At some point, Titania's composure disappeared completely.
The smile on her face that told me she was just messing with me also disappeared.
The cocky attitude with which she had seduced me was also gone.
Now she's just another woman with a flushed face and a rutting voice.




 But the punishment has only just begun.




“Haa♡ Haa♡ ……▼□△〓○……Fuu♡!”




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 I silenced Titania with a heavy blow when she tried to say something to escape my restraints.




 I'm not going to stop until she says sorry.
By the way, I don't know the language, so this punishment will be endless until she loses consciousness.
That's fine.
I just need to get her to calm down.




 She furrows her brow, tears well up in her eyes, and looks like she's about to burst into tears, but I go back to work on her tits and armpits.









I don't know what she' saying, but I think she's probably saying she's sorry or forgive me.






 But I won't.
I don't know what she's talking about, and more importantly, I'm starting to enjoy it.




 Her voluptuous twin breasts were glistening with my saliva.




 Pressing my face against it, I bit Titania's erect nipple with my gums bared mouth, teased her tits all over with my tongue, and then tortured her armpit.
In addition, I inhale the fresh scent, which has come down my nose with a raspy sound in the background, It smells sweet and good.




 I will not allow her to squeal.
I will not tolerate any resistance.
Every time Titania tries to do something, I stick the butcher's stick in and twist it around with force.









 This feeling of not being able to understand the language of the woman I've pieced.
I don't know if I should say that but I feel like I'm raping a foreign woman who doesn't speak my language.
What I'm trying to say is that it's like I'm forcibly raping Titania, which is extremely exciting.






 There is no need to go fast.




 I'm going to punish her by teasing and raping her slowly and deliberately.




 When one of her tits is less responsive, I go to the other one and repeat the same routine.



“Hiah …




 Then a fresh scream come back, During this time, Titania was pinned down from above her head by the beast's physical strength and could not move an inch.





 In fact, I want to ejaculate now, but I won't.
My rod is like a sponge that had become overloaded with lust and had nowhere else to go increased in size.
Titania's eyebrows twisted into a く shape at the threat of her own internal organs about to burst.




 My relentless grooming of her tits and armpits made her beautiful face contort into an expression of agony as she continued to pant.




 I continued this punishment not only on her breasts, but also on her navel, her sides, her neck, her ears, and all her other sex points.




 Titania seemed to have learned that if she made a foolish move, she would receive a heavy beating from me, and she seemed to be trying her best to accept the torture as quietly as possible.
But I don't miss even the slightest movement.
If she moves even a millimeter, I will use my butcher's lance to censure her and discipline her.



 I wonder how long I continued this discipline.




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 At some point, Titania's face became dazed and tearful, and she began to rasp and repeat only “Ravios”.




 Is this mean “forgive me” or “I'm sorry”?




Titania taught me a word today.
I'm getting smarter.
but I don't think I'll ever use that one.




 –Is that enough?




 With a small sense of accomplishment, I raised myself up and held her waist.
To begin the ritual of pleasuring her, to pour my seed into her.



“iii ♡!? iii ♡ Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ♡!”





 She peeled her eyes open and clenched her teeth as I squeezed her around the waist.




 Titania began to squirm and squeal like a mad woman at the sudden burst of the beast's pounding.
I loved the change in her, and the intensity of my pumping increased.




 Her big tits were shaking violently, drawing a circular pattern as if they were being kneaded from the inside by an invisible hand.




 Titania, her face bright red, squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her teeth.




 Immediately afterwards, as if in a final act of resistance, her vagina jerked and slurped up my meat stick, I caught off guard by her complete submission, and I was easily defeated by a counter attack.




 The butcher's snarl mingled with the lusty voice of the woman in the cave, and the beast's ejaculation began.



“Ah, gu ♡‼ Funii ♡ “




 It was the first shot after a few days of abstinence.
The amount of cum that flowed out of me was incredible, and the torrent of my animal desires immediately swelled her white, smooth belly.
Even as I was ejaculating, I couldn't stop myself from running my tongue over her tits and licking her armpits.




 Eventually, hot cum began to flow back from the opening of her vagina where she had tightly engulfed me.




 Today's ejaculation was long.
There was no sign of it ever stopping.




 Every time my monster cock bounces inside Titania's vagina, a gush of white liquid shoots out of the crack.
Her bottom is now completely white.



“Huh …
hah …
hah …
hahi ♡! Hahi …



 The first round was finally over, after I had thoroughly enjoyed the sight of her debauched expression as she endured the torrent of pleasure I was pouring into her.



I pulled out my butcher lance.
The meat stick, wet with white frothy bodily fluids, still contained a lot of anger.



“–Nbbu …… ♡ Nbbu …… ♡”




As I was forcing Titania to give me a cleaning blowjob using her cheeks, which had somehow stretches, I suddenly caught sight of Ferris, who was standing at a distance.




 She was still staring at my punishment, huffing and puffing and fidgeting with her hands that were tucked under her shirt.


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