Chapter 81: Titans

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I flew into the middle of the party hall.




 I rolled around on the ground, bounced off a few tables, and came to a stop.




 As I stood up, I heard an uproar and clamor from around me.








 It's Ferris's voice.




 But I don't have time to worry about that.




 A giant centipede is really no big deal.
That's what I thought.




 As I looked at it, a myriad of giant bugs sprang up from the darkness of the forest.
Queaking, jittering, clacking.
There are quite a lot of them.




 The one that easily repelled my huge body was the giant beetle at the front.
On either side of it were two equally huge praying mantis, and behind them was the centipede.




 And that's not all.
There were also ants, something that looked like a beetle, and something that looked like a hornworm.
All around us, large, aggressive insects were seeping out of the forest.





 Not only this party, but the entire city must be under attack.
Screams were beginning to rise from afar.




This is real, It's no longer a B-grade horror.
It was the perfect match for me, a fellow horror movie fan.




 I lightly swing my butcher knife at the beetle, but the beetle in front of me flips it easily and hits me hard.




 It's so hard.
It's not chitinous.
The texture was completely metallic.
It would be difficult to inflict a fatal wound unless I swung with all my might.




 I caught the beetle's lunge once and quickly stepped back.




 A sharp shadow flew at me from the left.




 When I reflexively adjusted my knife, a spark of fire scattered into the air.




 There it is, the swing of a mantis.
It's so fast, I can't even see it.
If I stay still and defense myself, I'll be attacked by the mantis's fast attacks.
I got cut in the shoulder by one earlier.




 I kicked the ground and pushed back the huge mantis.




 The mantis's reach is longer than my butcher knife, and I have to really go all the way in to slash its body.




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 I fought off the beetles that came crashing at me again and then turned my head to check my surroundings.




 The aliens were fleeing.
Quite a few of them had already been preyed upon.
A rain of flesh and blood was pouring down on the beautiful garden.
Ferris and Lydia were also being chased by the giant insects and were in a state of panic.
Abigail was nowhere to be seen.




 Lydia was able to fight with her bow, the Gradnega, but her opponent was a little too strong.




 These giant insects are much stronger than any magical beasts I've encountered before coming to this city.
The two of them are in danger if I leave them alone.




 As I was running towards them, I hit something big that looked like cricket that was chasing them around so I shook it off.
I  then stood in a position to protect them and glared at our surroundings.







“Gevaudan ●▽□§、Ferris”



 I don't know what they're talking about, but anyway, I repelled the insects that jumped from behind the girls with a yakuza kick.




 As I swung my butcher knife to slice through the air, the giant insects around me stopped moving, as if they were scared off by my movements.




 I was surrounded on all sides by giant insects.




『Gevaudan, I lost Abby! Sorry!!』




 I'm so glad you were concerned about that.
They really did like each other.




『Stay close to me.』





 I had no choice but to smash a huge flea-like insect with the side of my butcher knife.




 After that, there were more attacks, but I swatted them all away like the fly swatter.
I killed a long, thin thing that was sneaking up on me, crawling on the ground, by stomping on it with my foot.




 After a while, the circle around me expanded ……and the centipede came out of the gap.




 With its countless red legs interlocked, it whirled around in front of us with a terrifying and frightening motion.
It seemed to be the boss.
Abigail is still not there?




『Are there such magical beasts like this?』




 In fact, I don't know the details of them either.
so I asked Lydia.




『These are ……






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 I asked her back as I swung the giant knife with one hand, spraying the insect bodily fluids stuck to the blade on the ground.
And then Ferris said.



『These Titans are those who serve the the ruler clan.
They're supposed to be dead by now, so why they're here?』




 I respond.




『It looks like they're not going to let us off the hook, anyway.』





 I let go of Lydia's hand and took a step forward, and suddenly the body of the coiled centipede spun around with a swoosh.



Two sharp red lights flashed from the black whirlwind.




 I quickly used my butcher knife as a shield.




 At almost the same time, a tremendous shock went through my body.




 My heavy body skidded a few meters.




 I looked down and saw two deep cuts on the blade of the butcher knife.




 The centipede had two sharp red tails on its hips, and it seemed to have swung them out and struck me with a flash.
It was as sharp as a powerful sword.
It was quite dangerous.




 You can't be serious!




 If the butcher knife was shattered, it would be difficult for me to continue.
I think it's better to get in close combat.




 I took the initiative and ran headfirst into the centipede.




 With a thud, the centipede uncoils its body.




 The fangs of the centipede that had bitten me from above collided with the butcher knife.
There was a hard clang as if I had struck a rock.



 We stared at each other at close range like we're a swordsman challenging each other.





 Every muscle in my body tensed up, and blood vessels appeared in my shoulders and arms.
I could smell the blood from my clenched teeth.




 Surprisingly, our physical strength was on par with each other.
What a power.




 The thick blade of the butcher knife and the red fangs that bit into it made a deafening sound.




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 Immediately after, I felt like I was floating.




 My vision drifted wildly, and before I had time to catch myself, I was hit with a strong impact on my back.




 This guy ……
is swinging me around along with the butcher knife…..!




 There was that floating feeling again.




 This time, I was struck by a nearby tree.




 The centipede is swinging me around wildly, snapping the thick tree trunks as it passes.




 The next swing was directly upwards, and I suddenly found myself looking down at the ground from a high place.




 Ferris looks like she's about to cry, and Lydia bites her lip.




And at the edge of my vision, I saw the shadow of a blonde woman with a silver butterfly attached to her shoulder —– now.




Anyway, No.5.
Do you have something against me? Isn't that a bit much? It hurts like hell…….
I'm going to get serious for a second, but don't get mad at me later, okay?




 As he lifted me up, I stretched out my tongue like a frog.




 The tongue wrapped around the head of the centipede that bites the butcher knife.
It is different from the usual and is covered with a mysterious pink liquid mucus.




 The next moment, white smoke began to rise fiercely from the centipede's exoskeleton that touched the tongue, making a sizzling sound.




One of my secret powers.




I felt like I was floating again.




 This time the giant centipede loosened its fangs and dropped me.
It seemed to be unable to resist the stimulation of its outer skin melting.




 I landed on the ground with a thud……and without pausing, I spin my body and landed a heavy strike with the side of my butcher knife that carried the momentum of my rotation.




 BANG The butcher knife broke.
It seems that the cut inflicted by the centipede earlier was deeper than I thought.




 The struck centipede lost its balance due to the violent impact and fell on its side.




 A large amount of dust and smoke billowed up.




As the war dust blocking my vision faded, I saw myself grabbing the legs of a fallen centipede.

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 With a snap, I pull one out.



 I'm drenched in the centipede's bodily fluids, but I don't care, I grab the next leg and pull it out.




 *pluck* *pluck*




 One by one, I tore off the red legs of the giant centipede.
The centipede wraps itself around me, curling its body around me as it gasps in pain.




 Even though the centipede is tightening up on me with a desperate stiffness, I don't stop tearing its legs off.




 *pluck* *pluck*



 I'm not going to stop, even though some part of my body is screaming.




 Its countless legs writhed in agony and scratched my face.
My butcher bag comes off.
But I keep pulling his legs out.



 The more pain I felt, the more the ferocity in me swelled.
I do my best to suppress it by eating the leg I pulled again and again, Delicious.




 *pluck* *pluck*


 *pluck* *pluck*



One by one, I pulled his legs out.
Each time, my face is splashed with warm, slimy fluid, but I don't stop.
I was starting to enjoy it.



 The centipede was the first to lose its grip.




 It releases me from the restraints, bounces its huge body once, and retreats into the forest, spreading its bodily fluids on the soil.




 I've won…….




 I heard that centipedes grow legs again every time they molt, so that's fine.




 Then the insect army, which had lost its general, began to retreat as well.




 As the waves recede, the huge shadows seep into the forest and disappear.




 Immediately after seeing them off.




――Accept the order of flame (Kaen) ―― Libaren Pyrosmaragda――





 The message came directly to my brain, and suddenly my body started to twitch.




 Simultaneously, my whole body was assaulted with intense pain, as if a bolt of lightning had been poured into the spinal cord from my brain.

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