time, I'll have to rub it and find out.








 She was forced to raise her hips and press her cheeks against the floor, her mouth slackly open and spilling a small amount of saliva, indicating that her arms were not strong enough.
The wings were also weakening.




『Arshella, you know, I think my baby is going to be a butcher, and I think you should look for another man』




 I grabbed her tail and pulled her upwards, rubbing the glans against her cum stained labia.
Next, I moved it upward and rubbed it into her asshole, steadily preparing for the next step.




Butcher's babies are going to be of the mother's species.
So, Gevaudan's baby will be my Exmut's bloodline』




『Huh? Is that so?』




 I didn't expect that.




『So how do butchers reproduce? Arshella, do you know it?』









 I tugged on Arshella tail as she was catching her breath with belly breathing.




『Aah! I know! I know, so, be gentle with the tail……』




『So how do we do that? tell me』









 Ooh, you're stubborn.
Could it be a classified information?





 I gripped her tail tightly.



『Nnyaaaaaaa!? ――H, ha!I'm not gonna tell you that!』




 I see, I see.




 I guess I'll have to make her regress to the toddler stage again to find out more.




『Oh, well.
I'll ask you the rest of the story while I go pay a visit to your ass』








 Arshella gasped.




 Overriding her voice was the sound of a thunderous cracking noise in my ears.

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