of oxygen.




 The inside of Lydia's vagina was superb.




I guess you could say it was like dipping my cock in and out of a sticky paste of ground nata de coco, drenched in hot syrup.
No matter how I moved, no matter where I scraped, my penis would feel supreme pleasure in return.




 It's so plump and tight that it makes my whole son squirm, but there are some unexplainable spasms, especially along the underside of my cock, that make my hips buckle.




 So this is what Lilith's family is all about.




 The plump, moist, taut skin sucking on my whole body, different from Abigail's and the other well-trained women in the prison, is also somehow immoral and exciting.




 From Ferris's position, she must have a perfect view of me and Lydia's joint, but I wonder what it looks like.
Her face had turned from boiled octopus to completely serene, looking serious and with her eyes glued to that one spot.





『How do you feel, Lydia? Does it feel good?』




“Kun, um, um …
Ahhh!!  uh! An ♡ ah ♡ um ♡”




『Yeah ……
feels good ……
feels good ♡ Gevaudan ……!』




Lydia was not lying.
Her eyes are telling the truth.
Her mouth is panting between ragged breaths, drool spilling from the edges of her mouth, and her face is flushed.


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 I knew that if she could take me in and get instant pleasure from me, then she had a great sexual talent.
She didn't call herself a sex goddess for nothing.





『n…not good…
I'm feeling something weird ♡』




『can I cum?』




『Um …
un ♡ shoot it out …
♡ It's okay to make it a little rougher …
shoot it out  ♡  inside』



 With her grateful permission, I tightened my arms around her naked brown body and quickened the movement of my hips.






 Biting her lower lip and shaking her head, Lydia's neck arched.




“Hmph ♡…..cu….♡♡♡!”





 She immediately climaxed, and I unleashed all of my beastly desires, which were close to the limit, into her vagina.




 It was the second squeeze of the day, but the volume and density hadn't diminished yet.
My scorching torrent hit Lydia's vagina over and over again, thumping and thumping, the splashing semen raked up her pussy and poured into her womb.




“Uu……♡ Uu……♡ ugh……♡”





 Each time I do this, Lydia's body twitches and jerks, but my strong arms hold her waist so tightly that she can only writhe her upper body.




 She twisted and wriggled her slender body to escape the overpowering pleasure, but eventually she gave up and clung to my chest, closing her eyes tightly and letting out nothing but breath through her clenched teeth.







 My ejaculation is long.
The pulsation of the butcher lance never ends.
Lydia's brown body jerks as she cums, squeezing every last drop out of me and begging for more.




 I was dazzled by her healthy brown flesh as she curled her back on top of me, squeezing tightly and bearing amout of cum that was pouring into her.




 With a plop, the evidence of my union with her erupted, and I saw a few drops of the spray fly onto Ferris' cheek.
Her body twitched and bounced as she was jolted back to reality.




 –I really want to impregnate this brown girl.
I really want to impregnate this young and healthy body.




 I could feel the desire of such a beast throbbing in the pit of my stomach.







 Lydia's sweaty body relaxed at the end of the several minutes of cumming.





『It felt so good inside of you, Lydia.』



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Really? Yay…….』




 Lydia, who was weakening on top of me, loosened her expression.




『It's the first time I've ever fucked a woman while talking to her.
It's kind of fun to be Lydia's lover.』




 A brown arm slips around the back of my head.




 Lydia licked my cheek and smiled mischievously.




Gevaudan, even if this is our first time ……
I'm much better than a subhuman, aren't I?』




 Then Lydia looked at Abigail with a giggle.




『Lydia is so cute, I can't stand it.
I'm going to fuck you one more time.』








『Oh, hey, wait! wai…..!』





 Without pulling out, I raised her up and tightened my arms around Lydia, who flailed a bit.




 I then got into a face-to-face position and rocked her up and down as I fucked her.




 The bed was shaking, and I could hear her moaning in anguish.





“Fugu!!  Haa……
haa……han♡ ah……an♡ ……n♡”





 However, as soon as I began to feel more comfortable, Lydia also wrapped her hands around my neck and hugged me, accepting my movements.



“–Hmm ♡ Hah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡”




『How do you feel, Gevaudan? Does it feel good? I'll take the lead this time ♡, and you can cum anytime you want, okay? I'm going to show Abigail that I'm a woman who can seduce even Gevaudan.』




 Lydia wiggled her hips and said lustily in my arms.




 At that moment.




『You're not all the way in yet.』




 Before I knew it, Abigail had moved behind Lydia.




 She had a smile like the Buddha on her face as she put her hands on Lydia's brown shoulders.

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