Chapter 239 Angered Beast

I yanked the door open and walked out from the elevator shaft.

After scaring the shit out of the crowd, I pretended to follow the fleeing crowd downstairs, and then climb up the elevator shaft to the upper floors.
You can count on me to climb a tree.
I'm quite naughty when I was a kid.

All surveillance cameras have now been wiped out.
Thank you, Yakumo-sama,  I didn't want to involve you two, but I just had to indulge you for one last time.

Thanks to this, I was able to reach the upper floors without any problems.
No one would expect the Butcher to climb up the elevator shaft so dexterously and soundlessly.
The soldiers are probably searching left and right in the lower levels for the missing butcher.

Putting on the new skins I had just acquired at the venue, I walked proudly down the corridor to my destined room.

Several guards stopped me on the way, but I chopped their heads off before continuing on my way.
They were too careless.
But I can't blame them.
The guards were not expecting aliens to invade this place.

 There was a strange feeling.

My body felt cold, but my mind was boiling.
It was such an imbalance that it felt surreal.
Nothing makes sense.
I was feeling……

Is this shiver in my heart a warrior's tremor? Or…?

In the face of the cumulative hatred, the butcher cannot even remember how to control his body.
My eyes are spinning,  my hands gripping against the wall.

Suppressing the feeling, I continued walking quietly.

Eventually, I saw the door to a big office.

The last of the guards stationed in front of the door was melted away soundlessly with .

I put my hand on the knob.

Next, it'll be massacred.


 No, I need to go in and see them first.

I still don't recognize their faces.
All I heard just now was their voices.
Who is who? Who is this Yasmin? What is Garnier's look like? I had no idea.
I should have processed the information more seriously.
and Abigail is in there, too.

but how do I enter the room?

 I guess I'll just rely on the power of the as usual.

 I switched on the brainwave voice synthesizer.

“Emergency Lieutenant General, the Butcher is approaching this room —-.”

 *bang* Immediately after I opened the door, gunshots hit me.

Two shots, one in the face and the other precisely on my left kneecap.
The skin was blown off.
They were all vital points of the human body.
Well done.

The man said calmly while reloading his revolver.
He was a bold-looking man with a fearless face and long hair.

—Deception failed……

I was rather taken aback.
How did he find out?

But I'm not the type to just fall and lie down.

I quickly scan the room.

Behind the man who shot me was Abigail.
At his feet was a woman with stern eyes.
A tough-looking old man at a big desk.
Beside him is a very beautiful woman.
Grey hair and glowing eyes, so she's an alien.
On the sofa, an old man in a white coat, a cute brunette girl, and a distance away there's a handsome man with glasses on his knees.

–The tough old man is Penrose.
The alien is Yasmin.
The old haggard man is Benedict.
The woman being stepped on is InoRyder.
The brunette is the secretary Claudia.
The handsome guy with glasses is Logan.
Got it.

 Then the guy who shot me is Garnier.

He recognized my disguise instantly.

Garnier, unsurprised that his gun didn't work on me, calmly put his revolver away and pulled a dagger from his waist.

A sickening sizzle sound reached my ears.
The black blade glowed a bluish white.
It's the knife from that time.

I think I may have figured out why the skin disguise doesn't work.

Yasmin said something about him being a cyborg with alien technology.

 Gilles Garnier.
This guy didn't see me through his real eye.

 He is seeing me through a camera-like device, so he can see through my disguise.

Maybe that body isn't a living body either.
It must be like a robot.
No wonder Niblo's poison didn't work.

 I found Niblo lying upside down on the floor.

He lost two of his legs and was spilling his bodily fluids.
It was undoubtedly the carcass of an insect.

–You have done well, Private Niblo.

 You did as I ordered and defended her.
I am proud of you.

For your merit, I will award you the Medal of Honor with the Seal of Gevaudan.
I will report your heroism to Titania and all of your comrade-in-arms.

Penrose gave a loud and brazen shout, Claudia's shoulders jerked and her body stiffened.

 She quickly ran over to the bookshelf and pushed one of the books.
Part of the wall spun around to reveal a passageway.
How classic.

 Penrose and Yasmin flee into it.
Then Benedict and Claudia.

 I tried to run after them, but Garnier stood in my way.

The moment I saw the man's face up close, the blood surged to my head.

 –You stabbed me in the back?

W H Y !!

I roared without realizing it.

Simultaneously, I swung my claws.

 Garnier dodges.
A large claw mark was carved on the window.

However, he still does not move from the way that Yasmin and the others fled.
He is trying to buy time.

“InoRyder, are you okay? Hold tight…….”


Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Abigail lend a shoulder to the fallen InoRyder and retreat into the corridor and Logan try led the girls away.

 I, on the other hand, was struggling to keep up with Garnier.

 This guy is fast.
He is even faster than the last time.
That knife is a real nuisance to me because of my big size.

 Now it's just you and me in the room.

I can do whatever I want now, Garnier!!

I pull my butcher knife, open my mouth wide, and yelled.

The shaking window reflects the light from my eyeballs, which are glowing bright red.

Then, gushes forth.

The room was enveloped in thick deadly air, immediately followed by the sound of gunfire and then the sound of glass breaking.

 The presence disappeared suddenly.
and a cold breeze swept into the office.

Garnier had apparently jumped through the window that I damaged.

Once he decided to run away, he immediately turn tail.
The bastard let the VIPs escape and then managed to do the same himself.


You know, lately….

 I've been facing so many aliens who don't run away that I forgot that humans usually do when they're at a disadvantage…….But isn't that guy not a human? Whatever.

 I walked over to the broken window and looked out of the building.

 My eyes met Garnier's.
He was standing on top of the rail tracks amidst the blowing wind, staring at me.

Garnier looked at me for a few short breaths, then quickly turned his back on me and dexterously hopped off the track and onto the ground.

I, on the other hand, was too heavy and the altitude is too high for me to try jumping like him.
I have never done it before, but I felt like I might die if I jumped down from here.

 I looked at the passage where Yasmin had escaped.
It was too narrow for me to pass through.

 –Ugh, for the love of……

What happened to me…

 First and foremost, I should have used  for Yasmin and Garnier. Even if they escaped, I could have tracked them down at any time by using I was so preoccupied that I lost my composure.
How humiliating.

My shoulders slumped in disappointment —- but I quickly looked up.

 I'm not going to let you get away with this!!

 Butcher's angry voice rang out into the snowy landscape of the Fort, which began to rustle.

The concrete buildings tremble.

The volume of the noise increased to match my howl.
I can hear the engines and sirens in the distance.
And then the cries.
88 was preparing for a fight.
It is impossible to stay undercover now.


His body movements, skills, and decision-making abilities are top-notch.
On top of that, his body is a cyborg.
Next time, I have to be more serious.

 –After letting out a roar, my head cleared up.

 Let's be professional and keep a level head from here on out.

 I put on the butcher bag I had brought with me.

I turned around and dove back into the elevator shaft I had just climbed up.

Scratching at the walls with my claws, I slid down the shaft in a hurry to catch up with Yasmin and the others.

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