of her using my tongue as a dildo and playing with herself, despite being a virgin.
I really like the way she's pushing it under her shirt.
I want to go get the Polaroid, so can you let go of my tongue once, just once?




 While I'm wandering around looking for the Polaroid, Ferris is trying hard to push my tongue deeper and deeper.
It hurts a little.
And, of course, I'm still punishing Titania.
Plop, plop, plop.




 Things are getting chaotic…….




 Let's clear the scene




 Let's start with Ferris.



 The tip of my tongue clicks and flicks, grinding up Ferris's vaginal flesh, which is coarse, springy, and elastic.








 At the sudden stimulus, Ferris bit down on her teeth and arched her back.
Her eyes were wide with surprise, and her tail was standing on end.




 I continued to let the tip of my tongue run wild inside her vagina.




 She seems to be a deep type.
So I guess it's her family heritage that has a long vaginal canal, which makes it hard for your sister to take her eyes off my big dick? That makes sense.



“Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh–“



 She couldn't move a muscle in the M-leged position, but her hand kept moving up and down my tongue, and she soon had her second orgasm.




“Hannyaa—- ♡‼”



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 She turned her head and gasped air.
The fox's ears flattened.
That's kind of an interesting climax sound.
I though.




 I pulled my tongue out of her vagina as soon as her hand relaxed.




 It came out with a popping sound, and at the same time, a clear spray splashed out.




 Well, a squirt.
You have talent, Ferris.









 A deflated Ferris lowered her face.
She looked a little teary.
Did you get scared the first time you cum while something was inside?





 I flicked her cheeks.
Then she tried to take my tongue in her mouth.




 A spark of idea made me withdraw my tongue.




 Ferris followed my tongue and stretched out her neck with an ahhh.
I pulled it out, keeping just enough distance to keep it from biting me.
She was lured by the tip of my tongue and walked unsteadily toward me on all fours.




 Thus, the Ferris fishing was successful.




 I pull my penis out of Titania's mouth, who is still getting deep-throated by me.




 There you go.
There's some cum left.




 Ferris doesn't hesitate to lick Titania's face, suck on her lips, and start kissing her.
I can't believe my cum is being used as bait.
I'm kind of flattered.




 The last time Lydia and Abigail made up, they were together like this, and I kept fucking them until their brains melted.
In the same way, if I continue to humiliate Ferris and Titania until their brains melt, they too will be able to make up.
The risk of Ferris being executed will be reduced.
Oh, how clever of me.




 Right after I breathed a sigh of relief.








 Ferris held her mouth and pulled her face away from Titania.




 When I looked, I saw that her mouth was bleeding.
Titania, on the other hand, is staring at her with a sharp look in her eyes.




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 –You bit her, didn't you?




 Titania, you're a bad girl.




 It looks like you haven't been punished enough yet.






“Eh!? eh? Gevaudan……”





Perhaps remembering her own position, Titania's face suddenly changed to an anxious expression.  Her mouth quivered as if she wanted to say something, but I ignored her and lunged at her.





 Perhaps remembering her own position, Titania's face suddenly changed to an anxious expression.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.




 I placed a punishing stick at her entrance.
Titania didn't obey, so I swelled up 1.2 times more than before with anger.
Again, I had her raise her hands above her head and I push her down on the dirt.



“Ra, ravios……
Gevaudan, wolkla–ngii♡!?”



 I couldn't understand what she was saying, so I screwed her deep inside in one go.




 The punishment repeated.
I'm going to bring this cocky titty alien to its knees with my butcher lance.




 –Oh, that's right.




 I call out to Ferris with my finger, a little bit.
She was holding her mouth and had teary eyes, but she fearfully pulled her face close to mine, exhaled once, and immediately sucked on the breast I was pointing at.



“Ahhhhh …!”




 I silenced Titania's resistance with my punishing stick, and we worked on her tits together.




 The sound of the slapping and Titania's lovely voice of agony echoes in the cave.




“Ravios …
Gevaudan …
Ravios …
Agi …
Hmm♡ …”




 Don't fight.
Get along.




 After educating Titania until she accepted Ferris's kiss, I went on to educate the rest.




 And so the first night of the base passed.

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