Chapter 107: Fox's repayment

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『 Ah, yes.
Jibodan, about Makomo from the other day, thank you for letting her off the hook that time.
Besides, I knew you were protecting me the whole time.
I was so happy.』




 Ferris grasped my fingers and looked up at me.




『Of course.
I'm Ferris's knight.
But who's Makomo?』





『You know, that poor girl who dodged Jibodan's “Baaaan!” and turn into a log』





 Oh, so that ninja girl is called Makomo.




『Do you know her?』




Makomo is a childhood friend of mine who is a little older than me from the Noboshi (kettle) clan.
She is a distant relative who serves our clan.
When I was little, she used to escort me around and play with me a lot.』





 The kettle clan? Like Mrs.
Potts in the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale? She didn't look like that to me though…….





 It could be that she has a ninja method that can change into a kettle or something like that? I'm not sure what the advantage of changing into a kettle is……
if you're not careful, you can even get burned…….




『Oh, before I forget…』




 Ferris suddenly exclaimed, rushed to a nearby desk, wrote something down, and handed me a piece of paper.







 On the piece of paper, there was [key:Gevaudan(LWAMNSOXDD.88.FT ] written on it.




Huh, I think I saw this somewhere befo—-







 I couldn't help but shout.




 The room fell silent.




This is the code from Abigail's letter.






『–because I remembered Jibodan staring at it so…..
It's important, isn't it?』




 Oh, …….




 Oh, …….
Oh, …….




『Thank you so much, Ferris.
I was having trouble remembering this.』




 I hoisted her up high and swung her around in a circle.





 Lydia and the others continued to talk while looking worriedly at Ferris, who was turning repeatedly in the air like that.




『haaa… 』



『I gave up after the naughty Titania ate it, but now I can move forward.
You knew how to write human characters?.』




『h, u, m, a~ n ?』





 I set Ferris down on the floor, her eyes starting to continued to roll around.




『Oh, ……, from your point of view, it's subhuman.』





『Kyuuh ……, are these subhuman characters?』





It was a letter from Abigail.』




Does that mean she's okay?』




『sounds like it.』




『Oh, good.
I can't read subhuman, but I just remembered it like a picture.』





 Pictures? You've memorized and written the alphabet and numbers from memory? That's amazing.
Ferris is actually a genius, isn't she ……?





『Jibodan, can you read subhuman characters?』





『Yes, I can.
I'm originally a subhuman.』





『……Eh!? really?』



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 I told Ferris that I used to be subhuman, I also had a grudge against subhumans, but the fact that I used to kill aliens as a soldier was kept hidden.




『So Ferris doesn't know how to make the Butcher or what it's based on?』






『Yeah, ……
I don't know much about classified military information.
And I think only a few people know how to make the Butcher.』




So, the method of making the Butcher is a secret? Well, if I think about it, transforming a living being into a Butcher is pretty damn awful, isn't it? Maybe there's a backlash from within their own people? Aliens don't seem to have such a sense of human rights, though.




 I also told her that I had taken Abigail to that base once.
So after that turmoil, she stopped by the base and leave me a letter.  the fact that Abigail and I had been conversing in Morse all along was kept in the dark. I didn't want to feel guilty that I had deceived Ferris and Lydia.




『So I'm going to destroy the cities of the subhuman and human In the end, I'm going to slaughter every ugly creature I see and wipe them off the face of the earth.』







 Ferris looked like she wanted to say something, but she didn't continued.





『By the way, Ferris are you better now? You've been sick』






Yeah! I'm fine now.
Jibodan took care of me, so–』





 Ferris, now blushing, came up to me and grabbed my apron tightly.





『More importantly! Burn that picture! you must! promise me!!』





 Oh, the secret photo is on Lydia's shelf now, but, well, I don't have to worry about her getting revenge on.
She said it herself she'd take them to her grave.




『Did you get along with Titania?』




 I forcefully change the subject.






『Yeah, ……, she' s starting to talk to me normally now, but I don't know.』




『 She even gave you Namiten, so I think your friendship has gone up quite a bit.』




『Hey, Jibodan.
Do you really need to destroy this city?』




 Ferris asked, interrupting me.




『 Yes.
Dead serious.』





『Because Titania told you to?』




『No? I've been treated like crap for a long time, and I'm really pissed off at these bastards.
I think Titania and I happen to have the same goals.
I don't know what she's thinking because we haven't had a real conversation yet, but I can kind of understand how she feels.
Speaking of which, Ferris, did she say anything to you? I got the vibe that she wanted to destroy Faymbaum too.』




 Ferris looked troubled and said, 『I don't know if I want to tell you….』




『I'm not going to kill Ferris and Lydia.
Don't worry.
Oh yeah, we need to talk about that too.』





 I looked at the three on the other side, where the discussion had settled down, and continued.






『I don't want to kill them and I don't want to kill you.
I want you to take the other people whos you want them to live, like Arshella and Tiriel, and get out of the town.
You see, I have a tendency to do things when I get excited.
Accidents can happen.』





We can't leave this place.』




 Ferris said with a troubled smile.




『What? Why?』



『We've been ordered by the Demon Lord to guard it to the death.
we can't just run away without permission, especially for me and Lydia, because of our family ties.』





 Seriously?, is there such a thing? That's a problem.




 My throat rumbled.



『So, Jibodan.』








『What can I do to make you forgive?』




『forgive …….』



 I snorted at the unexpected word.




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『I can understand why Jibodan is angry.
That the person you love had to go through that.
It's only natural.
I'm sorry.
You turn to be a Butcher and forced to do other things you didn't like all the time, right?』





 Ferris's sympathetic eyes looked up at me.




『It's nice that you said you wouldn't kill me, but my sister is definitely going to stay in this town, and so is everyone else in the school.』



 Ferris grabbed my fingers.




『Can't I be the one who soothes your anger in any way?』




『My anger is boundless.
I need to rape, kill, and devour everything in sight.
I already lost my mind so these emotions won't be extinguished until I'm dead.』




 If you want to stop it, kill me.




 However, I'm not gonna be slain easily.
I'm not afraid to die.
I've always been a dead soldier since I join the Fox.




『You can eat my arms, or legs.』




『If I eat you, you'll die.』




 What the hell is she talking about all of a sudden? I was startled.





『Hmm …
Arms and legs are fine, I'm scared, but I'm more scared of my sister dying…..





 Ferris let go of me and gulped.




『And I want to help Jibodan.』





『Help, me?』






『That day, Jibodan was in so much pain.
I'm sure it's not just about Titania.
Jibodan has a lot on his mind that I don't understand, right? I'd like to ……
figure that out with you.』





 Ferris smiled and continued.





『I've always hated being a member of a fox clan until I met Jibodan.
All of my traditional clan members have a wide variety of skills, but I can only use the healing skills.
So people always made fun of me.』





『But, you see.
The day that Jibodan went berserk at school.
That day, I risked everything to heal you and stop you from keep rampaging.
Everyone, the teachers, and my sister praised me.』




『It gave me a lot of faith.
It gave me more confidence.』




『Other than that, Jibodan has helped me many times …
but I can't just get help forever.』




 Ferris took a breath and continued.




『This time, I want to help Jibodan to deal with his problems.』





 This pressure.




 I've felt this pressure on my chest before.








 Ferris stammered and turned over, blushing.






『……I can also…….
I may not be able to do it as well as Lydia, but ……』





 Suddenly, there was a slamming sound on the other side.
I saw Tiriel running hurriedly to the back room.





 Arshella and Lydia came over to us, talking earnestly.





 I didn't answer Ferris, but patted her on the head.




 I put my hand on Lydia's shoulder.




『Hey, Lydia.
I want this pendant very much.
If you give it to me, I'll double your current wishes.』



” “&○、△〒!? ” “








 Lydia and Arshella looked at each other and shouted.




『No, no!』



Ferris stopped two of them.


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『If Lydia stays in school, she'll be in a different class from me next year! I'm sorry, Jibodan! I can't give that to you.』





『No, but …
if it's doubled then, it's six …』





 Ferris clings to Arshella, who grunts and groans.





『No, no, no! Jibodan might have trouble talking to Titania now.  So the plan may not go well because of that! Giving him the pendant will bring them closer together, and it could be so vital that they may never be separated again. That is what we all need!! Lydia!! Arshella!!』




『never be separated ……
well, that's a problem.




 Arshella bit her teeth at Ferris' desperate insistence.





 So Ferris is really thinking about me and Titania, isn't she? Good girl.




『That's a pity.
So, have you decided on your wish? 』





Ha! That's the thing, Gevaudan.
I need a moment of your time.』




 I reconfirmed, and Lydia, who had been groaning by herself, resumed.




『Because, you know, We don't want to waste our good fortune to get Gevaudan to do something for us.
We're going to have to think it over.』




『I see.
Well, you'll have to decide before I come back home.
I'll be leaving soon.
I think Titania is waiting for me.』




 I can't wait to go home and have sex.





『Wait, wait, wait.
Wait a minute.』



 As I was about to turn on my heel, Lydia hugged me by the arm.
I can feel her seductive brown tits, so soft and squishy.





『You must be tired after your long journey, right♪  Why don't you take a bath? It's in the next room.
Tiriel is preparing it right now, so you can take a bath right away!』




『I haven't had a proper bath in years.』




『See!? Don't you like to take a bath? Hmmmm?』




『I hate it.』








 Lydia froze in surprise.




『I don't have any good memories with it from being in jail, because all they did was spray me with water from a bucket.』




 At my cold memory, the room turned silent.





 Even when I was a human, I would take a shower when I was at the limit of my smell from mud or sweat, or when I was injured and needed to get clean, or before or after sex.
My feeling was that it was not an act of relaxation, but a part of physical maintenance.
In the first place, I didn't really like to take off my clothes in public.
Even when I was at Fox, I didn't like to take a bath with other people.





 As I thought about this and kept quiet, Lydia and Arshella looked at each other and nodded vigorously in agreement.




『So that's a good news!! Come~ on~~, Gevaudan! Come take a bath with us!』




 Lydia said and took my right arm, and Arshella took my left arm.




『Let's make some good memories to replace that and go home with a lot of love from baths.
Yep, Yep.
That's good.



 I wonder if she understands what it means to take a bath with me.




『But Titania…』



 At that moment, Arshella opened her mouth with a bit of authority.




『All right, Gevaudan! You can have a match of strength with me in the bath! If you can beat me, you can cum in me raw as much as you like.』




 What is that?




 I'm getting interested.




 You can ejaculate in my vagina as much as you want.
It sounds very naughty.
I like it.



『No, but …
if it's turn into morning …』




 When the night is over, I won't be able to escape from Faymbaum.




『You can do whatever you want with me in the bath♪』




Lydia winked at me.


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 she's giggling.




 Lydia is very cuddly, isn't she? Can I take it as a statement that I can do whatever I want, all holes included?





『Ummm ……
but there're Ferrari and Mirror waiting outside…』




Lydia whispered, “Ferris ……
Ferris …….” Out of the corner of my eye, I see Ferris with her mouth in a wavy line.





 She gulped, and she looked up at me with determination.




I want to drink ……
Jibodan's energizing sauce.』




 I goggled.




 What should I do ……?




 As I struggled with my shaky mind, Lydia hung around my neck and brought her face close to mine.





『—-Ne, Gevaudan.




 Her eyes narrowed and she smiled lightly, her voice sounded a little different from the usual seductive tone that made me excited.
Strangely enough, her wet, red lips looked like a different creature.




『The whole time I was under house arrest, I was consoling myself by remembering the time I was held by Gevaudan.




 When she licked my neck, I felt a thrill crawl through me.





 I can't take my eyes off her glossy, glistening lips as she exhales…….




 I can hear her whispering.




『Now can you put me and Arshella together and make a mess out of us like you did that night?』




『Okay, let's take a bath.』




 Right after I made the decision to have Saturday Night Fever in the bath, my vision was blocked.




『No can do!, Master!』





 Diamond, who had stuck to my face and blocked my vision, continued briskly.




『This is just a trap to get rid of Master! I heard it with my own ears just now, that's for sure!……I don't have ears, but!!! I can feel the sound with my proud body hair! Anyway, the tanned girl said she was going to use a Charm…』




『Oh, yeah.
It's alright.
Thank you.
Could you please shut up for a second? ……
hey Mus! Take care of this kid!』





『Oh, no! stop! What, What the hell are you doing?』





 Diamond's voice trailed off.




 Lydia quickly pulled the diamond off of me and threw it into the birdcage.
Ferris then followed suit, placing the Namiten in the basket and covering it with a lid.





 *Crinkle, crinkle – crinkle.*




 The arthropod-like belly of the diamond clinging to the lattice of the cage is on display, and it is very not pleasing to the eye.




 By the way, there's a bird in the cage that looks very scared.
It's a small long-eared owl.
it's a horned owl, I think…….
it shrinks down and scuttles around in the corner of the cage like it was on the verge of having a stroke.
It's cute.




I love the Great Horned Owl.
Their call is soothing, like the sound of a flute.
It's like a whistle.
Moreover, when they sing, their fuzzy chest puffs up like a blowfish, but their eyes remain dignified, making them the loveliest of all.
If I was lucky enough to find one in the forest, I would watch it with my rifle scope.






 I gestured to the diamonds not to eat the owl and then turned around.





『What's Charm?』




 I asked, and Arshella pointed to the top of the sofa.




『The kind you put on your bag.
You know, like that.』




 Her fingers indicated the ornaments on the bag.




『You use that in the bath? Hmm?』








『Fresh Gal Bath service, one person! coming right up!!』




 Lydia pushed me to the back of the room and we headed for the door.


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