Chapter 114: Butcher's Sex Education

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 Suddenly, Lydia screams in a heated tone.




『I…can't!! I can't take it anymore!!!』




 She got off my back.




『I can't…..Gevaudan ……
just go ahead and fuck Arshella silly ……
I ……
…I'm going to ……
go over there ………… 』




 Lydia rushed forward to tackle Ferris, who was sitting flat on the floor.
She was licking the sperm from her fingers as if she didn't want to waste it even a single drop.



 I watched as she smiled at me, and then I looked back at Arshella.




 Looking down at her, she was breathing hard, she spread her arms and legs and looking up at me.
It gives the impression that she is welcoming me to battles.




『Now that the referee is gone, I'm going to get serious now.』





 Now, It's a death match without rules.




『What? What do you mean serious!?』




 Without question, I entered the dragon's vagina








 I pushed my hips forward in a single stroke until our pubic bones collided, and this time I seized both of Archela's arms to block her movements and resumed my violent strokes.




 This made her body bounce wildly her shapely breasts bounced in unison with her body.  The pounding was so fierce that I feared her wings might be torn off.




“Aaah —-, aaah —-“




 Her face was red and bloodshot from the violent pistoning. a complete contrast from the previous round.




 It seems that the main cause is her breathing problems, but I also notice that her voice is starting to take on a sweet tone.
She is being raped by a beast, being violently penetrated, and her body is starting to feel it even though she wants to refuse, which is quite lovely.




 I let go of the arms that were holding her down and hugged the dragon girl's feminine body, tightening her.  I wanted to impregnate her with all my strength.








Arshella tapped my back with her free hand.




I tell her the cruel Butcher's rule.





『In the real impregnation sex, the woman is not allowed to rest.』








 She lets out an inaudible scream as I told her some advice.




『You should scream louder.
Screaming takes away the fear and suffering and leaves only the pleasure.
It also makes it easier to breathe.
Ever been on a roller coaster?』




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“–U, ah!!, ah!!, ah!!, ah!!, ah!!, ah!!, ah!!” 




“I feel better ……, please tell me, how to, make me, more comfortable ……, please …….”




Now Arshella is in a love love love give me baby mode, No matter what I say, she will believe and obey me honestly. Maybe it's because of that, I should just insult without saying whether it's there or not.
I should just fuck her silly but perhaps because of this, I can't help but want to teach her things.




 I guess I feel like a parent who tells a lie to their infant and then enjoys watching them believe it.
When they grow up and realize that their parents lied to them, it will become a good memory for them.
I heard that they sometimes have big fights.



 This is where I begin to spew things (mostly things that aren't true) into Arshella while I pound her.




『A male will produce thicker semen if he ejaculates into an unwilling womb.
Therefore, it is better to deny or refuse it, even if it's just from your mouth or lying.』




『Refuse…..? Okay, okay』




『Does it feel good?』




『It doesn't!!』




『Do you want me to keep going?』




『No …
Stop it!!』




『Do you want a baby?』




『baby♡ …… I want ♡ No, I don't want it!♡』




『Can I cum inside you?』




『No♡ not inside♡ penis, get off ♡!』




『No, no, no.
You have to say “cock” or ” dick” when you do this.
You'll ruin the mood and make the male uncomfortable, and the sperm will be diluted.』




『I'm sorry ♡ cock♡ cock stop♡』





『As I said before, the minimum requirement for a male's penis is that it can reaches all the way to the navel.
It's only when it's capable of penetrating the deepest part of the womb that it's qualified to possess a woman.
So, Arshella, in the future, don't be taken over by a man with a weak dick.
Not thin, short, or soft ones.
Choose a thick, long, hard, and hot one.』




『Um♡ Thick♡, long, hard and hot♡』




『For example, my cock』




『Fuuaee♡ Gi~vaudan cock♡ ame~shing~♡ str~ong♡』




『That's right, In addition, when you cum, the implantation rate will be higher if both of us cum together, this is common sense.




『I shee~♡ together♡ cum♡ cum~ing♡』




『When a male ejaculates, he must kiss.
The more he kisses, the more intense his ejaculation will be.
I'll match your timing, and you can tell me when you're about to cum.
You already know what it feels like to cum, don't you?』




『I will♡ tell, when, I, cum♡! but, when, I about to♡ My head, melting……♡』




“Aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah!”


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 Arshella is drooling and screaming in agony from the merciless pistoning motion.
Her eyes are blurry and her consciousness seems to be fading.
Even in such a state, she was desperately answering my request.
My son was excited by her surprisingly pure spirit.
I have to impregnate her.




『Arshella, you're actually very capable, aren't you? You like sex, don't you? I can feel your talent.』




『sex I like….hate♡! I hate it ♡ get your dick off♡ get off♡』




I can tell how a woman feels by where she places her hands during missionary positions.
If she doesn't like it, she will push on the man's chest, but if she likes it, she will put her hands behind the man's back. Even if she touches the man's arm, she will wraps it around her own.
she will naturally embrace the parther when she wants to do it,




 So, now Arshella is holding my back with both hands, unconsciously, but it's cute that her hands are on my hips instead of my back.




“Hi ……!”




『I'm…I'm going to♡ cum♡ cum♡ cum♡ amazing♡ cum♡』




『Now, give me a kiss.』




“U, ha Ahhhh Ah—goo-“




 We embraced in a tight hug, crotch-to-crotch, and slammed our hips together, enjoying Arshela's half-conscious mind.




“nnn, mmm, nnn, unnnnnn, nnn, umnnn, ummm, —-ummmmm!?”



 Female dragons sure are tough.
With that in mind, I exploded my scorching semen against the back of her navel as I tightened my grip on her body, which was jerking and bouncing in my arms.





 In the midst of such intense pleasure that the back of my buttocks was shaking, I conquered the dragoness's womb with the beast's semen.








 Arshella also seemed to have cum intensely, surrendering to the pleasure I was sending her while staring somewhere with an unfocused gaze.



 A few minutes went by without either of us moving, and the overflow of cum began to form under her ass.




That's the second time.
If I subtract the ones from school and the ones from the forest, I still have had zero sex today.
Now we can finally start today's.




『what? more? no, no, Impossible–』




 I gave her an explanation regarding her debt, but she wasn't willing to comply.
She shook her head and refused.




 But the Butcher's rules was strict.




『This is just the beginning.
I'll do it at least ten times in a row without pulling out.
Don't worry about it.
Even a subhuman woman could do it ten times in a row, so Arshella can do it.
I'll teach you the proper way to have sex.』




『proper sex….??』




 I held her up as I thrust into her while she's shrudering, and resumed my pumping, this time rocking her slowly in a face-to-face position.








 I tried to restrain my pace.
This may have helped Arshella regain some of her composure, and she spoke to me more calmly than before.




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 However, she is terribly honest.
Whenever I asked her, she would answer me.




 So I'm going to make her confess the part that has been bothering me since a while ago.




『By the way, at what point did you think you lost? When I put my foot on you?』





『….., when you choked me.』








『Because I remembered getting choked to death the other day』




 Yeah, that one.
I guess it' s traumatizing.




『Were you a virgin back in the schoolyard?』




『I was a virgin, but you broke it.』




『Oh, I knew it.
I'm sorry.』




『That's okay.
But thanks to you, I can't make children with anyone.』












  I felt like there was a huge leap in logic just now….




  Not wanting to take the blame, I ask about something else I've been wondering about.




『Why do you want a baby so badly?』




『I want to have a baby as soon as I can.』




 Hmm, that was wild.




『You don't mind if it's my baby? I'm a butcher.』




『Many men have tried, but you are the only one who can defeat me.
I want your child.』




 What ……




That's so cute!




 I have to tell her how I honestly feel right now.




“You look so pretty right now, Arshella.”








 At that moment, her vagina tightened up.

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 Her arms are covered in goosebumps.





 I wondered if she was feeling grossed out that the Butcher had called her cute, but no.
Her love juices were gushing out of her honey pot as if I dug into a hot spring. 




 Let's try that again…….




『Arshella is cute.
I like you.』








 She cooed and jerked.
Arshella has a small orgasm.




 It was amazing.
She came with just a few words.
This is the female dragon's I love you, I love you, I want baby mode.




『You know how I punched you in the face when we had that fight in the forest? Arshella looked great that time』




 Her face grew redder and redder as I gave her a compliment while at the same time reminding her of the humiliating scene



Ah, you made a great fight that time, too.




 Arshella's voice muffled.




 It's as if we two are a couple of naive kids trying to figure out how we feel about each other, but what we've been whispering to each other is about violence.  I love you for beating me up.
You who slammed me to the ground are wonderfully cute.
I can't.
When I cooled down, I started to laugh.
It was too surreal.




 I guess you have a bit of a desire to be raped.
I guess you really like being subdued by force, don't you?




 Does that mean my future husband will have to fight with this girl every night to the death? I guess being a dragonkin man is hard work too.
Being a Butcher is also hard.
It would be wonderful if we, who share such a similar fate, could become friends who can lick each other's wounds. 




『Come on,  express our love Arshella.』








 Arshella was silent.
But her body is honest.
Her vagina is sizzling.




『I like you, Arshella.』




 I'm not lying.
I like all pretty girls.




 Then, in response to my sudden confession, Arshella hugged me nervously as if she was cornered.




Gevaudan, I like …….』




In this kind of situation, a girl has to speak up.』




 Thump! I thrust and educate her.




『hmmm!…………I love you♡』




 What an excellent student, worthy of discipline.
I need to educate her more.



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