Chapter 90: Victim No.1 

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A pair of men and women are walking along, giggling at each other.





“ha ha! you're kidding, Sean!”




 A young man, Sean, put his arm around the shoulder of the woman next to him.




“So I told him that a scaly face like yours would be better suited for that Fox gorilla woman! You should hang out with her from sun up to sundown, eat bugs, and hang out in the woods!”




“Eh……even Fox wouldn't eat bugs, isn't it?”




 The woman frowned.




They eat it.
There are rumors all over the place about grasshopper bits coming out of the mouths of those who came back…….When they come back, they're dirty, smelly, and crazy, they're not normal people.
It's like they're not even human.
Hey, check this out.”




 Sean pointed under his chin and continued.




“About a month ago, When I was in a brawl at the slum.
I got punched in the face. I found out later that the woman who hit me was called of Fox.



 There were a few small scars left there.
The woman stroked the scars worriedly.



“Yeah…..It's a pretty deep scar, isn't it?”




Unfortunately, I couldn't get up for a while.
My cheekbone was cracked.
That was totally a man's fist.
I've heard that all the other named Fox are all crazy. In addition to the Mad dog I just mentioned, there was also , , and  ……
Also, I've heard that there used to be a guy who was exceptionally dangerous.”



“Wow, who's that?”



“What was it ……
many years ago? As I recall, the former captain of Fox, the  That's what they called him.
He was a slender man, but he could twist a bigger man around with just one arm. It was said that he was a real crazy guy, using his pistol to shoot rifles at a distance, and it was said that he was seen beating an alien in a fistfight, bare-handed.”



“That sounds ridiculous, it's like it's from anime or something.
Does anyone believe that?”



“Who knows? Well, it's a rumor, so I guess it's has a little bit of truths in it” After saying that, He stroked the scar on his chin “Oh ……
and one more …….”




 He closed his eyes and groaned in discomfort as memories of the past caught in his throat.




“Hmmm……something Grim Reaper something? something like that.”




“Grim Reaper…….sounds like he kills a lot of aliens.”




“They call him that because if you were near him, you'll die no matter what, friend or foe.”



Sort of gratifying and disturbing at the same time” The woman chuckled.
“Then again, aren't there a lot of named Foxes out there?” She said.






 Sean's voice trailed off, whispering with an overacting tone.




“–It's rumored that they've taken the initiative to take drugs in an attempt to be inhuman.
That's why they're all so monstrously strong.
It's a monster breeding ground there. I don't know which one is the alien anymore.
Best let them run around the battlefield like dogs, take as many aliens as possible with them, and die somewhere,  everyone in the Fort will be happy!”



“Isn't that a bit harsh to say? Without Fox risking their lives to push the front line, Bravo and Delta wouldn't have made it back alive.”



“I've seen guys in Fox who've been in so much trouble, they've been hated by every unit. They're all the snobs of the world, the ones who lost their lives in casinos, the ones who got banned from the Fort for their crimes, the ones who are parentless and have nowhere to go.”




I think I know what you're talking about.
I've seen them sometimes, but they all have a weird look in their eyes.
It's like we can't even understand each other.”




They're not human anymore.
Taking the initiative to do work that no human being would want to do.
There are even rumors that they're involved in some dark underworld business.
Drugged out of their minds to hold on to the fort. They're just a bunch of prideless dogs running around taking the treat.
But they're so serious about calling themselves professionals, it's funny.




What era are they from?”




 The voices echos in the large space.




 This is a large underground warehouse in a fortress city called Fort 88.
The ceiling is high, and various wooden boxes are stacked in an organized manner within the large, space without any partitions.




 This warehouse was used as an ammunition depot for heavy artillery and other weapons, and not a lot of people came in or out.
Unless the Fort was attacked by aliens, it was a space that was rarely visited by people, with only periodic shipments of training rounds coming in and out.




 They were soldiers of the Fort's main defense force, Alpha Team, they were well aware of the time frame when the warehouse would be completely deserted.
Therefore, it was their regular routine to come here to enjoy a little alcohol and secretly have a little fun.



 Sean got a feverish look in his eyes and pressed the woman next to him on her shoulder.




 The woman was pushed against a nearby fence.




“anh, hey…….”




“Come on, let's go to the corner…….”




 The woman named Laura turned her head away, embarrassed.




“So we're doing it in the middle today?”




“Yeah……but if people come,won't we'll be in trouble?”




“No, no, no.
After all, no one ever comes here, right? The security cameras are off here.
No one is going to show up here at night, not even in an emergency.”




 Sean let out a drunken breath and began to grope Laura's body over her clothes.




“I'm embarrassed…….”




“You can keep your clothes on.
I'll keep your mouth shut.”




 A hand slipped into the woman's pants, knotting them.
At the same time, with his other hand, he pulled down the hem of Laura's jacket and roughly inserted his hand under her shirt.




 The white fabric was pushed up from underneath, and the position of her breasts wriggled and squirmed around obscenely.
Sean pressed his nose against Laura's neck and inhaled her scent.








 She made a small sound of protest but smiled thinly at the fact that the man in front of her was crazy about her.
She felt her heartbeat quicken somewhat as she took Sean's head in her hands and stroked it around as it sank into the valley between her breasts.




 Laura licked her lips.




“first we'll……”



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 It was then.




 Laura noticed a figure standing some distance away.




 It was a skinhead man.





 It was a face she had never seen before, it stood there with a lifeless expression on his face, not moving an inch.
staring at them from under the spotlight falling on the warehouse floor, his face was eerie with dark shadows casting on him.




“Wh…..who's that!?”



 Laura's eyes widened and she shouted in alarm.







 Sean, hearing her voice, let go of her body and turned around.




 The skinhead man walked up to them with a sluggish and languid movement, but somehow with an unusually quiet step.




 The feeling of discomfort was so strong that it sent an inexplicable chill through Sean's whole body.




 There was no sound of footsteps, and it reminded him of a ghost.




“Oi, You……”




 Sean shouted a warning and took a step forward.




 The distance between him and the skinhead man shortened quickly.




 Immediately, there was a cracking sound.








 Sean looked down at his arms in dismay.




 The arm he held out to the man was swaying unnaturally.




 The soldier's instincts ingrained in his body quickly took note of his condition.




 the bone fractured.
My arm is broken.









A horrible feeling of dread ran up his spine.




 He reflexively raised his other arm to push the man away, but that arm was also snapped, leaving a loud crunching sound.




 The pain that surged from both arms was so intense that Sean's sobriety was momentarily gone.








 He staggered back a few steps.




 As he tried to hold back the pain, he looked up to see a skinhead man holding his hand over his own face.




 The face peeled off.




“What? What? What? What?”




 From behind him came Laura's panicked voice.




 The man's face was peeling away as easily as if he were removing a facial mask.
The two of them could do nothing but watch in horror.




 Then, out of nowhere, a huge man appeared.




 As if he had been instantly teleported, he was standing there instead of the skinhead man.




 The skin that peeked out from the dirty apron was gray, covered in spots.




 A mouth with exposed gums.
A crooked nose.
And eyes like bright red glass beads.




 There is no soldier who is not familiar with this fearsome figure.




 Along with dragons, golems, demons, and phantoms, it is an abomination that is feared by mankind.








 Just before he could say what it was, Sean's mouth was blocked by the monster's large hand.




 He was lifted high in the air with a grip that almost crushed his entire skull, and slammed into the hard concrete floor.




“Ugh, g–“




 A disturbing numbness ran down Sean's back.




 The air in his lungs was being squeezed out of his nostrils.




 There was a damp thud before he could catch his breath.




 A dull crushing sound reached his eardrums through his bones.
Then, the intense pain that rushed through his whole body caused his back to involuntarily arch into a shrimp.




 –He got stomped on his right thigh.




He suddenly realized.


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 I'm going to die.




“Run Laura!! Run away!!!! Run away from the butcher!……”




With a cruel gushing sound, Sean let out an inarticulate scream as his other thigh was also trampled down.
He had lost all four limbs.




 Laura was already running by then.




 They were soldiers with a certain amount of experience.
So much so that in an emergency, their bodies would move before their heads.




(She's a tough bitch……)




Sean felt a mixture of loneliness and relief at the instant abandonment and the fact that she had shown such excellent judgment.
There was not a trace of blame in his heart for her.
In fact, he was proud of her.




 He grinned and prepared to die, but the Butcher took a step forward.




Butcher's bare feet stomped on the floor.




 He left the dying Sean behind and shifted his target to the fleeing Laura.




 There are lessons that new recruits got taught first before anything else.




 If you see a dragon in the sky, run with your tail between your legs.




 If you come across a phantom or golem on the land, run away at once.




 If you are captured by a demon, kill yourself immediately.




If you've confronted the Butcher in the forest or in the city,  give up.




 The level of resistance to withstand heavy machine guns.
Monstrous strength to smash through concrete.
The ability to run despite its appearances.
Each of these elements is deadly, but the fact that they are condensed into a body the size of a large bear is a nightmare.




 If they are flying in the sky, they will be seen on the radar.
If they are large, their footsteps can be heard.
It's easy to spot its presence from a distance.




 But the Butcher approaches quietly.
In the forest, or in the city.
From behind a tree.
From the darkness.
From the end of a passageway.
It can come out of a sewer, or even fall through the ceiling.




 They suddenly appear from unexpected places.
Like an old man on the prowl, their behavior is beyond comprehension and completely unpredictable.




 If a human soldier were to bump into one at a corner of the street……there is no need to say what happens next.




 The Butcher is particularly deadly in small enclosed spaces.




 On the plains, where visibility is good, humans can manage to use high-powered weapons against dragons, golems, and of course, the Butcher.




 However, when encountered in forests, urban areas, or inside buildings, where visibility and the use of heavy weapons are limited, the small weapons carried by soldiers are not enough.
Just as it is impossible to run away from a bear, it is impossible for a human to run away from a butcher.




 The only way to survive is to scatter and flee in separate groups, hoping that someone else will sacrifice and buy us some time.




 In such an enclosed space like an underground warehouse, no one, no matter how many people, can survive if they are spotted by the Butcher's red eyeball.




“Run ……
Laura …….”




 Laura is running away from the Butcher right now, and her life seems to be in danger.




 But she showed more resourcefulness than Sean had expected.
Instead of heading to the exit of a warehouse, which she could see in the distance, she jumped into a nearby door.




 It was a heavy, sturdy-looking door that closed with a slam.




 That was an explosives depot.




 It is a reinforced room where explosive weapons such as C4 explosives and other dangerous materials are stored, and it is very strong.
It's so custom-made that it can withstand a direct hit from a dragon's breath.




 No matter how much of a butcher he was, there was no way he could break through the doors and walls of that room with his strength.
Sean was relieved to see that, and he admired her tactfulness from the bottom of his heart.




( That should do it.




 There is a phone in the explosives depot for communication.




 It requires an authorization card to use, but Laura must have one in her bag.
She's a serious woman, despite her appearance.
Even when she's off duty, she's always ready for a fight.




 If she at least can alert HQ to the Butcher's entry, she has fulfilled her duty as a soldier.





I'll die, but she'll survive.
Well, that's what a soldier's life is all about. I wish I could have held her more *beep* *beep*  Maybe she is already pregnant with my child, and after I die, she will …..
*beep *beep*















 The door to the explosives chamber opened as Sean stared at it.




 Laura's eyes were blank as she stood inside the explosives room with her hand on the receiver.




 The butcher walked into the warehouse.




“–S, S, Sean……”




 Just before the door slammed shut again with a thud, the man's eyes caught sight of Laura's blue face, which began to tremble.








 Sean's mind went blank.


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 He was left on the floor of the warehouse, and the questions were gradually flooding him like a storm.








(Why did the door open?)




(that Beep, beep, beep.
No way…..was he entering a PIN code?)




(The Butcher?)




(The notoriously dumb Butcher?)




(How did he get the code in the first place?)




(I have to help.)








 Sean crawls.




 His both arms and legs were crushed, yet he still claws, like a caterpillar.




 When he hit the floor, he was smashed in the spine.
He had no feeling in his lower body.
It was like being dragged through a sandbag.




 It was unimaginable to feel the storm of pain that erupted just by twisting and turning.
The pain was so great that even he, who had spent many years as a soldier, felt his strength drain from his body.




 Still, Sean crawls.




 He thrusts his chin forward, moaning and groaning.
Using only the strength in his neck, he uses all his strength in his upper body.
He pulled his body forward and forward.




 The destination is the door of the explosives chamber.





 In the midst of his confusion, all he could think about was his male instinct to rush to the woman he loved.








 Sean's muffled moan sounded very weak, crushed by the silence of the underground warehouse.




 –How much time had passed?




 The bloodstains on the floor still extended only a few meters.
But he didn't stop moving like a caterpillar.




 He crawled toward the door, which radiated an eerie silence.








 At that moment, as if in response to Sean's wailing, the door opened with a whoosh.




“—–Hiii!! Hig!! Ahh! Ahh! AHhh!”



 What came out was a woman's scream.




 Laura was forced to open her legs wide and was being violently thrust upwards from behind.




 Her clothes were roughly torn off, her naked body was clothed in the remaining scraps of cloth, and her entire body was drenched in white slime.




 Her eyes had lost their light as if they were covered with a thin film, and her mouth was panting like a broken speaker that had been cranked up too high.




“–Ahhhhh! No! No! Again!? cu-!! cum!! cumming!!!!……ah! don't!! stop!! Ahhhhhhh”




 Laura's body shakes as she squirts.




 Butcher, as if to show off, walks through the door with her in his embrace from behind.
His grotesque genitals were thrust into the center of her spread legs, pulsating vigorously.




“Aa …………
aa ……
aa ……
aa ………




 Sean realized that Laura was getting creampied when he noticed that her lower abdomen was slowly swelling. She continued to take it, the flesh of her belly near her navel twitching up and down.




ooh ……
ooh ……
ooh ……”




 Eventually, her screams died down, leaving only a faint scream.




 Sean's nightmare was not over.
The next thing he knew, he couldn't believe his eyes.



Butcher's penis began to slowly come out, peeling open Laura's moist crack, and it was as thick as a young man's arm.




 It continued to be pulled out of her, and there was no sign that it was all coming out.
Laura was at his mercy, drooling and in a state of ecstasy.




 When the big glans finally came out of her gaping hole, white fluid started to spill out of her as if it was a dam.




 The spurting fluid splashed onto Sean's face as he crawled over.
A thick scent, different from Laura's, tickled his nostrils.
Strange as it may sound, he thought it smelled good for a moment.








 With a thud ……
and a sound like a water bag falling, Laura was thrown next to the struggling Sean.




 He saw the exhausted look in her eyes.
The woman's face, continuously bouncing and bobbing in the aftermath of her violation, displayed a look of extreme agony that Sean had never experienced before.








 Sean couldn't speak.




 The two of them stared at each other on the floor, stunned.



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 Suddenly, the black butcher's tongue extended to Laura's face.




“No, stop……! Don't……!”




 Sean was prepared for her horrible death.
The Butcher ate people alive.
It was a famous story among the soldiers.




 But the next thing he knew, she was gasping for air.








 He watched as Laura began sucking on Butcher's tongue on her own.




 She is caressing Butcher's tongue as she does to Sean's manhood on the bed – or more passionately than that.




 She squeezed the lump of flesh with her hands, thrusting her tongue out desperately to send it down her throat.





-I'm going crazy.





 That small certainty brought rather a relief to Sean.
At the same time, he felt a twisting feeling in his stomach as he thought about the fierce deeds that must have taken place in that locked explosives chamber.




 Despite his feelings, the Butcher held Laura.




 The monster's hands, which could crush a stone, clamped down on Laura's head from above.








 The Butcher tapped her head rhythmically with his fingers.




 Sean can do nothing but cower on the floor like a miserable creature, writhing in pain and agony.




“It's ……
good, it's ……
good, so good……”








 Sean furrowed his brow doubtfully.
Laura saw the look on his face.




butcher's dick ……
good ……”




“Laura ……?”




“This is the most ……
amazing ……
dick I've ever had! I'll tell you what! It's thicker, hotter, and harder than any cock.
Oh, don't look at me, Sean.
I'm going to be so stupid when he fuck all my sensitive parts at once ♡”








“I want …….ummm ♡…..Butcher's dick ……
to the deepest part ……
please give me♡”




 Laura began to stroke the black tongue again, then rolled onto her back and opened her large legs.



“Chup …… ♡ Jup ♡ Mua …… Huh, haa ♡”



 Laura's vacant eyes were glued to the huge meat stick pressed against her vagina hole.
It was wet, ready to stab Laura to death, and she was trembling with anticipation.




However, she had a thin smile on her face as she passionately sucked on Butcher's black tongue with one hand and used the other hand to squeeze his huge cock and guide it to her own entrance.




 It looked as if she was about to accept the Butcher's cock




Look, Sean …
Wow …
This dick is amazing …
♡  It's going all the way inside me  …
look, look …







“Hurry up ……
Hurry up, give me that big thing ♡ Ah!! that amazing–Ah ♡ Ah, Agugu …
Ah ♡”





 As Sean gazed ahead, Butcher's genitals began to slip in without resistance, and it wasn't long before they were all inside Laura's vagina.



Laura's crotch and Butcher's crotch were locked together.




 Laura's distorted face began to shake violently.




“Aahhhh! Aah♡! Aaah♡! Aah♡! Aah♡!”




 Laura lifts her hips to meet the butcher's heavy thrusts.
She tears up and accepts the monster's torture with a wistful scream that can't hide her ecstasy.




 The Butcher was thrusting her as he licked all over her ripe naked body.




 He kneaded her navel, breasts, and nipples over and over, tightened her throat, flicked her earholes, and then her mouth.
Laura's body continued to jerk and twitch as she writhed and delighted in these disgusting caresses.




 Eventually, it turned into the sex of an animal that had abandoned its humanity.
Laura moaned and cried out, expressing her pleasure with every shot of the beast's semen.




 The Beast's fierce pistoning continued until Laura's brain cells were fried.




 As a pond of white slime formed beneath her ass, the Butcher increased the tempo of his drilling, and Sean's forehead hit the floor and he closed his eyes.




 But he couldn't cover his ears, and his ears kept hearing Laura's howling and Butcher's screams echoing back and forth in the underground warehouse as He cursed the gods.




Enough– nnngh! please forgive me ♡ Hii ♡ Hii ♡ Ah ♡  Aa ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Oo♡  –Hicc ♡ nnngh ♡ –hic, hic, hic, Hiiii–? Shh, nuh-uh! aah, aah, aah, aah, aah, aah, aah♡, aah, aah, aah, aah! –Aah!?




 On this day, a man and a woman disappeared from Fort 88.




 A search was conducted around the place where they were last seen, but their whereabouts were unknown.



 However, a large amount of blood and bodily fluids left behind in an underground warehouse led to the suspicion of a mass assault and murder, but neither the bodies that should be there nor the suspects remain unknown.




 The investigation is further complicated by the mysterious testimony that Sean was seen in the slums of the Fort during the hours of the night after his disappearance.




 It was Christmas Eve, the first snowfall of the year.

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