Chapter 89: Summary so far (1)

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Character Relationship Chart










this is a chart that the author uses to organize his thoughts, as well as thinking about the story while looking at it.





 The main character of this story.
He has an unyielding spirit.
His character is rather aloof, positive, and does not dwell on the past.
He was given the name Jibodan as a second name, but he doesn't really like it.
In fact, he feels uncomfortable when people call him by that name.


 He was once a member of a team called the Fox Team in a human fortress city called Fort 88.
He was a scout and a sniper.
His nickname at the time was .
Now he's been transformed into a monster called .
He believes that he was betrayed and transformed into this form, burning with a desire for revenge.
He is extremely strong.


 Although he viewed humanity as an enemy, he eventually opened his heart to Abigail, a human.


 After escaping from the prison, he disappeared with the resurrected Titania.





 Black hair, curly horns.
Golden pupils that split vertically.
She had dyed her hair to silver during her time in prison.


 In the alien prison, she served as Gevaudan's exclusive meat hole and supported him in his mission.


 Although she was believed to be a member of the her exact identity is unknown.
She leads the giant insects known as Titans.


 She was killed just before escaping from her prison, but Ferris's Resurrection brought her back to life.





 A blonde-haired woman.
She used to be one of the spies known as AASPINT.
However, it seems that she didn't spend much time doing anything related to spying.
She was so talented and daring that even Gevaudan called her a Bond girl.
She was also betrayed and captured by aliens and met Gevaudan in prison.


 She did everything in her power to seduce Gevaudan and used her brains to guide him, finally succeeding in escaping alive.
She returns to Fort 88 with Niblo.


 She has doubts about Gevaudan's true identity and is determined to meet him again.




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 A fox girl.
She has fluffy ears and a tail.
Used to wear a beret, but later stopped wearing it.



 She was thrown into Gevaudan's prison and nearly died horribly, but thanks to Gevaudan's tactfulness, she escaped.
By chance, she was escorted by Gevaudan and became the first alien to communicate with Gevaudan.
At that time, she gave him the name Jibodan.
Even now, she is the only girl in the world who can call him “Jibodan”.
She is in love with Gevaudan.


 She can't use attack skills, but she can use recovery skills.
she can use Resurrection, which is a very rare skill.
She has an oddly strong grip and is fast on her feet.


 Although she is reluctant to have sex, Gevaudan believes she has a gift for it.





 Brown girl.
A member of the Lilith clan.
She doesn't wear a lot of clothes.
Her fangs peek out when she smiles.
Formed a dirty alliance with Gevaudan.
She is bisexual.
Her weapon is a bow called which she can conjure with her skills.
Her talent was recognized by Gevaudan.


 She has a special skill called telepathy that allows her to speak directly with Gevaudan.
Her bright and open personality has made her desirable to Gevaudan.
She was the one who removed Gevaudan's control unit.


 At first, she and Abigail had a quarrel, but in the end, they reconciled on the bed.
They were forced to do so.





 A dragon lady.
A female dragoness of the Exmut clan.
Her body is not very big, but her bones are thick.
Her fighting strength is so high that even Gevaudan was impressed.
Her weapon is a spear called .


 She was beaten by Gevaudan twice.
There is a suspicion that she got deflowered when she was defeated the first time, but the truth is unknown.


 In Faymbaum, She seems to be recognized for her abilities, being listed as the first to be able to fight Gevaudan.






 An elf girl.
A bit clumsy.
had a sissy brother named Tulyal, but it seems like she hated him.
Tulyal was killed by Gevaudan.


 In prison, she was humiliated to a pulp by Gevaudan but there was no penetration.
Since then, She had a habit of being scared when she saw Gevaudan.
Because of Tul'yal, Gevaudan considers her a target for punishment.
However, she is completely innocent.
She did not do anything wrong to Gevaudan. 





 A perverted fox woman.
Ferris's older sister. One of Feymbaum's three generals.
She is capable of overwhelming the special forces of humanity Tango Team.


 She is considered by Gevaudan to be a genuine pervert, as her eyes are always drawn to Gevaudan's lower body.





 Demon officer.
Macho and strong.
Can use telepathy.
Handsome voice.
He has a sword that radiates an aura of evil.
One of the three generals of Faymbaum.


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 He did not treat Gevaudan unjustly and treated him pretty fairly.
In fact, he seems to have evaluated his abilities in a reasonable manner, which is why he is rather well-liked by Gevaudan.





 Orc officer.
He's one of the three generals of Faymbaum and is in charge of the overall operation.
Doesn't seem to be very strong.
Wrinkled orc face.
Eats little.
However, he used to be a fierce general in the Demon Lord's army and is still trusted by the Demon Lord.
He knows a lot about how to make the Butcher and about the ruling power of Titania.


 He has a demon maid, though It's just Gevaudan's guess, he's not sure if she's really a demon.


 He has gathered quite a bit of hate from Gevaudan and is Gevaudan's number one wanted pig.






Mini tarantula.
He has a single stripe running down his back.
A member of the Titans.


 Titania = Big Boss

   Gevaudan = Boss

   Abigail = Anego (Big sis)


After much debate, he ends up working with Abigail.
Capable of using Morse code, and seems to understand human language.


 Although he seems to have a strong desire to have a successful career and want to be promoted, his personality is quite adequate.
It is unclear whether this is a trait of his race or of Niblo himself.
He will do what he has to do.
At any rate, I want to eat meat.







Very handsome personality.


 He worked as the manager of a butcher shop and hired Gevaudan as a part-timer.
He always brings him grass, and that's how Gevaudan came to like him.
The name of the grass seemed to be marijuana.


 Gevaudan is in love with the manager.






 Appears only in name.
He seems to have destroyed the heroes in the past.






・Fort 88


 A human fortress city that Gevaudan used to belong to.
It is surrounded by a high wall.

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 The army inside has specialized units such as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Echo, Delta, and Fox.






 An alien city.
Former Fort 89.

 It was built on top of Fort 89.






 Another world.
The home of the aliens.
It is connected to Earth by the Eldritch Gate.






 At first, it was thought that they came from outer space, so they were called aliens.
However, it was wrong because they were actually from another dimension.
Officially, they are called “Outsider”, but the term “alien” has become too common to change.






~ Naming Difference ~



(Human point of view and alien point of view, which refers to the same thing.)



Human = Subhuman


Magic = Skill


Magic(魔法) tool = Magic(魔導) tool


Magic stone = crystal






~ Gevaudan's known abilities ~


<> = Furigana (syllables text)

() = Kana, Kanji



 (Vicious tongue) : Tongue that can dissolve anything


 (Chiselled nails) : Claws that can cut through anything.


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 (Infectious decay) : Causes non-living matter on contact to rust.


 (Decaying miasma) : The miasma causes the light to lose its glow.







 (Annihilate) : Burn the prey in your arms.










 (Breath of decay) : A breath that kills all living things.





 (hell fire) : Ignores obstacles and incinerates a large area.






 (Impure flesh) : The resistance is greatly increased.






 (Skinning) : Wear skin to impersonate the person.



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