If she uses her breath, I'll kill her.
Just as I made up my mind to do so, she unexpectedly jumped up into the sky.




 As I looked up after her, I saw a powerful thrust that carried the momentum of her plunge.




 The glowing tip of the spear seemed to grow in size.




 I quickly interrupted the trajectory with my butcher knife, and at the same time, the blade shattered, leaving behind a deafening crushing sound.




 As the momentum of the descending thrust was halted, Arshella jumped back, breathing hard, but smiling fearlessly, confident in her victory.




 In my numb hand, I was left with a half-destroyed butcher knife.




 It's honestly amazing.
I've never had a butcher knife shattered before.




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 Her spear was amazing, but Arshella's own combat ability was far beyond my expectations.




 So this is a dragoness……





 I've never seen an alien that could move so well.
She must have been an elite warrior among the aliens.
It would be a shame if she kept getting beaten up by me.




 –Oh well.
I don't want to show off too much, but I don't want to get killed, so I'll just have to do one more thing.





Ignoring the warning voice raised by the demon officer, Arshella rushed in with her spear at her side.
Her mouth was twisted in pleasure.




 She looked straight at it and discarded the remnants of my knife.




 Relaxing my entire body, I waited for her to charge.




 When I didn't move, Archela hesitated for a moment, but then her eyes immediately became sharp and she thrust her spear out in a single stroke.




 The tip of the spear turned into a ray of light and pierced my heart.
Just before it did, the back of my hand dispelled the stab.






 The spear, whose trajectory was slightly deflected by the force from the side, made a shallow cut on my shoulder as I drew back half my body.





 Then, Archela's momentum was lost, and she came flying into my grasp.




 –This is what happens when you dare to thrust at a bare-handed opponent.
Remember that.




 My thick fist grabbed her chest as she slumped forward in shock.




 At the same time, the hand that had deflected the spear tightened its grip on Arshella's arm.




 If I could just turn my body and carry her up like that, I can finish my back throw.




 With my back arched, I pulled her into my chest and slammed her head into the earth.




 With a low rumble of the earth, a small earthquake occurred and a large amount of dust and smoke rose up.




 This is a close combat technique that is designed by Fox, assuming the use of bayonets and knives.
In addition, this back throw has the weight of me and the momentum of her own rush.
It's very powerful.




 Even Arshella, a dragon who is considered to be one of the physical elite among the aliens, would have been completely helpless to deal with the joke of Butcher's back throw.




 A crash that would normally have shattered her head echoed through the forest, but she was still conscious, coughing up blood in the small crater that had formed.




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 I was surprised by this.
She's really tough.
As expected of a dragon.




 Arshella immediately flailed, trying to shake off my hand.
But at that moment, I have already been riding on top of her using technique from the memory of a soldier ingrained in my cerebellum.




 Arshella opened her mouth.




 I could see a blinding light in the back of her throat.




 The next moment, my iron fist was striking her in the face.




 I won't let her breathe out.








 Arshella gasps as blood spurts from her nose.




 I raised a fist with my arm raised above her.
It's a body language that says, “If you do anything, I'll hit you again.”




 Her eyes are hazy with pain, but she quickly guards her face with both arms and opens her mouth behind them.
She's going to blow me up with her breath.




 Unable to help myself, I slammed my fist with my weight this time.




 The earth rumbled like a drum, and the pebbles around me jumped in unison.




 I had easily pried open her guard and crushed her face when I struck down from my mounting position.




 Arshella's head was sandwiched between Butcher's rigid fists and the earth.









 When I moved my fist away, a moan of anguish finally came out of her open mouth.




 Arshella is certainly strong.




 But the simple truth is, once she's in a submission, there is no way for her to survive.
I'm not sure how many humanoid creatures are capable of repelling my massive body and heavy machinery-like physical strength.




 I raise my fist again and remain still.
This time, I'm not going to go easy on you, so give in.
I'm not going to hold back this time.




 Arshella glared at my fist in frustration and finally stopped moving.




 She slammed her hands down on the ground and gritted her teeth.
Her face was covered in mud and blood as she looked up at me with bloodshot eyes, her fangs and the horns on her head were painfully chipped.




 I was struck with a feeling of tightness in my chest at the sight of Arshella's determined expression, whose fighting spirit had not waned even in such a state.

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