Chapter 95: Note

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Titania, who seemed to be saying, “What a lovely place, Gevaudan!” looked around my base with interest.




 In the cave, there's me, Titania, Ferris, and a few small dog-sized scorpions.
I apologize to the insects who have worked so hard to get us here, but they have been left to wait outside.



 The scorpion is probably a bodyguard, busily scuffling the walls and ceiling to see if there is anything unusual in the cave,…….




 Ferris's tail wagged when she saw this…….



I put her down and scavenged through the supplies to find some suitable clothes.
They were all for adults, but She's just growing up to adulthood so I think she can manage to wear it even if it's too big.



 –and I realized that Ferris has a tail.




 I looked around, but I couldn't find any clothes with a tail hole.
There were no skirts, of course, since they were all taken from the battlefield.




 I thought about cutting a hole in the position of her tail, but the base of her tail was just around her belt.
If I cut a hole there, the pants would be useless.




To be honest, the current spider silk mini-skirt bondage outfit is nothing but eye candy. Titania and Ferris, both of them should just leave it at that. I almost fell to the whisper of the devil at a moment but I managed to hang on to my last bit of reason and turned my head away.




 After a couple of tries, I settled on having Ferris wear a large shirt with the back of the shirt ripped open rather deeply in a tailcoat style to make it look like a dress.
The hem is on the level of a super mini-skirt.



 It was a man's shirt, and the fingers sticking out of the sleeves and the slender legs stretching out from the bottom of the shirt, combined with the charm of the bushy fox ears and tail, had a more destructive effect than I expected.
Lydia had a good taste in women.




 For now, I insert Ferris into the dry leaf bed that Abigail had used.




 Next up was Titania.
I tried to dress this one in a man's combat uniform, but it was no longer looked intimidated as it intended.
Her chest was so large that I couldn't close the front.




 I had no choice but to leave it open to the navel in a deep V-shape as if it had been taken out of one of those disreputable pin-up photos that one might find in the lockers of male soldiers.
The exposed collarbone, the deep cleavage, the shadow of the lower breast, the fluffy belly, and the vertically split navel.
That V shape had everything to tempt a male.




 I had finally finished the job of dressing them both in decent clothes.
A loud sigh came out of my mouth naturally.




 I looked around the cave.




I've been spending time with Abigail back then, now it's lightly dusted.



 There was an array of firearms, mostly from humans, that I had been collecting for a long time.




Fifty-Cal, Anti-material Rifle.
Assault rifles.
Ammunition, grenades, C4 bombs.
Everything from writing utensils to condiments.
There was also a set of research equipment that had been taken from Echo Team's base from back then.



 There are also secret canned goodies hidden in the back.
The contents are cheesecake.




 There is such a thing as canned cheesecake in the world.
In fact, it's one of my favorite foods.
There are only a few, so I secretly kept it from Abigail.
At that time I think when things settle down, we'll celebrate with that.




 What's more, I also have a spare butcher knife and a butcher bag that I pretended to have lost in battle and left here.




 But I don't have a replacement apron.
Because if I leave my apron behind, I'll have to walk around the wilderness in nothing but a head bag for days.
As a human being, I could not allow that to happen.




 Titania observed the various weapons one by one with great interest.




 –Oh, that's right.




 She might be able to use some of the weapons and devices I took from the aliens.
Actually, there are a few things that I've tried to steal just for fun.




 I'd like to use that glowing sword that makes a beeping sound.
I've seen aliens wielding them, and they make this futuristic buzzing sound it's very cool.


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 Ferris was sitting in the dry leaves, wandering her eyes over the firearms curiously.




 By the way, Ferris, dead leaves look good on you.
Is it because you're a fox? There' s one on your head.
If I take a picture of this scene and show it to Lydia, I'm sure she'll pay me a lot of money.








 See, I think I have one here somewhere…….




 There it is!








 So why would anyone use an old-fashioned Polaroid camera in this day and age?




 It's because the transparent protective barier, a specialty of the aliens, is invisible to the eye and cannot be captured by digital cameras, but instead can be faintly captured on the film.











 ……nice nice.




 The image is very good, rather low-quality but it has a vivid feel.




 The puzzled look on Ferris's face, as she doesn't understand what I've done, is also good.




 Ok, One more shot.




 ……*snap!* and then came another flash of light.




 Titania also caught a glimpse.
*snap* I got a puzzled face of her.



 I love the idea of taking a picture of Titania, who seems to have jumped out of a pin-up magazine, back into a magazine cover again.





 When I showed the two girls the photos, they exclaimed in unison, “Ooooh!”




 I've been teaching Titania how to pose and she's getting very excited.
I've been shooting her in very provocative poses as if she's in a gravure magazine.
She looks at the camera, throws a kiss, *snap*.




 It's so good.





 Ferris was also moved out of the dry leaves and sat in a kneeling pose.
*snap* Then, I laid her down on a dead leaf and took her in a nyan-nyan pose gazing upward *snap* turn her back to me, put her hand on her butt to make it look like she's trying to hide it in embarrassment *snap*




 Looks good, doesn't it?




 The faded color of the Polaroid gives it a retro and premium feel.
This is a treasure photo.








 This one is for Lydia as a souvenir.
This one is for myself.




 Oh, what the heck am I doing with these precious films?



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 In the back of the weaponry lies a 20mm machine gun menecingly.
It was borrowed from the heavily armed mechanized infantry, commonly known as the Ripley.
When the troops were destroyed, some of them abandoned the Ripley and ran away.




 I'm confident that I can kill and slaughter tanks and huge magical beasts when facing them on the ground, but I'm a little weak when being attacked from the air.




 In that sense, this 20mm machine gun could be a great anti-aircraft weapon.
With it, I should be able to take on UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and combat helicopters head-on.




 Fighter jets and missiles flying at Mach would be tough, but that's okay because I don't intend to fight head-on against human weapons.
I don't think the human forces will waste their precious aircraft and missiles on a single runaway Butcher.



What the Butcher does best is in encounters where visibility is limited, such as in forests, mountains, cities, and indoors.
There is no need to face the enemy on the plains.



 Suddenly, I saw a workbench by the wall, and nostalgia overcame me.




 It wasn't that long ago, but somehow those days seemed so far in the past.




 I walked up to it slowly.




 This is where we used to work together, analyzing our devices and discussing our escape through writing.
I recall that we even had sex with her sitting on the desk.
I remember she was really excited about the immoral situation.
The next day, she even seduced me by sitting on the desk herself.
The next day, I sat down on the desk and seduced her.
Abigail was pressed against the desk top and endured my rough pistoning.




 There, my tools were still arranged in an orderly fashion.




 I gasped.



Because I saw the words “To Gevaudan” written on it.




 In the middle of a dust-free workbench, there was a neatly folded piece of paper.
A heavyweight had been placed on it to prevent it from blowing away by the wind, and the weight was a medal.
It was the medallion of the key we had used when we escaped.




 Human languege.
and this handwriting was familiar.




 I quietly moved the medallion away and opened the paper underneath.




It read.









 I was going to wait for you in this cave, but something came up that I had to do.
I will leave a note here.




 I am safe.
I'm sorry I couldn't be with you until the end.





 I really didn't want to leave you, but I got separated from you on the way, and the next time I found you, you were surrounded by aliens and I couldn't get to you.




 Eventually, the scene turned chaotic and I was forced to give up the chase so I made up my mind to leave you behind in desperation.




 The only place I could rely on was this secret cave that you had told me about.
I was lucky enough to reach it, and this is where I came to rest.




 I spent two days here, and I vividly remember the days I spent with you.
I can still smell the fragrant aroma of you cooking meat outdoors.




 As I am buried in the dry leaves, it is as if I am still in your arms.




 I will now head to Fort 88.




 Don't worry.
I still have a good amount of training.


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 I'm worried about Gevaudan.
Please contact me as soon as you read this letter.




Key : Gevaudan(LWAMNSOXDD.88.FT)




 I've got some machine guns and pistols.
I will borrow a small amount of ammunition, food, medical supplies, and other supplies.




 Don't forget.
We're partners.
A destined mate.




 Even if you do not contact me, I will come to you.




   yours sincerely.












 Niblo is in my custody.




 He looks scary, but he's a smart and funny messenger.
He's just like you.




 You must try to contact me.




 You must.







 —-stupid woman.




 Why are you in the Fort…….




 It's too dangerous.




 According to Abigail's words, she is someone who has been disposed of by the organization.
If the person who got wrongfully disposed of comes back, of course the person who did that to her will not be happy.
In all likelihood, they would try to cover it up.




 It doesn't matter if she's trained or not, no Bond girl can survive if she's targeted by an organization.
What the hell are you thinking, Abigail ……?





 A feeling of frustration began to rise in me, causing my stomach to tighten.




 Contact ……
contact information, Key ……?




 What does that mean?




 I stare at the string of letters.




 I recognize it.
But I'm not sure what it's for.
Is it some kind of a telecom address?




 No, I'm pretty sure any wireless communication device in the Fort would be intercepted.
an Email from a terminal is a no-no.
A letter? But Abigail's address must be uncertain at the time she wrote this.
There's also the fear of being closely monitored, given her position.
Maybe a P.O.
Box of some sort?




 What was it ……?




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 Maybe it's something that I barely ever use.
So, it's a system used by the residents of the Fort.
It's a means of communication that Fort residents often use ……
a public one ……
and one that has a certain amount of anonymity …….




 I had my face close to the letter's code as if I tried to eat it.
Ferris and Titania were peering in from either side of me.
Both of them looked at the letter and my face and wondered.




 The letter was written in human characters, so to them, it must have looked like I was staring blankly at an unintelligible pattern.




 The next moment, Titania snatches the letter out of my hand.




 *Sniff, sniff, sniff*




 She smells the letter and glares at me sideways.








 You're jealous?




 It makes me feel so good.
What's with this superior feeling? I haven't been the subject of jealously in a long time.
It's so sweet how she doesn't hide her desire to monopolize me.




 As I watched over her with such compassion in my heart…








 Titania put the letter in her mouth.








*munch* *munch* *chomp* *chomp*




wait……are you kidding me……










 She shows off her pink tongue with a beaming smile.
Ferris held her mouth with both hands and looked surprised.



 The Black goat has eaten a letter ♪




 No, no, no, your stomach is gonna get sick.




 The situation was so bad that I forgot to restrain her.








 I can't remember that important key she gave me!




 My brain can't memorize such a complicated string of letters!




 Even though it's …..
It's ….
it's too late now.





 You're a beautiful woman on the outside, but inside you're a mischievous little devil, Titania.




 I think she needs a little bit of discipline.


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