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 Immediately after, Archela's body lifted off the ground a little.
My butcher lance struck her vagina. Her breasts jiggled wildly, her stomach bulge up pretty hard.





–I suddenly relaxed, I hit her hardest as I could.
Are you okay?





 I was a little worried, so I checked.





“fuu– fuu– fuu– fuu– fuu–“




 Her neat face was contorted in anguish, her whole body went rigid and she kept repeating the same shallow breathing.




  –She was tough enough not to have her skull caved in even after being hit by my fist.
Her internal organs must be reasonably strong as well.
Because dragon mating looks amazing.




 I remember once being shown a video of a dragon car masturbate.
I heard that dragons use passenger cars as masturbation holes. I guess if It can endure that, she'll be fine.




 The inside of Arshella vagina was hot and sizzling, thanks to the intense warm-up she had done.





 While taking a moment to take in the hot feeling of the Dragon source, I wondered what was going on.




 Arshella's limbs were completely relaxed, and even when I took my hands off her ankles and neck, there was no resistance at all.



 As a test, I rolled her over on her back while thrusting, and she was at my mercy.
She looked so modest her hand and leg crul up like a baby, a complete change from her previous domineering behavior.




『What's wrong with you, Arshella?』




I don't know  ……
After you thrusted it into me, ……
my body started to lose strength…




 With her body open and defenseless, Arshella gave me a weak look.




 I could have just raped her, but I didn't want her to die in the process because she might have had a heart attack or something, so I asked the professor to make sure she was okay.










  The brown professor twisted her head once and then said, “Maybe it's a trait of female dragonkin”.




『A trait?』




I've never seen this before, but you see, I told you that when someone admits defeat, they go into like, love-love give me the baby mode.
It's an extension of that.
Once inserted, It's turned into I love you, my baby is now in me mode, I don't think she can resist anymore.』




Resist with everything you've got before it starts, and when it starts, accept it with everything you've got.
It's like an efficient reproductive instinct programmed by evolution to leave strong offspring.
I like the wildness of it.




『Is that what you want?』




『I don't know ……
because ……! It's my first time.




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  Oh, that's right.




 I looked down at the skewered dragon girl again.




 She had a tail on her buttocks, near the top of her tailbone, and it was thick and sturdy, so when she was on her back, the fat tail naturally lifted her hips.
In a missionary position, I can't do anything but pick her up by the hips.




I grabbed both of her knees and made her open her thighs, and I saw a large stripe at the base of both of her legs close to the groin area. This fascinating stripe is called the inguinal ligament.
It was artistic because my excruciating meat stick was already inserted in the center of Arshera where the inguinal ligament intersects.
 I don't think there is any blood or anything.




『How's it going?』








 Her breathing had calmed down a bit, but she still seemed to be having trouble getting her eye focus.
I guess it was hard for her to take a thrust like that from me for her first time.




 I'm not a demon either.
I thought about waiting for a while.
But when I thought about it, I am a butcher.
So I'm gonna take her as much as I want right away. Even Arshella, once I've brought her to her knees, I can hold her as long as you like.





 I pulled my hips back, scraping up the vaginal flesh with my rough tool, and slowly buried it again.




“Guu …
nnn …
n! Huu …





 I slowly went back and forth with my monster penis over the defenseless folds of the female dragon girl's flesh. Every time I did this, an agonized groan escaped from Archela's mouth.
The only point where she didn't cry in pain is where my cock rubbed her G-spot, it was easy to see that even though she was a dragon, she was still a girl inside.




『How does it feel, Arshella?』




『I'm not sure.
My whole body is buzzing! Oh!』





 She seemed to be particularly sensitive around the G-spot.
Every time I scrape it, I hear a voice escape from her throat, “Nngh!”




『In fact, I won and I should just go and rape you as much as I want with no questions asked, but since you're Ferris and Lydia's friend, I'll give you a special tender fuck today.』








 She looked up at me as she said 




 The shape of my huge length was visible through the pale skin of her lower abdomen.





 I slowly pressed my palm against it and applied a little pressure.








  I have a large penis.
So, if I insert it, it will continue to stimulate all of the woman's sex zones.
But if I squeeze it from above like this, I can stimulate it even more.




  ”Gently,” I said, applying pressure to Arshella belly button with my palm and resuming the pumping.




 The rough, cock scratched hard at the folds.



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 The dragon girl's back arched up.





 I flicked her breasts with my black tongue, then moved my tongue to her collarbone, neck and ears.







Stop it.




  I didn't know if she was referring to the G-spot or the tongue teasing her ear hole, so I ignored her and continued moving my hips back and forth.








『Doesn't that feel good?』




  When I pressed down on her like this, it felt really good.
Even in jail, when I wanted to reward the girls, I did this.
I was pleased to see that it worked on the alien.



“a, a, a, a, a, a, a”




『Wait, wait, wait.
……! My brain is melting, it's going to explode! stop it ……please!』




  I continue to torture Arshella, who closes her eyes and gasps in pain.








 As I violated the dragon's honey pot in a steady rhythm, listening to the sound of her voice mixed with bitterness and pleasure, she eventually squeezed her eyes shut and made her body jump.




『Wait, please, ……, something's coming.』




“Hiiiiii Ahhhh!!!”




 I hurriedly and violently delivered my strokes through her tightly clenched flesh hole.



 Slightly after her climax, I ejaculated, yanking on Arshella's hips in time with the pleasure and arousal boiling in me.








 The first shot hit the back of her vagina hard, followed by a wet, hot torrent of cum.




 Although I could feel a considerable amount of white liquid spurting out of me, her labia were only wet with her own fluids.
Then there was only one place for my cum to go.
With the satisfaction of knowing that I was definitely pouring all into the dragon's womb, I enjoyed the most forceful mating I've had in a long time.




“Haa, haa, haa……
haa, hau…….”





 She's so cute, I can't help but to watch her as I cum in her pussy.




『You good? Arshella?』



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 Arshella looked up at me, clenched teeth.





『I don't know.
I'm numb to my fingertips, I'm hot all over, and I can't stop twitching from the core of my body.
……, my heart is about to explode.
I can't believe it!』




 As expected of a battle junkie.
Even in this situation, she's able to calmly look at the state of her body.




 When I let out the last burst of my cum into her, a little white liquid sprayed out of her vaginal opening and she let out a cute little squeal.
I think it's full.




『I believe that's it.
Congratulations, you've just had your first creampie』




『This is…..creampie?』




 In her thinly-open eyelids, I could see her feverish eyes.




  Then I hear Lydia's breathing as if she were drowning.




『Ha….ha ……! Ha….ha ……! Gevaudan's point of view, so exciting ……! This is what it feels like to rape people by forced….no….this is bad…..
It's amazing.
It's so satisfying.






 When I looked at her, I could see that she was drooling from the corner of her mouth.
She looks like she's having a really hard time comforting herself since she's hanging from me.
I can feel her crotch squirming against my back.




『quick, quick…
Let's ejaculate more in Arshella's womb』




 With a heart mark in her eye, Lydia said in a begging tone.




『Are you serious?』When I asked her back, she said with bloodshot eyes.




『Piece it in at the very back.
Gevaudan production.
Ejaculation in the womb.
(Ji ka da shi) I was thinking back to the time when I was being fucked by Gevaudan, and it hit me.
It sounds good, right? And you can use it if you like.
So get to it…….!』




 Ejaculation in the womb…………I like it.




『Okay, Arshella, I'll start the second round.』




『Wha…What the heck is …………




  There was a faint hint of alarm in Arshella eyes.
I guess you don't know, do you?




『You have to take it all the way in to find out.』




『It's already in.』




『Not yet.』





『No, it's already in.』



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『When you have sex with me, You must be prepared to get penetrate more deeply.  a perfect fit.
It feels so good when I do it like that.』




『No way.




『Lydia was able to do it, too.』




『Lydia was……?』




 When Arshella looked over at her exasperatedly, Lydia replied with a confident smirk.




『No, no, she' a unique breed of woman.




『All the subhuman women can do it, too.
There's no reason why Arshella, who is much stronger than any subhuman, can't do it.』




『Oh, really?……the subhuman?』





 Huffing and puffing, she's trying to calm her ragged breathing. She try to sit up weakly but with my huge cock in her pussy, she paused.




 Then I heard Lydia's voice.




『You want a baby, don't you, Arshella? I think it's best for you to do it! Because, you know, it's a direct shot in the womb.
It's a home run! better get your stomach pumped up Gevaudan's cum. You should do it!!』




 Lydia pushed back her friend who was struggling with her own feelings 『umm……
Maybe ……?』Arshella looked puzzled.




 Does Arshella have an innocent side too? By the way, I remember that you were smearing my semen all over it just because it was slippery.




 I mean, when did you want a baby so badly?



 I have no idea what's going on here,  but I'm starting to feel like we're going to have to settle for some kind of sex act.




I'll just follow Lydia's lead then.




『I've seeded dozens of women over the years, but if you want a baby, I have to ejaculate in the womb.
The pregnancy rate is higher.
The statistics confirm it.』




『Oh…….! I see.
Well, that's probably true if you say so, then….』




Unbelievably, the permission was granted.




Perhaps she's confused by the aftermath of her orgasm.
Of course not.





  Before she can change her mind, I crush her from above with my butcher's meat.




  I tightened my butcher's stiff arm around her back.




  Arshella came to her senses and hurriedly pushed my shoulder.





 But it seemed that her body had not yet regained its original strength, and it was only a feeble resistance.
There was no way she was going to be able to pull the Butcher off of her as I devoured her delicious body.

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