her nervous, but she talked to her from time to time, massaging her whole body to increase Ferris's sexual sensitivity.
It's good.
In fact, Ferris's breath seemed to rise a little.




 But it's still not good.
When Lydia finally started to rub Ferris's pants, her eyes were tightly closed and she didn't react much.




 For sure, I think she's doing better than last time.
But no matter how you look at it, it's hard to say that she's getting pleasure from it.



 So Lydia took out a toy that looked like a dildo, the kind that vibrates.
I guess she was trying to force ecstasy out of her.
It's not wrong to rely on the technology.
Good luck.




 This is where the incident happened.




 When Lydia put the vibrating thing on Ferris' crotch, Ferris started to sob.




 Lydia collapsed on the bed in shock.




 This is not good.




 My biggest fear is that Lydia will lose interest in Ferris.
If that happens, there will be no contact between us.
That's not good.
I have to satisfy Lydia somehow.




 It was when I, driven by impatience, moved to the side of the bed to check on the situation.
That's when Lydia announced that she was going to squeeze me.




 As expected, I was stunned.




 If you look at her, her eyes are serious.
Her eyes are so hard-set that you can almost hear the rumbling of the earth.








“You want me to let it out?』




Like before.』




『In the cell, she seemed pretty comfortable before I started licking your cum off.』

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『I think she was just intoxicated by the smell of you in the air.』




 I see.
If that's the case, I have no objection.
My son has been hard as a rock since your cute little game.




What do you want me to do?』




 Do you want me to bring it to you in a glass? That' s a funny picture, isn't it? Ferris is not going to like it.
I'd recommend bukkake.
It would be great if Ferris would let me bare down on her.
I want to play with her tail, too.





 By the way, the fact that my semen contains strong magic power and aliens get drunk when they drink it is a secret between the two of us after consulting with Lydia.




 Ferris doesn't know about it either.
So, making Ferris lick my cum is seen by her as an act that is nothing more than just that.
You have to be a real pervert to do that.
That sounds a little too tough.




First of all, before Ferris comes to this room, why don't we have Lydia take it out and fill the room with it like a room fragrance? If Ferris gets drunk from the smell, the difficulty of the next step will be very low.
In fact, they had taken such a step in the cell by accident.
That's good.




 While I was thinking about this and choosing my words so as not to make Lydia uncomfortable, she started to talk to Ferris about something.




'Hey, Ferris.
So, why don't we make Gevaudan feel good today?




 ”Huh?” Ferris sniffed and looked at Lydia as if she was dumbfounded.









『Yes, yes.
Gevaudan is always watching, and it's a pity that he's the only one left out, isn't it?』




Lydia looked at the bulge in my apron as she said this and twists her mouth into a smile.
Ferris follows her gaze, looks at me, 





『Gevaudan would love it if Ferris could play with him, right?』




 Lydia winked at me.



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 It's good.




 If you want Ferris, fine.
This is a limitation that makes Ferris feel special and lowers the psychological hurdle.





I hate it when people want me to do whatever they want, but if it's Ferris, I can do whatever you want.』




 I put all my energy into it.
And then Ferris gets an anxious look on her face.





Jibodan, are you in pain?』





Just a little.』




 That's a lie.
It's not just a little.
I feel like I'm about to burst out and attack her.




 Ferris hesitated, wandering her gaze, and then her gaze caught Lydia's, and she gave a small vertical shake of her head without hesitation.




 It was a momentary change, but I saw Lydia's mouth twist in an evil way.




 It was like a naive girl from the countryside and a bad guy from the city trying to win her over.





『hmmm, Gevaudan has saved Ferris's life twice, so we need to return the favor! I heard that Gevaudan doesn't get any kind of reward for completing his missions.
It's a pity, isn't it that right ♪』




 Now she is pushing Ferris forward with a hint of guilt.
She' s a smooth talker, this one.




『……..What does Jibodan want me to do?』




Ferris, who looked up at me, said with a worried look in her eyes.




『It's better to take off your clothes for now because you'll get dirty.』




 Ferris looked at my frank advice and rolled her eyes, while Lydia giggled in the background.

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