e establishment of supply lines.




 I'm just curious.
I need to have a conversation with her soon.




 I have a few things I want to do myself.




 Devouring Fort 88.




 Cleaning up Faymbaum.




 Then I'll just keep killing every human I see until I'm satisfied.




 The only problem is that I'm in the middle of a conflict between eliminating Faymbaum and returning the favor to Ferris and Lydia.
If I do it indiscriminately, I'll end up killing them as well, so I might as well narrow down my targets.
Or maybe I should ask them to run out of the city beforehand.




 Furthermore, I can't remember who I should take revenge on in Fort 88.




 My amnesia seems to be primarily lacking in memories of people.




 As it is now, I have to kill those who look like them in order, but if I kill them in the wrong order, there's a risk that the main targets will sense the danger and run away.
Fort 88 is a huge city.
If I took too much time, there was a possibility that a support team would come from Stronghold.
If that happened, there would indeed be no time to kill them one by one.
I need to kill them all indiscriminately.




 I could burn the Fort to the ground, but I don't want to.
I want to see them suffer.
I want to see their faces contorted in despair.




 I need to decide on a priority target and an order of elimination.




 In other words, I'm at a loss.




 Information gathering and analysis, planning.
This is my weak point right now.



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 In times like this, I know I can rely on Abigail.




 I'd like to count on her elite brain …….




 I wonder what's happened to Abigail.




 I hope you had a safe trip away from Faymbaum.




 She's the smartest woman I know.
If she made it out, I'm sure she'll find a new life somewhere far away.
She must have.




 I was just a little disappointed that I couldn't say goodbye.








 I'm going to see her again.




 I don't know why, but it feels like it.




 It would be better if we didn't.




 If she gets involved with me, I'm sure she'll get hurt again.




 She's been through so much.
No one will complain if Abigail finds happiness in the future.
I want her to live a happy life somewhere far away, forgetting all the painful things she went through–I honestly hope so.




“Gevaudan, ahhhh…..♪”




 Titania put something in my mouth as I gulped it down.




 It's a meatball.
I took a bite.
It's delicious!!




 I've been eating these mysterious meatballs for the past few days, and they're pretty good.

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 The ingredients and production method are unknown.
It is truly mystery meat.



 However, my tongue, which was trained under the manager is of a professional level.
As soon as I ate it, I could guess what kind of meat, what part of it, and how it was cooked.




 This meat is not cooked.
It's rare.




 And it's probably alien meat.




 And that's why I've been feeding Ferris food that I've hunted and cooked from wild animals.
Food poisoning could be fatal for her right now, and the psychological damage would be serious if she discovered that she went cannibalistic later on.




 Of course, I also feed Titania my home-cooked meals together.
It's all meat, but she's happy to eat it.
The way she licks the oil off her hands is very ……
Dang it.




 The first day we moved, I was hunting deer and rabbits with Ferris in my arms, but from about the second day, the insects began to voluntarily offer up the animals.




 Their hunting was diverse.
Prey that had been killed in a wide variety of ways was piled up in front of me like a mountain.
It was a frightening scene.




 All I had to do was sit on a rock and watch as the pile of sacrifices was being offered.
Every time the insects brought in their prey, they would stand in awe.
I felt like an evil god or something.




 They are really thoughtful arthropods.
They look scary, but they are very helpful.




 It's already the fifth day of this trip.



 These insects are fast.




 Taking full advantage of their multi-legged nature, we are able to head straight for their destination over the rough roads and cliffs of the forest without a care in the world.




 In addition, the ride was so comfortable that their backs seemed to have ultra-high performance stabilizers.
It was an exhilarating experience to drive through the forest at the speed of a car.




 At this pace, we'll be at my base by this evening.




 At here.
I can see the mountain that marks the spot.

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