I use my arm strength and weight to squeeze her as she scrambles to get out from under me.

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 I grab Arshella wrists and press them against the floor hard enough to rip the tiles, but as before, I can't get much of a grip on her, so she quickly runs away.



 I tried a sideways grip on her, but she was still able to get away.




 I tried to tackle Arshela to the ground, but she got up.





  Again and again, I was unable to get on top of her. *slip*






*slip* *slip* *slip*




 While enjoying the lube play, the foam that had protected her body had long since been scraped off.




 Now, her toned and sweaty body was dancing with a glistening glossy shine, seducing me to no end.
My son was getting antsy.





 I knew she has great body.
When I touched it, I discovered that there was a thin layer of fat underneath the delicate, smooth, girlish skin, and when I pressed it with my hand, it was squishy and soft.
I can also feel the tight muscles behind it.




『Gu ……, don't touch me like that! It's weird』




『I'm just trying to figure out how to get you』




『That doesn't mean you have to lick my nipples!』





『If there's delicious looking ice cream in front of me, I'll reflexively lick it you know? Also, You can lick my ice cream stick if you want.
It's hot enough to burn, so be careful.』




『Screw you …….!!』




I get to touch and lick all I want, Arshella taut, squishy twin hills, and plump puffy folds.




 I have to admit, this is fun.





 Sometimes she slaps me with her tail, but it's so much fun that I don't care.




『Don't be too pushy!』


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『Maybe it's the other way around?』




 I responded to the accusations of accidental lucky touching with a blank stare.




 Eventually, Arshella and I got into a power struggle with our hands clasped together.





 I push her from above.









 Gritting her teeth with blue veins popping on her face, Arshella fights against my pushes from above.
She's pretty strong. I wanted to crush her head-on and force her to admit defeat, but when I held back, our strength became close.



「–zee, ha ……
zee, ha ……
zee ……!」




 Thus, Arshella was drenched in sweat.
Her breathing, spilling out of her mouth was laced with the dense pheromones unique to young females.
The sweet scent of sweat and the healthy heat mixed together under the scent of soap, and wrapped my face softly.





 Sports sex, I the sounds of it.
It actually sports rape, though.




 It was then that I suddenly heard the moaning voice of the brown referee who was watching the game over my shoulder.




『This is bad…….
Gevaudan perspective is……..
I can't believe it.
It's like the one who's raping Arshella.
And……Is it okay …? It's about time …
isn't it? Let's just fuck her?』




『You…..! Lydia……! you're betraying ……




  Arshella glaring at her while Lydia gives a very warm and moist look to Arshella. The sweet smell of girls spewed at me from the front and the back of me caused my son to ache.




Now that I have your permission and have enjoyed the services of this dragon maid's female body, it's time to settle the game




 Perhaps it was because of fatigue, but Arshella's body lost just a little bit of strength.
Taking advantage of this moment, I quickly slid my body down and took her ankles.




 This is where my training experience in karate comes in handy.
Throwing techniques and anatomy are important things that can determine whether you live or die at the end of a fight, which is why these skills are so thoroughly trained.





 Arshella's eyes peeled back in surprise at my quick change of pace.
She must have sensed the intent of my action instantly.
She stared at her clenched ankle, her expression frozen in shock.




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『Oh, you ……
suddenly that fast…….』




『I told you I'm holding back.』




 Your hands are flexible, so you can easily slip out of the way even if I grab your arms or wrists, but not your ankles.  Once I had a firm grip on her ankle, no matter how slimy she was, her heel was stuck and she couldn't get out.
I could restrain her without much effort.
She seemed to have realized this fact.
As expected, she has an excellent understanding of combat.





 When it comes to arms and legs, the legs are several times stronger than the arms.
Normally, it would be impossible to block the movement of the legs with the arms, but with the power of the Butcher, it's no problem.




 I grabbed one of Archela's legs, which was about to go wild, and split her legs open that my lower body could enter.




 And then our legs and lover body crossed in the so-called Pine Needles position.
This way, my huge weight would hold down her one leg, and the lower half of Arshella's body would be completely bound.




 Also, once I get her legs open, She can't really get much power into them.








  She gasped and raised her upper body, and with one extra hand, I crushed her tits and kneaded them.
It's a victory.
In addition, I extended my tongue and licked off the crumbs of snack food that remained on her cheek.
It was salty.
It's Potato-chips.




『game over.』




  Did you see that? This is a world-class sexual technique that combines my physical skills with the power of the Butcher.




『It's not over yet!!!』





 As she twisted away from me, I pushed her tenderly, but strongly, and made her lie down on the floor.



 I slide my palm up from her chest and grab her neck.







  Arshella immediately grabbed my hands to protect her throat with both hands.
I could see the intense panic and unconcealed fear in her eyes.



『I'm not going to strangle you.
It's okay.』








  The dragon's frustrated gaze is the best.She was pinned down by her neck, one of her legs was lifted and she was pinned down.
Her chastity is now in danger.



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 Even so, she did not give up and continued to resist until the end.
Her tail was thumping against the floor in vain.




 When I rub my veiny scorching rod against the beautiful pink crack, I suddenly notice that there is a different kind of wetness there than the lotion all over her.




『――Huh? What is this? aren't you getting all wet?』




『I..I'm not defeated yet!』




 She denied my question with a loud voice.




『No, it's not about losing.
It's about you soaking wet.』




『You're lying! I haven't lost yet!』




『What? No, no, no……..? It's not that.』




 Arshella squealed and struggled to talk back.
I don't want to win or lose, I just want to say that I'm glad I didn't have to spend a lot of time to get you this wet.





 After that, I tried to get her to admit that she was wet by rubbing it and showing her the evidence, but for some reason, Arshella was obsessed with winning and losing and wouldn't listen.




 After a sterile push and shove, Dr.
Lydia came to the rescue.




Maybe female dragons react on instinct when they're defeated』




『What do you mean?』




『I think it's because dragonkin basically trying to kill each other when mate, and if the female loses, the male has sex while the female is dying.
If she admits defeat just a little bit, her body will probably go into like, love-love, give me the baby mode.
regardless of her will.』




So, wetting yourself means admitting defeat.
That's why she' s trying so hard to say she hasn't lost yet.





 But the way things getting play out now….




『Does that mean that Arshella has a desire for me to forcefully rape her?』




I and Lydia stared at each other in silence.


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Yeah, ……, I guess that's what it means!』




『No, it doesn't!』





 I press my cock against Arshella's labia again.
Yes, it's perfectly wet.




『The body is honest.
You're so cute.
How long did you think you were losing?』




『Shut up!』




The dragon lady replied with a menacing snarl. Her nose is wrinkled from overexertion.




 I've had enough of this bubble war, let's get it over with.




 With one of her legs raised and restrained, I used my tongue instead of my hands to guide the glans into the entrance of her vagina, and began to push forward with my hips.




Arshella resisted, pushing me, pulling my hands and arms.
Her fangs peeked out, beads of sweat floated down her face, and she continued to purr her throat viciously.
Like a cat.




 –There was a choking scene like that in an old movie, wasn't it? Put a knife to the chest of a knocked-down enemy and slowly put my weight on it.




Trying to mimic the scene, I slowly put my weight on the butcher lance against her vagina, She's blowing and sucking air through the gap between her teeth.




I heard the sound of Lydia swallowing her saliva in my ear.




『Hey, Wait, wait, wait a minute.』




 Not answering Arshella's pleading, I continued.




『Okay ……
Okay….I've lost!!!』




 I slowly increase the pressure without saying a word, enjoying the comfort of pushing open the narrow ring of her vulva.




『I will let you do as much as you want.
So wait……
! Hey talk to me!! ……
I'm feeling weird…….
I'm losing strength, I'm—!?』




 Arshella clenched her teeth and peeled her eyes open, and my glans slipped through her resistance with a plop.



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