, wrong.
That's all wrong.




 Aah, I can't leave Ferris alone with this one.




 Titania is going to kill Ferris without a second thought.
I don't see a shred of doubt in her action.
If I don't protect her, Ferris will be gone in the blink of an eye.




 I had no choice but to re-carry Ferris three times and gesture to Titania as if I were gnawing on a piece of meat.
give her something to eat, anything.




 She clapped her hands in front of her massive breasts, pushed up her cloth (which swayed with the impact), and said with a smile “#○〓r!”



 I think it was “Dinner!”.
Okay, you got the message.



 When Titania called out into the depths of the forest, a giant Grasshopper ……
or maybe a locust came out from behind the darkness.
Such a giant insect stepped forward.




 Immediately, without warning, it begins to be dismantled by a praying mantis (large) and a coconut crab (very large) on either side of it.

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 While spewing out bodily fluids, the outer shell was peeled off, and without showing any sign of resistance, the insect was cut into small pieces.







 In the end, the translucent, plump-looking meat, was removed as I watched in amazement.



 Titania holds it in both hands and offers it to me.
'here you go, dear' It's the smile of a newlywed showing off her homemade food.



The liquid dripping from it is a white, clear mass of flesh that looks like a peeled shrimp.





(It's written in english)




 Well, well, sometimes insects' food is insects, right? Excuse me then.





 I glanced at Ferris' expression.




 When she noticed my gaze, she shook her head with a serious face.




 Ferris seems to have understood the meaning of my actions, but well, I guess you can't eat it.
As for me, I wouldn't recommend eating giant insects raw, because you never know what might happen.
but Insects are a great source of nutrition, though.




 However, if I don't do anything about it, I will feel sorry for the grasshopper -san who sacrificed himself for me.
I don't know what kind of face I should make when I meet him in the afterlife.  “I'm sorry, it wasn't your meat that I wanted” I can't bear to say that.




 I'll eat it.




 I eat the fresh meat directly from Titania's hands.




 *Bushi bushi bushi* ……
*necha necha* …….




 I flipped it through the palms of her hands.








 Not too dry.
It's plump, and it's melty.
It's so sweet and delicious.
It's like eating giant prawn sashimi or a giant snow crab sashimi.
It even has a rich umami taste that squeezes at the base of my chin.
There's no stinky taint.
How about you, Ferris?




 I look down at Ferris in my arms.




 She makes a little batten with her index finger to guard her mouth.
Her expressionless, comatose gaze is a message of refusal.









let's cook it.




 It was a pile of dead leaves that I had collected, I decided to turn them into the fire.
It could also be used to warm Ferris's body.




 With a gesture, I managed to get Titania to build a fire, and I sat down in front of it to roast the meat while holding Ferris in my arms.




 Titania leaned against me and closed her eyes, looking happy.


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If I only crop that scene.
it looks like a romantic night camping scene of two people in the wilderness, but in reality, it's a scene of giant insects moving around all over the place.
It's unbelievable.



Titans, I think that is what they were called.
They are indeed all huge.




 The roasted meat is perfectly like seafood.
After several gestures of me trying to eat it and then offering it to Ferris, she finally ate the grilled meat.




 She was afraid at first, but once it was down her throat, it was all gone.
She took a bite, and as if possessed by the taste, she gobbled it up like crazy.




 I gave it to Titania, too.




 She seemed to enjoy it.
she even licked her fingers clean, She sighs erotically and glances at me with streaming eyes.




 –I'm so relieved, for once.




I thought that Titania would disapprove of me showing favoritism to Ferris, but she never expressed her dissatisfaction with what I was doing.




 However, judging from her boisterous behavior so far, I guess she's going to fatten me up before she eats me.
Lovely! I have no doubt that she is thinking that.




 This character was a little unexpected.
She's too naughty.




 Once I confirmed that Ferris was fed, I put a bunch of dead leaves on the newly made hammock and slid her into it.



 I thought she would be too nervous to sleep, but my fears were unnecessary, and her eyelids quickly fell as she stared at me through the dry leaves for a while.




 Thus, my painstaking care for her finally came to an end.




 It would be too dangerous if I didn't stay with her for a while.
If I take my eyes off of her, Ferris will be roasted.
Maybe, maybe not, but it's definitely going to happen.
If one day a roast Ferris appeared on the table, even I would be so shocked that my heart would stop.




 As I was renewing my sense of crisis, Titania took off her cloth and hugged me naked.
Damn, she's so soft.
like Marshmallow.




 But I knew that if I started now, it would wake up Ferris, and I wanted to give Titania a break, so I put her in another new hammock and tucked her in.
Better sex requires better rest.
I had learned that in prison.




 Titania held my fingers all the way until she fell asleep.




 What the hell is all this? I'm so tired.




 The only thing that aware of my struggles was the numerous unreadable eyes floating in between the surrounding trees.




 I saw a giant spider that was still lurking near me.
He was the one who had been struggling to take my constant orders from earlier.
Anyway, it was huge.
It was about the size of a large SUV.




 He (she?) looks like it's breathing hard.
I gave him (her?) a pat on the head as a sign of appreciation for the extra two hammocks that he had hurriedly made for me. 




 Finally, I let out a deep sigh.
The giant spider relaxed his body as if he sympathized with me.




 When I looked up at the night sky, the moon was already hidden in the mountains, and the stars were twinkling sadly.




 Well, well, well.




 What happened since then, and what should I do now?


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