Chapter 105: Stirring up a hornet's nest

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『So, this translator – this pendant of Lydia's – was a great help.
Without it, I would have had to start learning the language, and it would have taken me a long time to be able to talk to Titania.
Now I can start tomorrow.』







I don't want to stay too long so let's get down to business.




『So, today I came to return Ferris and also to repay my debt to Lydia and the others.』





 I have to be professional and fair when it comes to dept.









I want to thank you for removing my self-destruct device, even if it was by accident, but now I'm free.
You saved me from blowing myself up, so I can still be alive and remain by Titania's side.』




 I try to emphasize the accident part as much as possible, so as not to hurt Lydia.




『I repay……
um, ummm……
what should I do~~……』





 She started to groan, but Tiriel slapped her hard on the shoulder hard. 





 Lydia turned around and saw Arshella with a grim expression on her face, and Ferris tugging at her waist.





Can you wait a bit, please?』




 Me and Diamond are left alone again.




 I watched as the four of them formed a circle and chatted in whispers.






I don't understand anything you guys say, so there's no need to whisper.
It's kind of silly, isn't it?






 Diamonds seemed to be able to make a string.
And not just from his butt, but from his feet as well.
He could even use it to throw a ring like a cowboy.
He's a very talented guy.
Very interesting.



After we played a game of infinite fall, in which I wrapped my fingers around the string he was producing from his butt, while the diamond kept falling, the four girls came back to me.





『I'm sorry, Jibodan.
We don't have any telepathic crystals in stock, so we can't give you that pendant.』




 Ferris said.



 Lydia looked up at me with a faint smile on her face.




『What stock?』


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 I asked back, playing with the diamond thread left in my hand.
Ferris then said.




It's a result of Lydia's practical training, and it's necessary for her to get academic credits, so if she loses it …..
she'll have to drop out of school.』




 She looked apologetic.




 Lydia was a bit of a gal, so she didn't seem to be bothered, but Ferris is an honors student, so she must be strict about credits and such.
She must have gotten mad at me for lending her pendant.




『It's a shame if that's the case…them…』




 The four of them tensed up at my reply.




『Do you mind if I assume that I've already repaid you with these photos ?』




Ferris was Just about to say 'Yes,' but Tiriel quickly interrupted her.




『No, no, no.
we'll give it back.
we'll give you back the pictures.
we can't take away these precious memories of Ferris from you, right? Lydia?』




『I won't return it.』








 That is Ferris voice.
But it's doesn't sound like her at all.



『I'm not returning these photos.』




 Six pairs of intense, wide-eyed stares with disbelief hit Lydia.




 Arshella grabs Lydia by the shoulders and shakes her hard.




『No ……
you! Give it back!』








 Lydia clutches the photos to her chest and doesn't let go, even as her head jerks around.




『Give it back!』 Tiriel joins in, but Lydia stubbornly refuses.








 Immediately after, the four of them engaged in a fight.






 Lydia held her ground and kept stepping on my foot.
Thanks to her, I could hear their conversation.

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 All of them, except for Lydia, seem to really want to return the photos to me at all costs.
Even though I said I give it to her.




 At that moment, I suddenly saw a few photos fall from Lydia's hand, who stretched out her arms to grab and flailed, it was as if her life depended on it.




 Tiriel picks it up, catching her breath as she rises it in the air.





『What……? What's this ……!!!???』



 She popped her eyes wide and stopped moving.



 Arshella and Ferris peek at the photo to see what's going on.




『Hmm, what's wrong? Tirie……whooaa!?』



 Arshella recoiled.












 At the same time, Lydia hurriedly reached out to take back the photo.




『No, no! That's mine!!! my precious collection!!』




 Ferris pulled her hand away and looked at me.
if looks could kill…




『I told you to throw these away! Jibodan!』




 Is that what she said? Because I don't know what Ferris is talking about.





 Arshella stared at the photo and looks shaken, Tiriel put her hand over her mouth.




『W..W..What the ……
is this Ferris? What are you shoving in your mouth? No way ……
Are you sticking a penis in there?』




『Oh wow ……
what is this big veiny thing? No….it's inserted into your…….? What's going on here?』




『No, no, no, no, no, no, no.』



 Ferris went with Lydia to get the photo back but this time she was restrained by Arshella.




『Hey ……
Ferris, why are you covered all over with this white stuff?……..No way… this all…….are you kidding me……?』




A shaky voice escaped from Arshella, who turned around and looked at Tiriel.




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『Is this also what happened to Tiriel?』




『Hey, It has nothing to do with me right now!!?』




It was a spectacular sight.




 I'm the one who performed, directed, and photographed it.
I can deliver a higher level of quality and practicality than your average photographer.




『My treasure! Give it back to me! It's my family's heirloom!!!』




『You have to return it!! Do you understand our situation?』




『I'll take it to my grave!!! and we'll go to heaven together!!!!』




『Arshella, strip Lydia! We're going to make her take out all the pictures she's been hiding.』




『Burn it all down!』




 Lydia is being dragged up on the bed and stripped.
The photos hidden in her t-shirt and spats were confiscated.



 After a while, Lydia walked up to me, her naked brown body covered by a sheet.




 Before she reached me, she stopped and started to stare at the photos in her hands, but then Arshella gave her a slap on the butt and she sluggishly resumed her walk.



 Lydia cries and returns the photos to me.



I can't give you that crystal, so I'm giving it back to you……』




『 Really? Are you sure?』



『good…….gud bye…..*hicc* instehad of *hic* beeing toghether …..
bye bai…pleash take care *hic*』




….she looks so miserable….she even has snorts running down her nose.




 I'm just joking about paying you back with pictures you know?




Then, is there anything else you want me to do?』



『wait *hicc* wait a mhomhent..*hicc*』



 Lydia went back to the group, sobbing.




 The four of them began to discuss again.




 During this time, I secretly handed one of the photos to Diamond and had him insert it into a gap in a nearby wardrobe under their watchful eyes.





 This is a personal gift from me to Lydia, no flavor or anything.
She'll love it.
If she finds it, she'll probably masturbate so hard her fingers turn blistered.
I want to charge into that flower garden after it rains with my butcher lance.


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 The four of them came back.




 The resurrected Lydia touched my arm.




You know what? There's one thing I want you to do for me.』







 well, I think more than one actually.
there's also the matter of the many things I'm deceiving you with.



『This is about Ferris resurrecting ……
Titania, you see…』




 Lydia said fearfully.




『Resurrection? What do you mean by resurrection?』




『What is Resurrection?……well, it is…..』




『You mean you brought things back to life, right?』








 Lydia confused.




『When did Titania die?』






 I tilted my head, and she saw it and tilted her head too.  Both Arshella and Ferris had similar expressions, but only Tiriel had a scowl on her face.








『…..??? Oh, is it ….
that day?』




 The wrinkles between Lydia's brows deepened.




『That day? The day I went on a rampage? I don't remember much about that day, my memory is a little fuzzy.』




 At my words, the blood drained from everyone's face.




『Titania was a little tired after being beaten up, but I don't think–』




 There was an awkward silence



『Are you guys saying that Titania died that day? That can't be!!! I'm going to finish this shitty town right now and–!!!』



 Lydia clenched her mouth shut and sweat dripped down her face.
Ferris's face turned pale.
Arshella looks as if she's biting down on a bitter bug.

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