Chapter 100: Girls-only meeting

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“hooooooo. hooooooo.”




 The cry of a horned owl echoed.
It was a Familiar, Tiriel's messenger.
Its name is Mustachio.




 This small and lovable owl with its soft feathers had always been Lydia's favorite.
Tiriel thought that she must be depressed, so she brought her to the girls's party this evening.
Mustachio is still in Lydia's arms, squinting in annoyance as she plays with it.




 On the large bed, there was Lydia, who was in the middle of house-arrest, Arshella, who had come to visit her, and Tiriel.




 Lydia was wearing a T-shirt and shorts.
Arshella was wearing a sweatshirt.
Tiriel wore a thin negligee.




 Each of them put on their comfortable clothes and lounged on the big bed.
They are eating snacks and chatting.
The time was approaching midnight.
The mood of the three of them was relaxed.




“So That Butcher ……
Jibodan right? ……
Jibodan didn't show any signs of being controlled at all when he had a fight with the Titans in Dean?”



 Arshella asked as Lydia inserted a  finger into Mustachio's fuzzy belly.




“That's right ……
Gevaudan was being swung around so hard that the control unit broke, and the centipede on the other side was also wounded.”




“If that's the case it's also doesn't make sense given the timing.
Because back in Faymbaum, when Gevaudan went to Titania, Titania would have already been dead.”



 Tiriel said as she took a mouthful of chips into her mouth.



“Hey …
Hey, Tiriel ~~. To begin with, what does it mean to be in control? When Gevaudan was talking to me, there was no sign of that at all.”



 Lydia speaks while eating chips.



“I'm not sure.
Domination is the forbidden stuff.
No one knows the details of it.
There's also no documentation whatsoever”



“When you say you talked to her, you didn't examine about her at all, did you? If Titania was manipulating him at will, he wouldn't reveal so much about her”




 Arshella walked over to the bed on all fours and reached for the chips.




 The three of them were now lying down on the sheets, face to face, with the bag of chips in the center.





 Lydia was accused of removing the control device of Gevaudan, which triggered the recent catastrophe.
What's more, she even kept the fact that the Butcher was able to talk to her a secret.

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 However, there was no malicious intent behind her words, and Dean was in a dire situation surrounded by Titans, so it could not be said that she was wrong in her decision to help the Butcher, her guard, in order to ensure her own safety.




 The fact that she was a member of the Lilith clan, a branch of the demon race, meant that she could not be suspected of lying in her testimony.
The demon race is incapable of lying as a characteristic of their race.




 Removing the Butcher's control device was a crime.
But there was no law that said it was a crime to talk to the Butcher or to hide it.
There was no law for it – all of these were too unheard of – so she ended up just being under house arrest, waiting to be investigated.




  However, given her family background.
There is no doubt that the punishment will be minor in the end.





 Later on, Arshella and Tiriel, who were informed of the possibility of being included in the operation to rescue Ferris came to Lydia's room, where she was under house arrest, under the pretense of gathering information about the Butcher.




 The two knew that Lydia was very fond of Ferris so they came to her room with their hands full of sweets, thinking that she would be very sad, but Lydia showed no sign of worrying about Ferris at all.



 Both looked at each other and couldn't help but shake their heads.




 When they asked for details, She said that the Butcher told her that he called himself Gevaudan and declared himself a knight of Ferris.
So, she wasn't worried about her.




 The two of them were stunned by the new information that suddenly came out of nowhere.



 It was surprising that Butcher and they had been talking to each other in the first place, but it was even more surprising that he had even deepened the friendship with Ferris.




 In addition, they knew that Ferris had called the Butcher ” Jibodan” and had been taking him around happily, but why was it that the name the Butcher called himself was slightly different from the one Ferris used?




 How could this shocking story not attract the interest of a female student of their age?




 So the girls' party started in the evening, and it was already late at night.
Mustachio, who had been brought to the party to comfort Lydia, was in deep trouble.
“hooo, hooo, soh.”




“Oh, Mus!”




 Mustachio took advantage of this moment to escape from Lydia's arms and flew across the room, taking refuge in a birdcage placed on the table.




 The air in the room slowly relaxed after the last cry of the owl “hoorororo……”




 Lydia's stern words cut through the lax atmosphere.



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“I had a date with Gevaudan and we talked all day, and I felt very comfortable with him”



“Dating ……
huh ……?”



 Arshella's eyes narrowed and she became doubtful.
Tiriel also started to questioning about her sanity.
But Lydia, on the other hand, is unconcerned.



We went out to play together sometimes.
And we also had sex while we were on vacation.”





 The air in the room froze.






“Y…You're joking!!”



 screams went up as Lydia casually bit into her chips. 



“You! Even if you're Lilith, you really fucked the Butcher?”



 Arshella took the chips from Lydia's hand and put them in her own mouth.






“Ugh, you really……”




 Arshella hung her head in disappointment. Next to her, Tiriel was clutching her eyes and enduring the discomfort.




“It would be a shame for Lilith if I didn't do anything when a subhuman made fun of me as a woman.
Besides, if you talk to him, you'll find that he's funny and he's on the same wavelength as me.
So why don't you try going out with a butcher?”



Tiriel frowned and sighed at Lydia who said that without hesitation.




“I don't know how can you even have sex with something like that …….
No matter how thick your bloodline was.
I can't help but respect the fact that you've gone that far.”



 Tiriel and Arshella witnessed the scene where Gevaudan flattened dozens of humans and subhumans.
They can't even imagine what it would be like to be in bed with that beast.
It's not a matter of handsome or ugly.
It's a matter of life.



Lydia, however, was a little annoyed, her mouth agape.




“I don't think that's the right way to put it. You should talk to him once, he is like a brave soldier, calm and collected.
He seems to be very dependable, although the face is a little scary, his body is tough and strong.
The other thing is also huge and thick♪”



 She grins and continues.




“And you know what, even though you're saying that………I heard some interesting story, Isn't that right~ Tiriel~~”



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 When Lydia showed her fangs in a mischievous manner and pulled her face closer, Tiriel's face quickly flushed with a hint of concern.



“I heard that Gevaudan made you cum really hard isn't it~? Hmmm~?”








 Tiriel's face turned blood red, and she sat up on the bed 




“He made her cum? What are you talking about?”



 Arshella immediately grabbed on to it.



“Hey Tiriel, did you have sex with the Butcher too?”



“No, I didn't! I didn't!”



“He didn't fuck her, but he did make her cum with his cock on her thighs, didn't he? And in front of all those people.”



“No, no…”




“Hey! What the hell is going on here!? Isn't I was only one who got left out? Lydia, keeps talking.
Hey shut up, Tiriel”




 Arshella grabbed the handful of chips roughly and shoved them into Tiriel's mouth.








“You know, a while back, one of Tiriel's underlings was a real douchebag. I heard that he threw Ferris into Gevaudan's prison without telling Tiriel.”



“Ferris? In the Butcher's prison? And?”



“Stop it, Lydia! –Oh! Hey, Arshella!”



 A very excited Arshella leaned over the flailing Tiriel and restrained her on the bed.
Her white bare feet were sprawling around the air.
There's no way for the elves to win against the dragonkin.




“There are some people who are against the demon fox clan.
And they want to get rid of Ferris by making her disabled ……
Oh, I'm getting frustrated talking about it.”



A grim shadow fell over Lydia's face.



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“So? What's the connection between that and the story of Tiriel getting fucked?”



“I didn't get fucked, Mugh!”



Tiriel was about to say something, but Arshella hit her with a pillow.
She held her down and excitedly waited for the rest of the conversation with a twinkle in her eye.



“In the end, it was Gevaudan who showed his good nature and didn't touch Ferris. And then he flattened the perpetrator without a trace.
Ah, Gevaudan is the best.
This is what a man should be like!”



“Well, well.



“That was the fateful meeting between Ferris and Gevaudan.
After that, Tiriel was punished for lack of supervision by Phoenicia, who found out what happened.”








“She wants her to go through the same thing.”








“And then Tiriel was thrown into Gevaudan's prison.”




“Did they do this to you?”




 ”Moggah!” A loud voice came from under the pillow.



“She was sprayed with a huge amount of cum from head to toe and forced to cum by giving thighs jobs”



 Lydia's final blow made the elf lose all strength.



 Arshella quickly removed the pillow.
She helps Tiriel, who had resigned face, sit up and ask a few words.



“Did it feel good?”



“It-does-n't-mat-ter! I don't care!”



“Did you really cum?”




 Tiriel's mouth twitched in disbelief at Arshella's pressing pursuit.




“There's no proof!!! Who can prove that I came!? I'm the only one who can prove it is me!! I'm not!! I'm done talking about this!!”



Lydia and Arshella both shook their shoulders at her childish remark.

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