『No, wait.
I told you to wait! I've never heard of this……
it's too painful ……! That's crazy…….! That's absolutely crazy.

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『Relax, it's not that scary.』








『I'm almost there.』




『Time ……
Lydia, time ……!』




  I put my strength into my arms and held Arshella's healthy female body close to mine.
I slowly move my hips forward, enjoying the pained expression on her face.











 Once I broke through the deepest barrier, the rest was easy to slip in.








 Docking complete.




 After finishing the docking process with the female dragon, I sat up and looked at her face.



 She clenched her teeth and wrinkled her brow deeply, but her face was burning red as she stared at me.
Her eyes are slightly teary.









 As if emerging from the surface of the water, Arshella began to rapidly seek oxygen.
She looked like she was suffocating for a long time.








『There you go.
Can you see how it's pushing up the back of your belly button?』




 I pushed my hips forward and pushed the root of my penis to press against her pussy lips, causing the soft flesh just below her belly button to rise slightly.
the female body are a wonder.




『Ngu …… I, I, I can, I can see it so, stay still.
Don't move.
Please, stay still.




 Great, she can still talk.




 The women in the jail would be insane if I did this to them, and Lydia couldn't even telepathize properly when she first accepted me.
Arshella is a little freaked out by the sight of her stomach being stretchs up by my glans, but she can still talk.
As expected of a dragon woman.
So strong.




 With a small feeling of excitement in my heart, I crushed her clitoris with my hands.








 Arshella's body jumped, and her vagina tightened up.



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『I will stir it now.
I'm going to mix it up real good for you, Arshella.』




『What? Mix?』




『I need to stir and mix my sperm and Arshella's egg to make sure they fertilize.』




『That'll break…』




『It won't break.
The babies will come out.
This is fine.』





 When I interrupted her and said, she raised an eyebrow.




『”Oh, reall? Is that so? Hmmm……




 And then she accepted.



 –Somehow, I feel like her IQ has dropped drastically since I plugged it in.




 Now that it's getting interesting, I'm going to teach her more and more stupid things.
Let's see how far I can fool you.




『Going deep into the womb is the proper way for a man and a woman to mate, passed down from generation to generation.
Remember that.』








 Although it almost turned into a rape earlier, I got her consent again, so it turned into a mutual intercourse.




 In the missionary position, I huged Arshella and swung my hips.




After pushing hard on her womb and bringing it into contact with the uterus, I pulled it out…
and when the tip gets caught around the ring, I shove it all the way in and pressing it again.



“U, go~~”




『I can't breathe…』




 Her face is bright red.
It looks really painful.
I don't think she knows how to pant.




『Now it's going to start pushing on your diaphragm, and you're going to breathe according to the timing.
Inhale when I pull it out and exhale when I thrust it in.
If you let out a voice, it will be easier.』




『Yes, I……understand!!』




“Na~a haa!! ――Ahhhhhhhhh!”





 Arshella obediently began howling and moaning in time with the rhythm of my pistons.



 Gradually, she used to it, and she seemed to get the hang of it immediately and stopped having trouble breathing.




 This was a relief.
I increased the pace of my thrusts.


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“Aah, aah, aah, aah, aah! Aaahhh! Aaah! Aaah!”





 Bang, bang! With each slap agianst the dragon's flesh, Arshella's voice began to turn prettier and prettier. Eventually, it turned into a soft, female voice.




“Fuh, ah, ah, ah, ah, gu …!-Ah, ah, ah, ah” 




『Are you going to cum?』




Something, Something is coming ……
like before…..』





 I was beginning to think Arshella was pretty cute, so I kept my hips in a steady motion to help her climax and waited.




 It was not long before her body stiffened.




“Ah, ah, ah, Aah, aah, aah, —–AAH!!”




 The dragon girl's body was drenched in sweat, with only her lower abdomen continuously twitching.
She had a mixed expression on her face, one of agony and the other of relaxation from the pleasure lurking deep inside.
While she was going through her orgasm, I was admiring her enchanting face.





 After a while, the jerking spasms stopped.




 I took the moment when her body relaxed and slammed my hips hard a few times, once again holding her lower abdomen with my palm.




 I attacked her, it was a triple play of pussy, G-spot, and clit.
and her body shook as if the lighting has pass through her.






 Arshella let out an inaudible scream at the sudden follow-up climax.
but I'm not going to let that anguished expression get in the way of my wildly swinging hip and then I ejaculated in the womb.



 The ferocious butcher's sperm rampaged through her womb, and her belly slowly inflated.




 I pushed my groin against her labia to keep the fresh sperm from leaking out.
She bit her lower lip and furrowed her brow tightly, which was very erotic, and as a result, my cumming began to intensify, causing her to bite her lip even harder.
We continued this for a while.




 After a few minutes of such intense pleasure, Arshella's body relaxed and her strength gave out.




Smoke rose from her mouth, and a large amount of sperm poured out from the gap of her clogged entrance.




“A ~u…….”




『…..What is this? ……So hot ……tummy …..
burning …..』




『Arshella's body is strong, so she can take a series of shots.
Let's do a few more rounds without pulling out.』




『Wait a minute.
Please, please, please stop……』




『From now until tomorrow night, you can hold me until I'm satisfied, right?』




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『I'm gonna die.




『But this is how we usually make a baby.
You want a baby, don't you?』




  It's the Butcher's standard.




『Oh, really? Do all people have to try this hard to conceive? And all day long ……? All mothers in the world are awesome.








『Yes, yes, Arshella's mother had to endure this, too.
On the other hand, a man who can't ejaculate in the womb is no good.
If I may say so, as a man who has killed a hundred men, they can't impregnated you.
Arshella, don't fall for such soft boys.
If you want to have a baby, you need to choose a man who can ejaculate in the womb for two days in a row, not just one day.』




『Mom too……? Yeah.
Okay, …….』




 Well, well, well.









 I think someone once told me that the best way to educate a woman is to thrust hard and make her moan.




 For example, if you have a woman who is a fan of a sports team that you hated and you keep forcing her to say that she likes the other team over and over again while pistoning her, the next day she will really become a fan.
I think I heard about such a success story a long time ago.



『Arshella, let's practice Fellatio too.』








『Suck my cock like Ferris was doing earlier.
A blowjob is an essential skill that will help you get a good man.
There you go.』








 Arshella opened her mouth without saying a word.
Her tiny fangs are cute.




 I push my tongue into her.








『lick it.
Don't let the teeth touch it』









like this?』



 Urshela slowly and fearfully began to suck on my tongue as if it were a meat stick.




 Well, well, well.




 You're so naive!

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『You're so good! Now you're going to clean me up.』




『Cleaning ……? –Aah!』




 The stimulation of my cock pulling out made Archela scream loudly, and her vagina sprayed cum out all over the place.




 I then placed it on her face, the white began to stain dazed Arshella




『Remember to always clean it.
If you do it well, you'll get an extra. With continuous seeding sessions, you can get a lot of sperm, so good luck.








『Yes, yes.
You can do it just like you did with my tongue.
Be very careful.』




“haa, haa…
huh, amu …




 Arshella stuck out her tongue and started licking my meat stick from the side.




『Focus on the underside, from the bottom up.
Over and over.
Yes, yes.
Then swallow the glans.
Arshella has fangs, so open your mouth wide so it doesn't get caught.』




「Rero ……
hamu ……
obu ……」




『like this…?』




『And kiss the tip of my glans』




“Mmmm ….chuu…”




 Arshella licked off all the white liquid that was left on my pole. She understands the meaning of the word “cleaning”.




『How's it?』




『Wow, I can't believe it's your first time.
You're good.
I don't think I've ever had a girl who could do that well for the first time.』




 The corner of Arshella eyes seemed to drop a little, though it was hard to tell since her face was half-hidden by the thick penis.




I'll be able to go for another round thanks to Arshella.』




 my son, who had regained his energy after her cleaning, was standing tall and proud.




『No!? no no no, It's already Lydia's turn』




『I'll give you a reward for cleaning up』







  I ignored her meager resistance and slid my cock into her crotch again.

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