The raw liver, however, is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.




 I wouldn't touch the heart.
That would kill him, It will keep him alive for a while no matter how much I mess with it.





 Here, this is skirt steak.
This is fillet.
This is kainomi.
Kainomi is delicious, isn't it? Since you're here, why don't you try the taste of your own meat?




 I hold out a raw Kainomi.




 Before I knew it, Tulyal had fainted.




 –hey, isn't it rude to just faint?




 I didn't want this, I wanted to show him that Tiriel was going crazy, to hurt his spirit more.
I still think it's essential to kill the people involved first.
Otherwise, it would be incomplete.




 I gave up and bit down on Tulyal's skull.




 The skull caved in with a crunching sound.
I inserted my tongue into the plump jelly peeking out from inside and sucked on the contents as if I were drinking fresh coconut juice.




 His body jerked like a fish in a reflex reaction, but it was only a vibration to give my penis a good dose of stimulation.
I ejaculated once.
I but since his intestines were already in shambles, my white spunk ended up splattering all over Tulyal open belly and mixing with the burning red blood.




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 I finished eating the head of Tulyal and stood up.




 Red flesh and blood dripped from my body.




 I looked back into the room and saw that Abigail was holding Titania in spite of the mess.




 I lazily walked over and dropped to my knees.




 She looks like she's asleep.
You must be exhausted.
Butcher is rough with women.




 I stroke Titania's face and look at Abigail.




 Look, Abigail.
Let me introduce you to this woman, This is Titania.
Isn't she beautiful? Her face is a little swollen, her teeth are broken, and she has a broken horn, but she's unquestionably beautiful.








 I can't believe how messy she is right now.
Well, it's okay.
Butcher's impregnation hit rate is insanely low.
You're not going to get pregnant after this much.




 Yeah, but are you worried? You don't want to get pregnant with someone else's baby, do you?




 Well, let's clean it up a little bit, shall we?




 I reach out my tongue and scrub my bloody cock.
It was disgusting.
I know you don't want something that just shoves it up the elf's ass into you so I have to clean it up.



what the hell are you doing ……?”




 Abigail has tears in her eyes.
I'm sure she's feeling the scene where Titania and I finally get together.




 Abigail has tears in her eyes.
I'm sure she's feeling the scene where Titania and I finally get together.




 I opened up the sleeping Titania's legs and placed my son in her beautiful crack.




 I hear Abigail's hoarse voice.




Gevaudan ……
don't do this…….
Please, stop……




 Do you want me to stop? Why not? She's getting uncomfortable with all the other sperm.
I have to overwrite her with my sperm.
If I pour it in now, my ferocious cum will destroy the foreign substance in her womb.




 Finally, we can be one.




 With a thrust, I pushed open her flesh and buried my scorching rod.




 Titania's insides are freezing cold.




 She swallowed me down to the root in a matter of seconds.




 Oh ……
that's amazing! Titania! I dreamed so much about this!!!



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 I pull Titania into a sitting position, rocking her body and fucking her as if I were nursing a baby.
It just feels so good.
I've never felt anything like this before.
I'm not talking about how her vagina feels or anything like that.
It was the happiness that's permeates my body.




 The feeling of ejaculation came to me so fast that I felt like a virgin.




 There was no need to hold back.
I could hold her hundreds or thousands of times from now on.




 I followed my instincts and unleashed my hot semen into her depths.




 I hugged the limp Titania tightly and continued to pump out my cum.




 I waited for the hot cum to flow out of her vagina, and then I let go of her body.




 To be honest, I need more, but I don't have much time, so I'll have to wait until later.




 I pull out the object with a slurp.
The white liquid spurts out in a gush.




 I looked next to me and saw that Abigail was shaking violently as if she was suffering from a fever.




 She clutched her breasts tightly, looked like she was on the verge of collapse, and shook her head reluctantly.




 What's going on?




 –Oh, I get it.




 Abigail has never seen me fuck, kill, or eat before.
I've always acted like a gentleman before you, so the Tulyal scene was a bit of a shock.




 By the looks of it, Abigail is going to be immobilized for a while……
Well, I guess I'll pour another round on Titania while I'm at it.




” Stop Gevaudan!!! No more!!!, She's already de-“








 The next thing I knew, I was standing up and shouting at the ceiling.




 The horrible sound of my voice resonated not only in the cell but in the entire facility and the city as well.




 Immediately afterward, a low ……
distant sound echoed in the distance.




 Zun, zun, zun, the heavy vibrations coming one after another returned.




 I know.
It's the No.3's Cricket army that answered my call.




 The obstacle to our escape has been removed.




 Now, let's get out of here.




 We're free.

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