held her in my arms.




 Butcher's strong hands restrained her.
It was game over.
She lost.
so easy.




 Just when I was thinking that.
Arshella's mouth twisted into a grin.





 Immediately afterwards, she crouched down and wriggled out of my arms.




 I hurriedly grabbed her, but she still slipped out of my grasp.




 What! It's so slippery!!




“Ha ha ha! ▼&△、◇〓&〒△☆□◇#▽▼◎〆〓○▼#&▽〆! &▲▲■△★△★▽◇○※●★△※〒〆〆◎※■★☆◎☆■▽〆☆&■※#&!!”




『Ha-ha-ha! The victory is always decided at the preparation phase! It's your mistake to take on Exmut, the professional in fighting.』




『Grrr……the soap ……!』




 I groaned in my chest.
The dragon girl crossed her arms and mocked the frustrated me.




『It's because of the soap!!』












『It's not just soap, it's also contains shampoo, conditioner, and a mix of your slimy baby seed that was on Ferris!! And top pouting!! Let's quickly punish Arshera for being so dumb as to rub Gevaudan's cum all over her body!』




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  Lydia translates our speech.
Good girl.





 Gliding with wings and lubricant.
Arshella had a two-pronged strategy against me.
But that's okay.




 You're a professional fighter?





 Then so am I.
I'm not going to lose.




 Just when I was about to get serious, I leaned back and dug my toenails into the floor, Lydia's faint voice rang in my ears.




『However, Gevaudan, let's take our time.
Don't be hasty and hunt down that hot dragon girl and make her understand.




Well, yeah, I guess.
You said I had thirty minutes.
I guess I can have a little more fun.




 We continued to chase each other around in the circle.




 It's been almost five minutes.
After doing this for a while, I began to understand.





 Arshella's glide can only move in a straight line.




 She's fast, but if I look at her closely, I can see that her initial movements have a certain movement that's easy to spot.
Maybe it's because she has to use her wings to flap the wind, or maybe it's because her wings tend to curl in the direction she's flying, and then she starts to slide in that direction.




 Once I understood it, the movement was simple and easy to read.




 ――I've seen through you!








  Arshella fell down with a thud.




 Slippery all over, she spins around on the floor of the bathroom, face down.
Then I quickly jumped on top of her and covered her.




 I simply read her trajectory and hooked her legs.
It didn't feel like she was flying, so I figured she would probably get caught, but it worked out better than I expected. 








 Arshella, who was being held up by me, unleashed an iron fist.




 I was hit in the face.
My butcher bag came off with the impact, and I saw it fly to the bottom of Tiriel's feet.




 She fearlessly punched me in the face from beneath.
Next, she hit me with her foot.
When I reached out to subdue her.




 Ouch, ouch, ouch.




『Wait …….
Arshella, wait.』




『I'm not waiting! You want me to stop and be raped like a little pussy?』





『No, no, no.
Referee, time, time.』









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 Lydia, who has a whistle in her mouth and her arms in a letter T, interrupts us.




 I and Arshella stop moving quietly.




『What's the matter, Gevaudan?』




『No direct attacks, punching, kicking, and biting.』








 Huffing and puffing, Arshella glared up at me. Then, I brought my face closer to her.




『Arshella, you've seen it before, right?』




  ”Ugh”, Arshella groaned.




『When I'm in pain or stressed, I can't control the violent side of me.
In other words, I lose my temper easily.
If you accidentally hurt me, it's no joke.
It's dangerous.』




『But if you ban those, I'll lose for sure!』




『I've been stopping you from being so serious since a while ago.
In the first place』




『What the hell?』




 Arshella mouth quivered in annoyance.




『Because if I grabbed you with all my might, these sharp claws would gouge your flesh, and with your wings spread so wide, I'd need to be careful not to get my claws caught on them as I move past you.
I didn't grab your tail because it looks weak at the base, and I didn't pull your beautiful red hair either.
I didn't use any strikes or bites.
I want to touch your tits and ass when I pass you, but I'm holding back because it's too dangerous.
I'm trying to be very careful not to injure you.




 Because she's the girl I'm about to give her a Creampie.




『I gave you thirty minutes, so that's a given.』





 She made a reasonable objection.
So I countered.




『In addition, you're also using the lube despite my handicap, shouldn't you give me a little bit of it too? It's not fair.
In a normal wrestling match, Arshella would have already lost by foul play and would have been publicly humiliated for apologizing to the audience.』




『This guy…….』




 Arshella clenched her teeth and fell silent.
There is no such punishment in sumo, by the way.




『No! Arshella is a girl.
You can't be so violent! that's not girly!』








 Lydia held up a yellow piece of paper and criticized her, wondering where she got it from.
The brown referee gave Arshella a yellow card.




『……Whose side are you on?』




『Anyway, no striking, no biting.
Let's keep it simple, just wrestling style.』




『Okay, let's resume the match.
*—- beep!*』




 Lydia hung on my back again.
The sound of the whistle was the signal, I and Arshella to move at the same time.

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