Chapter 104: Proclamation

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 Suddenly, Diamond pokes me in the shoulder.
Do you want to go home now? Wait a minute.
I still have things to do.




 As I was playing with the diamond, which was sulking on my shoulder, the room eventually became quiet.
It seems that the discussion is over.




 The four of them all come up to me.




『Gevaudan♪ I'd like to introduce you to someone, is that okay?』








『I'm ……




 All of them were touching Lydia's body in their own way.




『I'm Gevaudan.
This isn't our first meeting, is it?




『Well, …….』









 Arshella scratches the back of her head and looks uncomfortable.




 Tiriel, on the other hand, looks downcast and in low spirits.
I think she's still angry.




『Everyone wants to talk to Gevaudan♪』





 No, not again …….
I wanted to talk to Arshella and Tiriel as well, but I had a feeling it would take too long …….






 I'm sick of it, so today I have a different approach.





『Oh great, but first, Lydia —- here's a souvenir.』




 My approach is to give them something to talk about.




 What I offered her was.








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 Lydia, who had been blown away, gazed intently at Ferris's gravure photo album ( Taken by Gevaudan ).
I could see the tension drained from Arshella and Tiriel's faces in an instant.





Looking at the photos is always the best topic to talk about when returning from a trip, right?




『Ah, Stop!!! don't look!!!』






 Ferris tried to hide the photo album in a panic, but Arshella held her tightly and stopped her from moving.





 The three of us took our time to look at the photos one by one.
'Oooh', 'kyaaah', 'hahaha'.



 Over the noise, Tiriel's modest voice says.





『Is this a ……




『Yes, it is.
I took it with my camera.』




『It's a magic tool called a subhuman camera.
I've heard that it cuts through space and keeps a record of the flow of magical power.
So this is it? That's quite a feat.』





 Oh, my Arshella.




 A magical tool that can cut through space and record the flow of magical power, what a perception.
Well, it's not that amazing.




 Arshella continued to ask me.




『This means that ……
Ferris actually dressed like this all the time?』








『Hoho~ That shy Ferris?』




 Arshella smirks nastily at Ferris, while she locked Ferris by her wings.





『I mean, I…., but ……
Jibodan forced me so ……』





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『But Ferris was really into it from the start』




『Oh, hey, Jibodan!』




 Ferris raised her eyebrows.




『Gervaudan, do you still have that camera? Can I see it?』




 Tiriel asked with great interest.





『No, I don't have it right now.
It's at my base.』




『base ……』




 Tiriel paused to think about something.





 then I heard a huffing voice…….




 When I turned to look, I saw Archela taking a deep breath.
She opened her mouth as if she had made her decision.




『Gevaudan……is Titania with you?』




『She's waiting for me to return.
waiting for me to come home so we can continue being a lovey-dovey couple』



 I patted the diamond on my shoulder, and he asserted his presence with a banzai. When Arshella saw this, she fell silent and said, “Mmm.”








 It was Ferris.
She had a small shadow on her face and her mouth was bent into a crooked shape.




『Oh, There's more.』




 When I showed a more extreme version of Ferris's gravure, Arshella and Tiriel's interest immediately shifted to it.
as expected of a girl.




 They took the photos, spread them out on their desks, and started chatting.
Ferris jumped in to prevent her own disgusting image from being exposed, and the three of them started to make fun of each other.




 Lydia is quiet.




Something's not right.




 I'm curious and turn to look at her.



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 Lydia place her leg on the backs of my legs to maintain contact, but keeps her hands free.
Her brow wrinkles as she carefully inspects the photo.
It was the face of a maestro carrying tradition and pride on his/her shoulders.
Apparently, the picture of Ferris looking at the camera with a dead leaf on her head caught her attention.
She knew.




 –Yes, there was a very special one for Lydia.




『Please enjoy.』




 While Arshella and the others were busy enjoying Ferris's photo album, I secretly inserted a special secret photo collection into Lydia's pants.




 I had put it in a paper bag and bound it to give it a special touch.
Lydia tore open the bag and glanced at the photos inside.










 She hurriedly covered her nose and mouth with her hands.
Her nose seemed to be bleeding.
Her feet were wobbly and she couldn't stand still.




『Hey, this is …….』




『Do you want the secret collection?』




『Yes, please.
What do you need? money? Me?』




『I'd like to say, “Lydia,” but I'm wondering if you have some kind of translator device?』




『A translator?』




 Lydia twisted her head.




『A device that allows me to communicate telepathically, like Lydia's powers.』




『Oh, ……
I do.
Why do you want it?』




『I need to talk to Titania.』




『Oh, I see.
yep, yep.
Wait for me.』




 She then walked tentatively back and forth between the shelves in the room, and in her hand was a pendant.
A grayish transparent stone cylinder hangs from the tip.




『Here, it's my telepathic crystal, I think you can talk to her too if you wear it around your neck.
It's a small price to pay compared to this picture.
Deh heh heh ……』




 I received the pendant from Lydia, who smiled disgustedly.
The secret transaction accomplished.



With this…..


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『Thank you, Lydia.
Now I can discuss with Titania how to destroy Faymbaum and the plan to exterminate all humans.』




『Destroy Faymbaum.
yep yep……







 Lydia's face, which had been smiling and staring intenstly at the secret photo froze.
A questioning sound escaped from her mouth.



 Slowly, she looked up.




『……now what?』




 Tiriel was the first to notice that Lydia's mood had suddenly changed. She hurriedly ran over to Ferris and Arshella, who were busy playing with the pictures.





『What's wrong, Lydia?』




 Ferris said.




『Oh, no, …….』




『Since you're here, I'll tell Ferris, too.”




 I made sure that everyone was touching Lydia and continued.





『I hate this city. 

I hate this city for capturing my soul and submerging me in its filth.

I hate you people.
I hate you all for humiliating and trampling Titania.

I hate those humans who don't know their place.

I hate them.
They are the scum of our future.


Die, you sick fuck.

Begone, you blind idiot.

Listen to the screams of the Mifosis.

Listen to the wrath of the Earth.

I am the sentinels of time who will banish you.

I am the spokesman for the planets that shall banish you.

Hang your heads before the eternal fire of condemnation.

Accept your death in the midst of the desolation.

I do not forgive this city.

I will not forgive you.

I am not with anyone.

The only friend that exists is loneliness.

Your destination is the depths of darkness.

In the freezing and thirsty world, where no light can reach, may you fade into nothingness and disappear.








 At the sound of Lydia's voice, I looked down.




 There were four cute faces with round eyes looking up at me with a blank look on their faces.

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