Chapter 87: Faymbaum

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“Organize a rescue team.




 Phoenicia punched the table with a thump.
She pressed up against Orlando, who sat in a chair across the table.





“I told you I sent Makomo in pursuit of The Butcher and Titania .
I've lost Tulyal, and I have no more resources.  It's a waste of power to send inferior troops……Phoenicia I know how you feel, but just hang in there”




 Orlando replied with a reluctant look on his face, his orc face wrinkled.




 Then Dantalion, who had been standing with his back against the wall, spoke up and stepped forward.




That Butcher would never treat Ferris roughly.
I heard him declare himself Ferris's knight.”




 He looked at a piece of paper on Orlando's desk and continued.




“According to Lydia's testimony, he did not touch the girls after the control unit got removed and continued to escort them hard to the city.
In fact, I've heard from many people that his attitude in his work was remarkable.
I can rest assured of that.”




As soon as Lydia returned home, she reported to her parents about what had happened on her trip.
Orlando immediately heard about it and ordered the Butcher to be reconstructed immediately.
But Butcher's actions were swift.
Everything was fast and smooth as if it had been precisely planned.




 Phoenicia throws a stern look at Dantalion, who interrupts her.




“You're the one who suggested to Ferris that there's a very interesting Butcher, and that's why we're in this mess! Do you understand that!?”




Dantalion made a soothing gesture with his hands, “I know, I know.” Phoenicia bit her lip.
Then Orlando called out to her.




It's not Butcher's problem.
It's Titania.
She must have taken control of the Butcher.
Blaming Dantalion for the Butcher is not the right thing to do.




“In the first place, Orlando.
How did Titania get mixed in with the Imps? How is that even possible!? What kind of shitty management are you doing!?”




You know…”




 Orlando flinched when Phoenicia's anger turned on him.




“I don't understand.
I don't understand how the noble ruling clan, the Dominions, could be mixed in with a bunch of imps for the Butcher…….”




 He clears his throat and continues.





“I'm sure the imps were brought here when we took this city from the subhumans and were preparing to immigrate…….
those imps were originally from Tartarus, the great labyrinth back in our original world.  All I can say is that it must have been mixed in there.
Or perhaps it was blended in with some “




 No way…….
Orlando shook his head.




 Most humans (aliens) do not know the origin of the Butcher.




 However, Orlando was one of the fiercest warlords who had fought alongside the Demon King, fighting against the heroes together as well as the forces of Agartha, and was still trusted by the Demon King.
He was also one of the few people who knew the origin of the Butcher.
He also knows that Titania and the Butcher are related in some way.
I can also imagine Titania's motive for approaching the Butcher.




 But now that Titania has taken control of the Butcher, there is no way to stop her.




 The Butcher is the “disposable waste”.



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It all started when Elysium, which had trouble dealing with them, tried to use them as disposable weapons for disposal purposes.
This was about twenty years ago.




 Initially, the plan was to just use them up.
However, when they were put to use in the subhuman war, they proved to be extremely useful as powerful weapons.
They can be used at any time without hesitation, they don't complain, and they are willing to take risks.
It was a convenient beast that would do what it was told as long as it was fed and given women.




 Orlando was against it.
However, as it turned out, both control and breeding methods had been established, and despite the occasional unfortunate accident, they were still being used on the front lines.




 However, in the end, the Butcher is just crazy meat bag.




 An incarnation of the feral.
A condensed form of savage soot.  It is an animal.




 Yes, the Butcher is an animal.
It has no intelligence, no reason, just wanders the earth, rapes, kills, and eats any creature it sees, male or female.
It was too dangerous a waste to be released back to the earth, and it had enough fighting power to fight anyone who was not a top-notch warrior.



 The Butcher is a monster that has lost its will and soul.
Even if Titania were to take control of it now, it would not be able to do anything.
Because control is not the power to manipulate others.
If the object of control does not have a decent soul left, nothing will happen.




 It should.




 That power that burned down the city…





 Orlando had seen it before.




 It was a supernatural rampage that ruthlessly swept away its opponents.




 It had scorched the heroic forces, and later even hunted down the Demon Lord's army.




 The Butcher had used its power to the fullest.




 –Why did that Butcher retain its consciousness?




 The Butcher itself is just a monster that doesn't listen to anyone's instructions and goes on a rampage.



 However, by giving the Butcher a he can turn him into a puppet who can be made to do as he pleases.




 The soul of a man who has been converted to a butcher is, without exception, consumed by the madness of a dreaded and sexual desire, it's then broken, dissolving into that hideous flesh.
There's no way he can retain any sense of self.
But that's good.
Just do what I tell you to do.
Otherwise, it would be too dangerous.




 But according to Lydia, that Butcher had an ego.




 He used a rather silly name, Jibodan, which Ferris had given him, he had free will.




 –how is that possible?




 How is it possible that the soul of the man who gave the Butcher a soul transfusion could retain its form in the raging wastes of sexual desire, murderous intent, and cravings?




 There has never been a report of a man who has been able to maintain his sanity after a soul transfusion.
While holding a woman and eating her flesh, the consciousness will eventually sink to the bottom of the animal's impulses.




 This is why we took measures to stimulate Butcher's sexual appetite by feeding him a herd of imps soon after his awakening.
In some cases, we would even feed the Butcher with subhumans from death row or prisoners of war, in order to quickly get rid of the Butcher's consciousness and make it easier to use.





 Among all the dazzling subhuman heroes we collected during the conquest of this city for transferring them to the Butcher's soul, there was only one with special Qualities.


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 The Butcher was able to draw out his power and use it because Titania had protected and guided his soul in the flesh all along.




 –I wonder if that's possible.




The details of the power of the Dominions, the ruling clan that resides in Agartha, are still unclear.
In fact, Orlando didn't even fully grasp it. They don't interact with humans too much, and there is no documented information about them.
They are the guardians of nature.
the greatest tribe of druids living with nature.




 What the average person knows about them is that they are good-looking, have black hair with no luster whatsoever, and are able to wield the mysterious power of domination and rule the unexplored region of Agartha somewhere in a distant land with their shivering giant insects.
That's all we know.




 No one would have dreamed that she would change her hair color and join the ranks of Faymbaum's butcher-bitches.




 One thing Orlando knows for sure about domination is that the soul of one who is completely dominated will be rewritten in a way that can never be reversed.
That seems certain.
Those who have been rewritten will never be aware of this fact.




 Yesterday, I liked dogs, but today, I like cats more.
It could only be such a change of heart, and the thoughts are being eroded in an all too natural way.





Eventually, they will worship their rulers as gods and become their own servants, and feel supreme happiness in doing so.
They don't even question it.
It's just a change of heart.




 Everyone has a change of heart.
Even the woman I loved so much last night can be annoying this morning.




 It's not about logic.




 The changes occur in the region of the soul that cannot be interfered with by others.
In other words, the basis for all thoughts attributed to the subjective is held.




 Is today's change of heart a change of self, or is it the result of the influence of control? No one can tell for sure.




It is not just a simple matter of likes and dislikes.
Emotions range from joy, anger, sorrow, and resentment, changes in the way we see, feel, and think about things and even the fate that our souls carry.




 The existence of oneself is rewritten without even knowing it.




 It is a terrifying power that completely repaints the color of the soul.




 For this reason, they were considered outcasts and tabooed.




 With this power, can it protect the soul trapped in that hideous flesh from the Butcher's madness? Or was it due to that subhuman's soul qualities? Or did it require both?




 –Even if that was how the soul inside the Butcher was preserved, how did she know about Imina (Name received at birth) this time?


The complete domination requires an Imina as well as a marriage bond.
Without it, the rule will be incomplete.
That's why, during the war with Agartha, all the warriors gave each other nicknames, and even took the countermeasure of using them in everyday life.




 The name that Ferris gave him, Jibodan, is a given name.
It has to be a true name associated with the soul.




 From the moment the soul is transferred, the memories of the soul spill out one after another like water sipped with both hands.
How in the world did you pick up the important memory among them?




 Each of them is only a small miracle.
However, if all kinds of coincidences with incredibly low probability were to come together…




 Such a thing is not possible.



 But the reality is cruel.
Titania lurked in Faymbaum for many years, unnoticed by anyone, until she finally regained her power and out of nowhere gathered the Titans, which swelled to a force capable of attacking the city, and indeed, Faymbaum was badly damaged.
Titania then took the peculiar and dangerous Butcher with her and left for nowhere.




 Orland sighed deeply, thinking that it might be useless to think about it.

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 I'm sure Titania still has powers that Orlando doesn't know about.




 After all, they are daughters of the fairy king.




Whatever the circumstances, I am sure that I will be blamed for my own incompetence in allowing this to happen.




 In the midst of my gloomy anxieties, I struggled to come to terms with the myriad of questions that arose.




 First of all, I think we need to go back and examine the Butcher's soul transfusion records in detail.




 Dantalion's voice lifted Orlando out of his reverie.




“The imps' magic power must have been checked during the entrance examination.
Since they weren't caught there, whatever they were, they must have been very weak.”




“There's no way you could have produced that many Titans when you were so weak.
That was a pretty impressive army.”




“They must have been called in from Mifosis.
I don't know how she did it, but I'm pretty sure ……
they were responsible for the attack on the gate the other day.”




 Dantalion gave a small sigh.



After raiding Faymbaum, the Titans overran a fifth of the city and withdrew.
If Dantalion, Phoenicia, and the rest of the Titans hadn't gathered their forces at that spot, it was even possible that nearly half of the city would have been devoured.




 Although the Faymbaum side had also killed a considerable number of giant insects, the fact that the bodies had not been found meant that the number of Titans was sure to return to normal soon.
It's a foreboding situation.




“It's a hell of a lot of damage thanks to that surprise attack.
Faymbaum won't be able to field a large army on ระห own for some time.”




 Orlando's head ached.




 In this attack, the number of soldiers killed by the Butcher earlier was particularly high, and Faymbaum's strength was greatly depleted.




 We can't let this Faymbaum, which is at the forefront of the subhuman war, be depleted any further unnecessarily.
It was unlikely that Phoenicia's request to launch a counterattack right now, destroy Titania and Butcher, and retake Ferris would go through.




 Phoenicia's fox ears flicked up as if she remembered something.




“What about Dupont? Maybe Dupont can infiltrate with Makomo and save Ferris?”




Dupont was once a great warrior who made a name for himself, but now he's a retired butcher.”




 Orlando said in disgust.




“I've heard that he's also taming that Butcher.”




 Dantalion interrupts Phoenicia's remark.




“I asked him about it yesterday, and he didn't seem too keen on taking down the Butcher.
He seems to have a lot of sympathies.”



Phoenicia was immensely surprised by Dantalion's story, “But the Butcher has no feelings………..”




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 She continues thoughtfully.




“Then I'll–“




“Give me a break.
If we lose you, Feynbaum won't be able to survive.”




 Orland hurriedly interrupted her words.



“If we're going to do this, we need to convince Dupont to give us a hand,  As soon as Makomo returns, we'll organize a rescue team with a small number of elites led by Arshella.
considering the situation.
I think Tiriel might do it, too.
Her brother was killed in such a gruesome manner.
I'm sure she wants to kill that Butcher.”



“There's no way Tiriel would do that.
She hated him so much.
Maybe she's feeling better now that he died”




“Oh, really?” Orlando let out a confused sigh, and the room fell silent.




 From outside the window, the noise of the reconstruction could be heard.




“Phoenicia, I'd like to make sure of one thing–“




 It was Dantalion who broke the silence.




“Why was Ferris able to use ? According to you, Ferris was still a few years away from being able to use it.”




 Resurrection is extremely valuable magic.
The only people who can use it are those born with a very rare talent, even in the family of the fox demon clan, the bloodline with the great magic power.




 Her own sister, Phoenicia, was the caretaker of Ferris, who had this talent.




“I really don't know why.




 She took a deep breath and continued.



“The miracle of Resurrection requires love to manifest.
If one develops her magical capacity enough and falls in love for real, her talent will naturally blossom like a flower.
That's why I was even having regular blind date parties.
She didn't seem interested at all, you know.
She never acted like she was.
When did this happen? ……”




 Feeling slightly dizzy, Phoenicia held her head.



'Is it Lydia?' 'No, Don't be silly,' Phoenicia mumbled.




“I have to report this to the Demon Lord.”




 Both of their faces tensed at Orlando's bitter words.




“If it were known that this place had been used as a hideout for Titania, we would be in big trouble.”




 A voice rose from within the group.




“In addition, how in the hell can I tell him that, the Titania that had finally been killed had been resurrected by accident?”




 There was no sound from Orlando, who was slumped over his desk, drooping.




 They mistakenly thought that Titania had taken the Butcher and Ferris and fled.




 They never dreamed that the beast intended to destroy them.

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