at me with a miniature tarantula strapped to my shoulder.




 The moonlight falling on the street was brighter than the streetlights.




 I came to the front of the facility.
When I held up my medal, the guard stepped aside.




 This medal, it seemed, was also an identification badge.
I've seen many important people walk through important facilities with this medal.




 I'm grateful to Tiriel, the elf who gave me this precious medal.
I still want to have a good time with you before I leave here.
I'm sure she'll be very happy if I carefully fuck her.
She's definitely a dirty girl.
I'll have to teach her the right way to cum next time.




 Oh yeah……
Tiriel's brother Tulyal.
I have to kill him.
I was so excited I almost forgot.




 I learned something the other day.




before you kill the person, kill the people they loved in front of them.
That sounds pretty inspiring.




 I'm going to make Tulyal immobile and rape Tiriel in front of him.




 I can't bear the thought of killing Ferris's friend, so I'll just cover Tiriel in cum again, and when she's squirming around, screaming and shaking her hips, I'll kill Tulyal.
That's a good idea.
Two birds with one stone.
It's brilliant.




 I walk through the facility.




 There was nothing to stop the beast from entering, as long as I held up my medallion on the way and occasionally placed it against the lock.
The aliens don't have surveillance cameras.
It would be difficult for them to see through my Skin Disguise without special precautions.




 When I opened the door, I found myself in the prison I had been kept in.




 I walked through the bars, looking at the prison that had held me for so many years.




 It was a strange feeling.




 I had poured my seed into dozens of women and had probably conceived one or two.
I wondered if their children would have become great butchers.




 I walked past the prison and opened the door again.




 Lydia had taken me to Abigail's room once, so I knew the way.




 Some aliens will notice the difference in appearance when my large body collides with theirs.
The passageway is not very wide.
so I carefully moved my body to the edge of the path, but I walked confidently.




 Soon, I was in front of the room where Abigail was being held.




 I pressed the medal against the door and opened it.








 Abigail's sitting on the bed, still in her outfit.


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 The self-destruct lock in her neck is gone.




 She was staring at me with a sharp, wary look in her eyes.




 Because I look like a different species of alien now.




 However, once this skin is removed, it loses its effectiveness.
What should I do?




 I knocked on the wall.




 It means – greeting –




 Abigail gasped and her expression relaxed.




 I went inside and closed the door behind me.




 She hugged my body.








— The collar is off, isn't it? —




 Abigail buried her face in my chest and nodded.




— Shall we? —




“Yeah–oh, wait.”




 She stopped me, jumped up, hung around my neck, and pressed her lips to my mouth.
the warm, slimy texture tracing my exposed gums.
I opened my mouth and plunged my tongue into her mouth.








 The blood flowed to my penis.




 At that moment, I felt a tap on my shoulder.
It's Niblo.
I know, I know.




 I gently let go of Abigail's body.




“–Puh-uh ……let's do it when we get out of here……”




 I nodded to Abigail, she smiled at me.




 I opened the door and dragged Abigail's hands down the hallway.



 Aliens are clumsy.
If I walked quietly without saying a word, they would assume that I was the one who was moving the Butcher's impregnation sack.




 I know where the cells are.
I've been taken there more times than I can count.




 Down the hallway, down the stairs, and down the basement passage again.




 Beyond the faint light.
I could easily see the entrance door to the cellblock.




 As expected, there were strong-looking guards on both sides.
There were also several guards waiting in the waiting room.




 Taking a chance, I stood in front of the guards and silently raised my medal.




“▼〓■? ☆§◇◇●★……”




He's saying something.
He doesn't seem to have any intention of getting out of the way.




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 I hand Abigail the medal and step forward.




 I grab the heads of the two guards who are walking up to me that are saying something carelessly, I open my mouth and breathe deeply into my lungs.




 –From here, I push through with force.




 I crushed their skulls at the same time as I released the power from deep within my lungs toward the waiting room.




 The air, filled with purple and yellow marbled patterns, filled the waiting room, and several guards stood up in a panic.




 They opened their mouths.
They must be trying to yell.




 But instead of shouting something, they vomited blood.




 Without exception, the aliens collapsed, clutching their throats and chests.




 There was one brave alien who raised his head.
But his face was sore and his breath was muffled.
As I watched, the flesh rotted away in the blink of an eye.




  – a poisonous breath that kills all living things.




 Before long, a sloppy protein soup of flesh and organs spread out on the floor, leaving only the clothes, bones, and equipment of a few people it's once was.




 Everything was done almost silently.
With a small sense of accomplishment in my heart, I then put my hand on the door.




 It was a thick, heavy, shiny black metal door.




 I don't have a key to open this door.




 But I don't need a key anymore.




 A discoloration begins around the spot where I touch it.
It goes from black to brown to red.
Eventually, cracks appear and spread to the entire door.





  – I can make any non-living thing I touch decay.




It doesn't matter if it's wood, metal, or crystal, all matter will weather and decay.
And it's widely contagious.
I once used this power to turn a tank into scrap metal and bury it.
No ordinary metal can withstand this power.




 Eventually, the door began to collapse with a rattle.




 I turned around to see Abigail frozen behind me.




 I reach out my bloody hand.




 The look on her face confused for a moment, but then she grabbed my fingers with all her might.




 I walk through the cell with Abigail in tow.
Looking for Titania.




 She has to be somewhere in this cell.
I don't know exactly where she is, so I'll have to look for her randomly.





 He runs in front of me, then stops and looks back.




 –You're showing me the way.




 I follow Niblo down the dimly lit corridor.




 Abigail follows cautiously behind.




 Soon after, Niblo stops in front of a room.




 Niblo looked at the inside of the prison, bounced his body two or three times, and then backed away.




 After a delay, I stopped in front of the room and peered inside.

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