Chapter 109: Ferris's growth

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『Gevaudan, you look wonderful.』




  Suddenly, I heard Lydia whisper in my right ear.
It was so close that her lips almost touched my ear.




『You're the toughest man I've ever seen』





 I was praised.
Somehow I feel good.
 I'm very excited.




『Hey, what do you think? How's our services?』



 Lydia said and kissed my gums bared mouth.
Her beautiful face fills my vision even though her eyes are closed.
When I inhaled deeply the breath she let out, the sweet scent of pheromones went from my nostrils to my brain.




  She went straight to licking my teeth and urging me to kiss her harder.




 When I opened my mouth, she cocked her head and invaded in with her tongue.
She licked the backs of my teeth and nipped at my upper lip.
I responded by extending my tongue, and our tongues intertwined each other between us.









 Meanwhile, Ferris is still sucking and slurping on my cock.
Arshella takes over Ferris and rubs my back with her tits.
All three of them have high body temperatures, and when they embrace me, it's like being in a hot spring.




『This is paradise』




『Isn't it? Yay! We did it, guys! We have to show Javordan how good a bath can be!』













 This telepath is amazing.
being able to talk even when her mouth is covered.




 I and Lydia are exchanging saliva in a French kiss.
Ferris is munching on my son and serving me to her fullest.
Arshella is scrubbing and rubbing my back.
Even in this situation, we are able to talk with ease.
This is the ideal type of sexual intercourse where as long as we are attached, we can talk as much as we want.




『Oh, hey!』




  Lydia screamed in protest as I leaned forward.

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 I pressed my fingers against her crack.
The squishy feeling was pleasant.
Butcher's nails are sharp and dangerous, so it's really inconvenient that I can't grope her.





 But Lydia responded to my mischief by pressing her crotch against it.




 She shoves her plump labia from side to side, locating and pressing her buds against me.




『Ah ♡ Mmm, a little more! 』




『'Oh, by the way, Lydia.
Have you bought a dildo yet?』




『I haven't found it yet.』




  She pulled her face away and put on a pouty look.




『I tried to find it, but I couldn't find anything like that for sale.
I thought about making one myself during this period, but I didn't know what it looked like.』




 It's an immoral item, but it's also the crystallization of years of human wisdom and ingenuity (and desire).
It is not so easy to mimic the optimal shape.




『I see.
I'll look for it next time I go to the subhuman city to meet Abigail.』




『going to see Abigail …….
What? Abby are alive!?』








『I see.
I see.
I'm glad.』




  Lydia seemed to be concerned about Abigail's disappearance.
She looked surprised and then very relieved.




『Well, then, if you're going to go to —– hey Gevaudan.
Now is not the time to be talking about other women, focus on us.』








『Hey, hey, is Ferris okay……? Is she breathing? She look like she's in pain.』




  Arshella, now in a piggyback position, asks fearfully over my shoulder.

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 I look down at her.









 Ferris was on all fours, eagerly sucking my huge cock *jupp……
jupp…….* It's an advanced technique to suck a cock without using a hand.
She opened her mouth as big as possible and was breathing heavily, her face was bright red and at first glance it looked painful, but her tail was flicking.
She seems happy.





–That's it. 




『Hey, Ferris.
Do that for me.』




 I pinched her fox ears and rubbed the soft bone part as I made my request.
Ferris looked up at me with a glazed look in her eyes, nodded once, and began to move her face forward.




 'Slurp' 'Slurp' ……
Ferris's face comes closer to my pelvis.




 She had already taken a brief blowjob training course with Titania. As a result, she could not take it all, but she can take my glans to the back of her throat and not vomit.





 It was different when the teacher was good, after all.
When I tried getting the girls in the jail to do it, it just felt like I was masturbating through a gurgling tube, but Ferris used her tongue and the wetness in her mouth to suck me off while properly stimulating the sexual zones on my tissues.
After all, a loving, warm and deep oral feels good.
And even though she's still inexperienced, she can do it without using her hands, so Ferris has talent.
Maybe she's a genius.





And behold.
She swallowed my horse-length, tears flowing down her cheeks as she devoured the burning sponge and carefully sucked on it.




『 How do you feel?』




 Arshella couldn't keep her mouth shut.
Lydia was staring blankly.
Tiriel, too, had stopped singing and was staring dumbly from a distance, but she noticed my gaze and started singing again.
Her voice was a little hoarse.





I actually inserted my tongue into Ferris's hole.
I'm sorry I did it first.』




『What was it like? What was it like!??』




 She was biting at me like fish in a fishing pond.




 I figured she probably wouldn't mind.
but still, she didn't care at all.




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『As an apology, I'll show you.』




 With her mouth still sucking on it, I rolled Ferris over, grabbed one of her legs, and lifted her up.
With a gulp, she opened up.
She seems to lose her shyness when she's sucking on the pacify maker and doesn't mind what I do to her.




 Then I put the tip of my tongue to her crotch.




「Mmmmmm ……!」




 We continued to play with each other, and eventually she started to squeeze my tongue and insert it in herself.




 The tip of my tongue slipped through her narrow entrance, which was already very wet.
She used my tongue as a dildo, repeatedly thrusting it in and out of her own pussy, sending it deep inside.





『What's it like, Ferris?』








『My tummy ……
hurts ……




  I looked at Lydia to see how she was doing and saw that she was drooling sloppily and had a heart mark in her eye.




『We can climax together, alright? Ferris?』




『I like ……
with Jibodan ♡』




『Come on, Gevaudan.
Hurry up and spray it!』




 Lydia is breathing hard and her eyes are bloodshot as she urges me.
Yes, yes, please wait.




 I lay Ferris down on her back, cover her up, and perform a reverse 69.
I violate her upper and lower mouths at the same time.



♡ ngu……




 I was able to do two holes with my tongue and meat stick, but it was difficult to do three holes at the same time.
If I could use my fingers, I could stick them in her asshole and perform a pseudo gangbang…….





nail clipper, yes, I need nail clipper.




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 It's still good etiquette to keep the fingernails short and nice.
I'm not sure if there's a blade that can cut through a butcher's tough nails.
Also, sandpaper.




 While I was thinking about this, I scraping and caressing her vaginal flesh as if I were licking cream from a cup of ice cream, and swinging my hips against Ferris's mouth, I started to feel an itch to ejaculate.




『I'm about to cum』




 I glanced at Ferris's face and saw that she nodding her head with a blissful look in her eyes, “Mmmm, mmmm …….”




 I put some pressure on my tongue to make it swell inside her vagina.
I also squeezed the fox's tail in time with my ejaculation, and the stimulation made Ferris screams “nnnnnggggg!”




 As I watched her orgasm, I thrust into the deepest part of her throat and unleashed my own orgasm.







 The Beast's semen spurted in with great force, blasted out from the gap between Ferris' lips.
Still, she doesn't let go of my cock as she holds it in her mouth.








 I continues to ejaculate, while grinding and rubbing against the inner sticky tissue of her mouth.




“ngu …
Ngu …
Hmm ..*glub*…
muha …
ah …
amu …” 




 Ferris drinks semen from me like she drinks milk from her mother.
In addition, while climaxing from being tongue-fucked in the vagina, it's super lewd.
It's no exaggeration to say she's a pervert.
It's hard to find a girl who can drink cum and climax with such peace of mind.
To be honest, I find it fascinating.





 Even Abigail didn't look this good.
Maybe she was given a cum drinking spirit by Titania.




 The sperm that spilled out of her mouth stained her face with a thick layer.




 I scoop it up with my hands and press my hands against Ferris' slightly swollen mounds to rub it.
I mix it with the soap bubbles and knead it around with the slippery white slime while I flick her nipples.
while continuing to pump cum into her mouth.



 After a few minutes, Ferris' upper body turned completely white.
She was in a state of ecstatic climax as the smell of semen gushed out of her.




『And here she goes.
All right, Arshella?』




『……oh…oh!? ……right…right……』





 Ashera was suddenly shaken and gives a complicated smile.
But I can tell because she's been in a piggyback position so we're in contact the whole time, and her heart rate seems to have increased a bit.

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