Chapter 103: Delivery

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 *sniff* *sniff*  It smells like a female.







 Oh, that's Lydia's voice.




 She's talking to someone.
Well, that's okay.
The worst thing that can happen is to use the to immobilize her.




 I'm free now.




 I don't have to worry about being inconspicuous, being punished, or worrying about what the aliens will think.
I can do whatever I want.




 No one will complain if I start a war now.
That's what I want.
It will only hasten the death of the Faymbaum.




 Suddenly, I feel Ferris' gaze on me.




 –I have to get these kids out of here first.




 With that thought in mind, I lift her up and drop her through the window with a thud.




“Lydia, 〓 △ ◇ …… ◎ ☆ ● ※ ■ □ ●?”




 Ferris said.
Looks like she was in there after all.




 Then I'm next.




 I stepped over the window frame.

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 When I walked in, Lydia was sitting up on the bed.
She had the two girls grouped together and all three of them were in a rugged, cuddly state.








 This is the scene of an affair? Is this a real catfight?




 But that's okay.
Let's all get along.
I'll join you.












 The other two raised their heads at the same time.
If I look closely, I can see Arshella and Tiriel underneath Lydia.




 Oh, that's nice, Lydia.
You actually had a close relationship with a girl other than Ferris, didn't you?



” “Ge…Gevaudan……!?” “




 That's right, it's me, Gevaudan.
How can you know it was me when I was wearing a paper bag?



” ”  !? ”  “



 At the sound of Lydia's voice, Arshella and Tiriel looked at me.
They were both shocked at the same time and froze, their faces tight.
It's the look one gets when they bump into a brown bear in the forest.
I could hear their voices whispering.

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 I'm sorry to interrupt you at such a nice moment.
But please don't make too much noise, okay? If you do, I'll have to subdue you.
And that kind of force will crush everyone here at once, so we won't be able to proceed.




 I pushed Ferris back so as not to provoke the two of them.
It was better for me to stay back.




 Then she somehow pulled herself up to my apron and beckoned Lydia to come over.








“#●▼☆☆〓……? フェリス、▽〓§#▲〆▲○○#▲?”








 Lydia said something to Arshella and Tiriel, gesture them to calmdown, and then got off the bed.




 She walked over to us, barefeet.




 The remaining two also got off the bed quietly.
Both of them seemed calm, but they kept their eyes on me.




 Arshella is a fighter, but Tiriel is the trouble this time.
I'm sure she knows that I killed Tulyal.
If she sees a chance, she might use magic on me.





 After exchanging a few words with Ferris, Lydia touched me.





『Gevaudan…..Have you come to return Ferris to me?』




『I've got a delivery for you.』

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 I lifted Ferris up in a single move.
The hem of her revealing shirt dress slipped up, revealing her private parts, and she hurriedly covered her crotch.
Of course, she had no pants on.
She was struggling desperately, her bushy tail slapping me back and forth in the face.




『Aah!! Put me down, Jibodan! they can see!!』




Lydia sent me a pose.
“I like it!”




 I put Ferris down on the floor and turn to Lydia.




『Ferris is fine.
She's not hurt.』




『I see, thank you …..
are you okay?』






 Lydia suddenly asked about me.




『I'm fine.
totally fine.




As long as you're okay, it's fine.




 Lydia nodded her head 




『I'm more worried about Lydia.
I wonder if there was any punishment for breaking my shackles.』



 I'm imagining some kind of sexy punishment.




『Me? I'm fine.Well, I'm under house arrest, but that's all.』


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 House arrest? I guess that's fine.




 I'm glad to hear that Lydia isn't having a bad time.
I've seen a lot of alien women who were simply disposed of.
They don't seem to have any concept of human rights.
I was thinking of kidnapping Lydia and taking her into custody, depending on the situation.




『I can't go anywhere, so I'm bored, but look, Arshella and Tiriel came to visit me, so I'm sort of relaxed.』




 Lydia looked at the two behind her.














 As I stared at her, Arshella said something and Ferris answered.
The three of them gathered further away from me, along with Tiriel, and began a conversation I couldn't understand.




Wait a moment, Gevaudan.』




 After saying that, Lydia also entered the conversation circle.




 The four of them put their heads together.
I am the one standing outside the net.
I was alone.




 The conversation between the four of them, who had formed a small circle, accelerated while I was feeling more and more uncomfortable.




 Tiriel shouts in a whisper.
Ferris responds by shaking her head or nodding her head.
Arshella crosses her arms, clears her throat, and never takes her eyes off me.
Lydia was holding her head in her hands.




 I want to join the conversation.
I'd like to talk to Arshella and Tiriel as well.

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