Chapter 79: Carnal Pleasure

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 『Look, Gevaudan, this girl said she wanted to compete with me, didn't she? You can't even compete if we aren't on the same footing.』








 Lydia was in my arms with a frown look on her face as if she didn't know what she was talking about.



 Abigail's hand, holding her shoulder strengthened.




 With the sound effect of dodododo (ドドドドドド) on her back, she smiled. *gulp*




『Hey, wait a minute! The game is between you and me, not Gevaudan.』




*gulp*! *gulp*! *gulp*!




 The whole situation made me feel like I was on the edge of my seat.





『Let's take care of it, shall we?』





 I tightened my hold on Lydia's wobbling body and pulled her hips to the base of my cock in time with Abigail's push.




 I could feel the glans plumping through her.




 Lydia, who was thoroughly soaked in my cum, accepted me easily.




“Ooh, g-“




 Lydia's whole body tensed up as an uncharacteristic voice came out.
Her upturned throat was exposed in front of me.
According to Abigail's explanation, she should be having trouble breathing because of the sensation that her entire stomach has been penetrated.
Well, she wasn't actually being penetrated, so she should be fine.
I don't care, but her young buttocks are pressed tightly against my base.





 I slowly and gently pushed her brown flesh down and covered her on the bed, her eyes peeled and her teeth clenched.




 I put my crotch to her crotch and let her know the first signs of the Butcher's fun and pleasure to come.




『You're perfect, Lydia.』









『 From the first time I talked to you, you and I didn't feel like strangers.
We're a perfect match.』








『I'm gonna fuck you.』








 There was no sound of protest.




 I'm not sure if she's just confused, but I'm glad she is, and I'm going to enjoy the beastly sex with the brown girl.




“Fu, gu……




 I held Lydia's arms tightly on the bed, blocking her movements.




 The woman can't even move if she's held down by my massive weight.
There is no way for her to escape from here, even if the pleasure hits her like a storm.




 The best way to fuck a woman is to use the missionary position and pump into her mercilessly.




“Ah …
hii!? …
gi! …





 Then her healthy brown breasts begin to dance up and down as they receive my thrusts.
I watch the mesmerizing movement intently, teasing the nipples with my black tongue, and slowly, repeatedly, give Lydia a heavy thrust with my hips.




“Hmmm! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!”




 Every time I crushed Lydia's clit with the base of my horsey cock, an animalistic gasp came from her mouth.




 I couldn't let Lydia hate me.
so I was going to stop if she really was in pain.




 But, as expected, there was a hint of sexiness in her muffled voice that could bewitch a male.




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 Even though she was pinned down by me, she bent over her waist, desperately thrusting her breasts out, continuing to instinctively entice me with her desire.
It was a moment when I caught a glimpse of Lydia's formidable talent.




 I grabbed Lydia's arm tightly and continued to pound her hips.





『Please……gent… gentl-』








 telepath came to me for a moment.
I guess I'm getting better.
It's wonderful that you don't mind being treated like this.
This is the true nature of a woman, isn't it? Let's pretend I didn't hear you.
being kind doesn't change anything now.




 Instead of words, I answered with the deep strokes of a butcher lance.









 The beast's penis poked the wall of her womb with a thud.
The cervix tightened.
Almost at the same time, the slippery slime of her pussy was sprayed to the roots of the shaft.




 The squeezing of her vaginal folds increased even more than before.
The squeeze was so violent that it almost made me cum without moving, like a rough wave.




 When I reflexively pulled my hips back because it felt so good, the hot, plump protrusions started to scrape up my private parts with slight vibrations.




 Each time I moved back and forth inside Lydia's vagina while enjoying each and every one of those spikes, a strong numbness-like pleasure ran up my back.
It was a kind that made my hips buckle.




 When the glans was caught at her womb, I skewered Lydia again and shook her naked brown body.
I lost myself in the motion, listening to her moans of pleasure, “Agii”.
Lydia welcomed my brute force with her whole body writhing to its fullest extent.




 I was so pleased with her reaction that I repeatedly slapped her pubic bone.
Unconsciously, my hips accelerated.



“Hi, Ngu …
Hi, Hu …
Hi …
Agu …
Aaaa …




 Lydia kept her eyes shut, her eyebrows furrowed in to the ハ shape, and her mouth agape.




 I was surprised to see that, little by little, Lydia's screams were becoming more animated.
Every time her body bounces against my thrusts, a feverish breath begins to leak from her pretty mouth.




“Han……♡ huh……




 She opened her eyes and looked up at me with tears in her eyes.




 There was no telepathic communication.
I know she can't afford it, but I can tell she's trying hard to feel me.




 In an attempt to change things up a bit, I continued to thrust deep into her, this time using circular motions to grind her womb.




“Ahhhh! Hee, heeyah♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ higu~ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Aaaa!?”




 When the honey pot becomes damp, I tighten my arms around Lydia's flexible female body again and pound my hips as hard as I can.




 I plunged my lustful tongue into Lydia's mouth.





“Mumu ……
Mumu ……
Chupu♡ ……
Haumu♡ ……
Jupu ……
jup, jup……
mug! ……Ummm♡”




 Lydia gave me a blowjob on my tongue without hesitation.




 She was starting to become a sex fiend, servicing me with all her membranes to make me feel better.
But this seemed to be an outburst of the love that was instinctively ingrained in her body, instead of depravity.




 I pulled my tongue out.




 Saliva began to slurp out of her mouth.




 The sound of Lydia's voice spat out with the hot breath, was sweeter and more piercing than before.





“Aahhhh ♡ …… Aah♡! Aah! Aah! Aah♡ Aah♡”




 It was amazing.
This is the first time I've seen a girl who was so happy with her first experience of being penetrated to the root with a butcher lance.
What a wonderful girl you are, Lydia.




 –You said it was okay to be a little rough, right?




 I quickened the rhythm of my thrusts.




“Igu!?  Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡” 






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 Then, as if Lydia sensed what was going on, she squeezed her eyebrows together and lifted her legs to grab my waist as if to encourage me to ejaculate.




 In response to this delightful invitation, I hugged Lydia and covered her up.




 Without hesitation, I begin the final ritual to plant the seed of the beast.




“Ha, ha, ha, ……
Aaah! Aah♡  Aah♡  Aah♡  Aah♡  Aah♡  Aah♡  Aah♡”




 Lydia squealed in response to my more intense rhythm.
The sturdy bed was shaking underneath her.




 A youthful woman is impregnated with my ferocious sperm.
Once my sperm is in her, she can't be impregnated by any other male for a long while.




 Soaking in the satisfaction and accomplishment of such domination, I gave Lydia one last deep thrust into her core and finished in her womb.




“Ka–!? N~~~……a……a…..”




 Lydia's pretty face was twisted in agony as she received the torrent of pleasure I was sending through her entire body.




 Like Abigail, her deep orgasm had a mesmerizing amount of peristalsis that seemed to swallow my son.
I was halfway through when I let the sucking take over and continued to conquer her youthful womb with Butcher's filthy semen.




 Slowly, Lydia's belly began to swell.




 While it was pouring, Lydia's face turned red and she kept staring off into the distance.
She seemed to be experiencing a deep orgasm, receiving the Butcher's animal desire directly into her womb.
Just looking at her face filled my heart with a strange sense of satisfaction.




 The goddess of sex.
How appropriate.




 Lydia is a thoroughbred of sex, born to please men.




“Ha, ha, ha, ……, ha, ……, ha, …….”




 As I watch her face, I pull my cock out of her.




 Lydia is unable to move with the light out of her eyes.
The frothy fluid rushed back from her crack. My reddish-black grotesque beast root is still warped and covered with the sticky evidence of my love with Lydia.








 Ferris sucked on Lydia's lips wistfully.




 Oh, isn't this the first time you've gotten it from Ferris? I guess she got drunk by my semen, as usual.




 Lydia hadn't come to her senses yet.
She was a dead fish on the bed, and Ferris was doing whatever she wanted.




 Leaving that one alone, I turned to Abigail.




 She gave me a slightly reproachful look, but her cheeks were so inflamed that she couldn't hide the flush.
She's so cute.




 When I started to slap Abigail's beautiful ass in the back, Ferris was devouring Lydia's crotch next to her.
Ferris' eyes were also clouded with lust.




–Did you have fun?–




 Abigail asked me, pinching my hand.





 I was enjoying the luxury of kneading Abigail's plump breasts from behind while I admired their adorable lovemaking.




–So much.–




–Who did you prefer, me or her?–








 Instant answer.
There was no other answer.
Because the pressure was enormous.




 But the truth is, it's hard to tell.




–You said the same thing to Lydia, didn't you?–




 Abigail pinched the back of my hand, quite forcefully.




 I squashed her from behind instead of answering.



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 Abigail couldn't bear my weight and fell on the bed, but I didn't care as I slapped her ass in the reverse position and continued to overwrite her thoughts with pleasure.








 I could see Abigail's ass turn up ……
as she got down and chewed on the sheets.




 We went on cumming together again and again until she stopped moving.




 When I looked next to me, I saw Ferris and Lydia in the heat of the moment.




 Ferris was mindlessly devouring Lydia's secret crack, and Lydia was craning her neck to enjoy her beloved Ferris' services.
Judging by the movement of her jaw, she's got her tongue in there.
I wonder what kind of private conversations they are having with their telepaths.




 …..Do you want me to resupply it?





 I walked over to Lydia, who was lying on her back and plunged my still vigorous cock into her half-open mouth.




『Can I do it again?』








 Lydia also seems to be going a bit out of her mind.
I'm sure she'll be fine.




 I held Lydia's head in my hands and plunged my cock deep into her throat, thinking to myself that she would probably be okay with it.
Lydia's eyes rolled back in her head at the sudden deep-throating.




“Ngo ……
gop ……
gop ……
gop …….”




 As I swayed my hips unrestrainedly, Lydia adjusted the angle of her chin and head to make it easier for me to move.
She doesn't mind, after all.
It's amazing.




 As I fuck Lydia's throat, I see a foxy little girl with her head in her brown crotch, desperately licking and sucking.
It's a spectacular sight.




 Such an immoral sight instantly heightened my libido.








 I plunged the scorching rod into Lydia's mouth, and my scrotum was stuck to her face.
The rough snorting on my testicles made me squirm.
With them pressed together like that, I give in to the pulsing of my penis and make her a drink.




“Nghhhh ……
nghhhh ……
nghhhhhhhh …….”




 Thanks to Lydia's upturned throat, I had a good view of her obscene swallowing motion.
I was so excited that I could clearly see her throat moving up and down and falling to her stomach every time I blew.




 Before I could finish, I pulled my hips back and grabbed Lydia's hand, forcing her to squirt me all over her naked brown body.




 Her face, throat, and breasts.
The white, sticky stains splattered on her brown skin were exquisitely disgusting and indescribable.




『Ferris, your treat.』




  My cum is probably half of the reason why's she does this.
Maybe she's on the verge of addiction.
I feel a little sorry for her, but I feel good.
I have to remind Lydia not to be so perverted that she'll substitute another butcher when I'm gone.
It's simply not worth the risk.



 Sure enough, she sucked on Lydia's face in search of fresh spunk.




 I took over, and I didn't hesitate to apply the butcher lance to her sludgy vaginal opening.
She didn't even have to move her hips before swallowing the big, fat, nasty cock with ease.




“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm ~~~~~~~!?”






 Lydia let out an inaudible scream as Ferris covered her mouth.
I didn't care, I skewered her at once.
She ejaculated with a thrusting motion in perfect contact.
The rest of the juice was sprayed on her, leaving a souvenir for Ferris, and now for Abigail.




 I ejaculate on Lydia and then move on to Abigail.




 I ejaculate on Abigail, then move on to Lydia.




 It's a bit like a cormorant crossing the valley.





 I made a simple but great discovery with this method, I can have sex all the time while the women take turns resting.
If I had realized this earlier, I would have been able to call the women in the prison two at a time.
But I can't talk, so it's impossible.



 I put them face-to-face, fucked them both at the same time with tongue and butcher lance, sprayed them in the face, and fucked them again while making them play semi-lesbian on top of each other.




 This carnal feast finally came to an end at midnight.


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 My bed was stained with all sorts of bodily fluids, and on top of it lay a beautiful blonde and a beautiful brown girl, their eyes unfocused and entwined.




 At the end of the bed, Ferris, whose eyes were burning with lust, was sitting flat on the floor.
Her hands were in her crotch.
She's been consoling herself the whole time.
I feel a little sorry for the one person who is left out.








 I got up and stood in front of Ferris, who was breathing hard and patted her head.





 It was just as my flaccid member came into view, and Ferris's vertically split pupils squeezed and she slurped.



 The look on her face as she looked at the droopy penis was debauched and completely rutted.




 This is really pitiful.




 Do you want to try it, Ferris?




 But I'm sure mine will be too hard, so you can ask Lydia to start with a toy when you get home.
Yeah, that's right.
It's Lydia's place after all.
I wonder if they have any in this room.




 In the meantime, I reached out my tongue and licked Ferris' face to comfort her…








 A small hand grabbed my tongue with a crunch.
Ferris is surprisingly strong.




 She slowly pulled my tongue down and guided it to her own private.




 I couldn't help but feel sympathy for her, and inserted the tip of my tongue into Ferris' soggy pants, making it squirm.
The white fabric wriggled as the black flesh pushed up against it.




 Then, without asking, Ferris grabbed my dangling son, opened her mouth so wide her jaw almost came off and stuck out her tongue.




 Ferris munched on my son from underneath as if She were sucking crab meat onto her tongue and bringing it to her mouth.




 The little fox makes a disgusting sound of sipping and slurping, sucking cock.




 I think I'll just fuck her…..




 At that moment, I had a feeling of panic in my heart.




Ferris is crying as she is being spread wide open and penetrated by my cock.
When I thought of that scene, something prickled in my chest.




 It was something I had forgotten for a long time, something like fear or guilt.




 I don't know why I felt that way.




 After a few moments of me not being able to move, I suddenly realized that Ferris was desperately sucking on my flaccid son.



she's fellatio with tears. 



Oh no, this gives the impression that Ferris is terrible at this.
Concentrate, me.
You're a pro.




 In no time at all, my huge cock was slithering to the sky.




 Then she pulled me onto the floor, pushed me to lie down, took off her clothes, and straddled me.




 It was 69.
She is trying to follow Miss Lydia's example.
What an honor student.




 I grabbed Ferris' tail gently as it appeared in front of me.








 This, this.
This is what I wanted to do.




 Without any real action, Ferris and I enjoyed a battle.




 It went on for quite a while.




 The animalistic cry stopped, and eventually, the room fell silent.




 When I laid Ferris on the bed, there were three broken dolls left behind.




 As a bodyguard, I felt it would be a bad idea to leave them like this, so I cleaned up Ferris' and Lydia's mangled bodies in the bathroom, wrapped them in towels, and carried them to the next room to lay them on the bed.

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