Chapter 99: Confrontation 

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Boom! The bullet flew, leaving a deafening roar in my ears.




 In the midst of the shockwaves that rocked the landscape, the female ninja was blown away as if she had been hit with an invisible blunt object and disappeared into the depths of the forest.




 The smoke from the muzzle of the gun drifted in the wind and tickled my nose.




 I inhaled it.




An indescribable nostalgia springs from the bottom of my chest.



It's the best!!



 Fifty-caliber rounds at this distance also, High-grade gunpowder, heavy loads.
Special compound.
The female ninja was not wearing any armor so she might be dead.
No matter how mysterious alien defenses were, they couldn't be unharmed. 




Even if she is alive, she would have been injured.
Then, the insects around will notice the smell of blood.
All that was left was for them to tear her apart and kill her.
I don't know if She'll be able to escape with her injuries.
Female ninja being gang-raped by giant bugs.
Very hot.
I would love to see it up close.



 No, let me play first.
This is the first time in a long time that I've been able to freely and freely do it without any command.
But it's kind of awkward to do it in front of Ferris.



 –All right, let's take her prisoner and rape her to our heart's content after we send Ferris home! If we tie her up with the spider's thread, she'll be completely helpless!




 Whatever happened to her, I hope she's alive.
I'm getting real excited.




 With such delusions and expectations in my heart, I walked up to the female ninja.




 On the way, I was on the lookout for any reinforcements by enemies, but there were none.
Don't tell me you were in the middle of this giant bug all by yourself? You've got some nerve.




 I stepped into the bushes with a rustle.




 What was left behind was a large log with clothes on it.




 When I lifted it up and tore off the clothes, I found that the log had a single smoking hole in it.




 How old-fashioned…….




 I don't know that she can even do this.




 I'm sure she's already running away.
I can't even tell the bugs to chase it.




 I failed.




 Damn it……!




 Unable to hold back my frustration, I raised Butcher's Howl to the sky.




 The birds flew off in a panic.




 The trees in the forest buzzed and shivered from my anger.




 A sniper is humiliated more than anything when he misses his target.




 That woman…..




 I'm going to track you down and get you.
I need to erase my disgraceful record from this world.



 *Kachink* I pulled the handle resolutely and reloaded. The cartridge case flew out from the barrel to the air.



–I'm gonna fuck you to shreds!






 I've seen that woman through a scope with .
I felt like I had carved something into her.
No matter where she runs off to, I know her approximate location.
I'll show you how the Beast hunts.








 The sound of a gasp was followed by a voice from behind me.




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 I turned around to see Ferris standing there, out of breath.
Her eyes were on the log I was holding as well as her clothes.




 What does “mako” mean? Does it mean a log?




 From behind me, Titania, holding a sword in her hand, walks up to me with a sharp, alert look in her eyes, watching her surroundings.
Her gait was smooth and her movements seamless.
As if to protect her, the giant centipede, No.
5, was following her.




 So you've come to help me? I'm glad.
But can you fight?



 Oh, that's my favorite sword.
You found it in a cave, didn't you?




 I pointed to her sword with my finger.



 Then Titania, sniffing and smiling with pride, held her sword up straight in the eye.
The tip of the sword stilled with a flash.



Immediately after her pupils flashed gold, the blade emitted blue-white light energy with a buzzing sound.






 As I watched, Titania swung in a magnificent motion, making a bang, bang sound, and then it turned into a dancing motion.
The streaks of light left in the air are artistic.




 At the end of the dance, Titania raised her sword above her head in a decisive pose and ended the performance.





So cool!!!




 Especially the way the blue afterglow was drawn on the sword line and Titania's long black hair danced like a fancy dress as she moved!




 Maybe you can use a sword? It was a very beautiful move.




 As a test, I threw the log in my hand at her.




 As if Titania had been waiting, she performed an unbelievable sword move.




 Immediately after the futuristic snarl of the blade left a groaning sound and shreds of wood fell to the ground at her feet.




 The look in her eyes when she released her residual heart was so vicious and bewitching that it sent shivers down my spine.




 That sword, when you swing it, it makes a sizzling sound doesn't it? It's kinda like that saber-saber something! so awesome!




 I clapped my hands, and Titania hugged me.




 Let me have a look at that sword.




 The blue light disappeared with a swoosh as I excitedly took Titania's sword from her.
No good.
I'm disappointed.



“Jibodan 、&○〆 Belthenan 〒▼●◇?”



 Ferris said, looking up at the sword.
I nodded my head because I didn't understand it, and she reiterated, pointing to the sword, “Belthenan”




 Is this sword called Beltenan? Ferris knows a lot, doesn't she? Good girl, good girl.




 Actually, this is a sword that belonged to a rather important centaur officer.




There was a time when I was sent to a war zone and only I and that centaur officer survived. The sword he was using was so cool that I couldn't resist the urge to stab him in the back and take the sword from him.



 The centaur officer's dumb face at that time was ……
fu fu fu.



“○▲Beltenan▲〒◇! Gevaudan……#〆Beltenan、☆▲〒◎▲〒§○★●……?”



 Titania is getting a little excited, making a wistful face and flirting with my arm with her breasts.



 Do you want it? I don't think I can handle it, so I'll give it to you.



 I nodded and handed her the sword.




 Titania's eyes lit up, and she gave me a big smile. She jumped up and down and hugged me with a big smile on her face.
I feel so good.





 I think there used to be a guy at Fox who paid a lot of money to women and soon ran out of money, but now I know how he felt.
This feels good.
If every tribute came with a reward of sex, it would be like a drug.
Maybe tribute is a biological instinct.
Animals often do it, too.
I guess I still had some pride left in me as a living being.




 As for the other things in the cave, you can do whatever you want with them.

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 –Well, well, well.




 Titania seems to be pretty formidable.




 After years of watching aliens on the battlefield, I can tell you that she's not as strong as Arshella, but she moves better than most warriors.




 I've even seen her fingers emit fire, and I'm sure she can use magic.




 I think she can fight very well she even more so when she fights together with the insects.




 Then let's go track down the ninja girl together!




 I have a feeling that Titania will be happy if I show her a scene of me raping an alien.




 I gobbled up the female ninja's clothes that I had been holding in one of my hands.




 Titania seemed to understand what I was thinking. She smiled and raised her sword straight up to the sky.
With that as her visual mark, giant insects began to gather around her.
It was like, “If you want to play chase with a female ninja, this is the starting place!”.




 The squeaking insects began to squat in unison, their backs leaking a murderous intent and enthusiasm.
They're getting excited.




“Ji, Jibodan!?”




 Ferris is aghast.




 I'll leave Ferris here.
It's dangerous and I don't want to show her too many extreme scenes.
There are a lot of kids who get traumatized by watching such things and start to hate sex.
I feel sorry for them.
I can't apologize to Lydia if that happens.




 Gathered around Titania was a giant insect with long legs and shiny multicolored rainbow speckles.
Its fangs are shaped in a very fierce way.
It appears to be very fast on its feet.
And even a few giant bees.
They're so cute with their fuzzy black fur.
I guess they're bees.
This means we can search for her from the sky, which is perfect!




 I'll leave Ferris with you.




 After patting the giant spider's head and pointing at Ferris, he moved noiselessly behind Ferris and raised both paws in a banzai.



 –Oh, it's like déjà vu.




I think of Niblo.
I remember Niblo also did the “Banzai” like that.




 By the way, Abigail's letter said that she took care of Niblo.




 Niblo is with Abigail.
I actually almost completely forgot about Niblo, but I'm glad he's okay.
He's kind of nice to me.
He'll do fine with her.




 But why did Abigail mention Niblo's name? Did I ever tell her about his name? Huh?




 I went back through my memories of my conversation with Abigail, and while I was twisting my head around in my mind, Titania and the others were getting ready.
They were all looking at me and standing still.
They seemed to be waiting for instructions.




 Okay, let's go.







 As I was turning around to walk into the forest, Ferris's impatient voice came from behind me.



“Ah, Ah ▲▲〒、▲▲〒!”




 Hmm? What's wrong?




 I think that spider is quite harmless don't worry just wait here quietly.
I will punish the female ninja until she cries, then I'll punish her until she dies, and then I'll be right back.




“Gi Bodan~♪”



 Let's have sex! I couldn't resist adding it by the way Ferris called me.




 I turn around.




 There was Ferris with an open mouth, sticking out her tongue, and making a ring with her fingers.
She moves the ring of her finger back and forth in front of her mouth.
It's a cock sucking gesture.



 As I stared in amazement, Ferris knelt on her knees and repeated the most obscene movements while letting the breast area of her shirt peek out.


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 She seems to know what that gesture means ……her eyes are swimming in a panic.
her face is red and looks super embarrassed.



 Ehh ……
Is it a withdrawal symptom if you don't drink cum or something like that? I'm not sure, but I can't stand this scene.
I can't take my eyes off it.
Somebody get a camera.




 When I was glued to Ferris for a while, Titania got an annoyed look on her face, stood next to Ferris, and knelt down as well.
She has a long tongue that wiggles in the air.
It's so naughty.
Her mouth is like a cesspool of ecstasy.




 Then Ferris takes two of her fingers into her mouth, sucks, and slurps them up.



 Titania lift her breasts and smiled.



 I don't know what's going on…….




I don't know and I don't care!! Let's think about that ninja later!




 Now I'm free to do what I want.




 I walked over to them.



 Breathing a sigh of relief, Ferris quickly slips under my apron.
Titania follows suit and slips in.




 My apron began to wriggle, and what's under it is a double blowjob match that I never expected.




 I could feel myself being licked and sucked from both sides.



 Titania is on the left.
It's a familiar move.
I love the way her tongue wraps around the rod.



 Ferris is on the right.
This one is also very aggressive.
Her snorting is very pleasing.




 Sometimes their tongues collide with each other on the underside of the rod, and they start a battle for position as if to say, “Move, This is my place” Please fight more.



 The apron has Titania's horns and Ferris's ear shapes popped up on it, and I can hear them underneath, haah, hah, fuuu, Amu, Amu, Pichu Pichu …….



 The fact that I can't see it directly excites me.




 I want to remove this apron.




 I want to be in the front row watching their current obscene confrontation.




 But patience.
I have to be patient.




 If I see them, It'll be ruined.
This is Pandora's box that must not be opened.
For the first time in his life, my son is confused, bewildered, and agitated at the same time.
I'm going to watch over my apron to see how this ends.
That's the mission God gave me.




 At the end of their bewitching time, I suddenly felt warm wetness sliding down from my glans.
A tingle of electricity crawled down my spine.




 It was Titania's deep throat.
It seemed that she had become overwhelmed and decided to take the fight to the next level.




 Ferris could not imitate this technique.
The amount of experience she has accumulated is different.
The difference between professionals and amateurs is hard to overcome.
So much for Ferris' fight.
It seemed that all was not well.




 Then, right after that, I felt an unexpected warmth in my scrotum.




 Some sucking, some biting.
It was a tantalizing sensation as if someone was eating my testicles.




 Ferris seemed to be literally biting into them.
She doesn't give up, and is waging her own battle in the little field she has left.




 Titania's swallow stopped.
She can't go any further because Ferris has positioned herself at the base.
Ferris successfully blocked it.
The back-and-forth battle continues.








 Ferris's cute voice rose, and there was a chilly sensation in my scrotum.
Something happened, and Ferris let go of her mouth.
I guess that noise now is her tail.








 It looks like Titania messed with Ferris and bounced off her block, though I don't know what's really going on.
Ferris's voice of protest is rising from under the apron.




 Now Titania has quickly conquered to the root, and it looked like the game was up.




 But only for a moment.
Just for a moment.
Perhaps she pulled her head back to tease Ferris, and Titania's lips slid down to the tip.


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 Ferris did not miss that moment.




 With a “kapun!” sound, there was the feeling of a bite at the base.
Ferris took advantage of Titania's slight gap and successfully fought back.




 With a bite on her lip, Ferris nipped at the root and didn't back down from Titania's pressure as she pushed from above.
She hugs my thighs with her arms and fondles my massive cock.



ha, ▽ # § ☆, ◇ ▼ ■ § # ● ◎, ◎ 〆 ●!”



 Titania's scolding.
She took her mouth away to protest.



 My glans swallowed again shortly after.
I felt a thump.
A painful gasp came from inside my apron.



“Hmm, hmm, hmm …”



This is not Titania……




 It looks like Ferris tried to challenge Deep Throat.




But she still couldn't do it suddenly and seemed to be in pain as it hit her throat.









 Ferris's sucking was shallow and there were gaps all the way around except for the glans.
So this time Titania's long tongue licked up from the scrotum to the underside of the shaft.



 This was good.



 After a few times of receiving such promptings from Titania, I felt a strong jerk on my cock.









“Puha …… □ ★ # ★ ◎?”



 Titania, who had sensed my limits, said something, and Ferris quietly removed her mouth.



 Titania, being the senior that she was, said something to Ferris and increased the pace of her tongue rubbing up and down from the underside of my scrotum to my crotch.



 Ferris, meanwhile, seemed to be liking it, gently rubbing my scrotum with her hands and perusing the glans, the sides, and underside of my cock.




 Eventually, their tongue intertwined and began to intensively stimulate the underside of my glans, and I felt a sense of male dominance as I finally let go.



“Ah! Han.”






 hands squeezing my penis and rubbing my scrotum during my ejaculation.




 The oral service had stopped.




 They are both drinkers, aren't they? Now it's probably drinking time.



 When I imagined what the two of them were like under my apron right now……
my semen, which had almost stopped, started to spurt out again in a powerful gush.





 After such a long period of ejaculation, I finally uncovered the apron.




What emerged underneath was Titania and Ferris, who were covered with cloudy liquid from their heads to toes and their eyes are cloudy.



 Both of them were sitting side by side, their mouth open wide with their tongue stuck out, catching the sperm that was dripping down from the end of the meat stick.



 *Perori.* Titania licks her tongue.



 *Picha Picha.* Ferris licked her hand like it was a waste.



 So I grabbed the girls' heads and pulled them close to each other, and they intertwined their hands and kissed.
They linger on each other's lips.




You guys get along so well!




 I want to join in too!!!




 I took the two of them in my arms and headed to the cave in high spirits.




 The thought of that female ninja had completely vanished from my mind.

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