Chapter 238 Reached the core

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You are quite a detective.”

“Then Nigel–“

Yasmin's brow furrowed and she gave a small growl.

“But there was also a problem with strengthening the body with drugs.
In other words, in order to strengthen the body to a level that can withstand artificial changelings, a substantial amount of drug intake is required on a continuous basis, but the body cannot withstand those burdens as well.
Earthlings are too fragile.
That is why I asked Penrose to build a special nursery for us.
And that is—.”

“Fox Team.”

 Hearing the word, Yasmin nodded her head in satisfaction.

“Fucking wh-at–!!”

InoRyder growled under Garnier's feet.
Her face turning bright red with rage, she turned her head aside and glared at Yasmin.

“We aimed to further strengthen a tough individual.
The result is good.
But we're missing just one more step.
Just a little more.
It was at that time Garnier picked up a girl named Nigel.”


Abigail bit her lip, desperately suppressing the urge to yell from her gut.
She needed to let Yasmin tell the rest of the story.

“She was perfect, you know? She has grown beyond our expectations, strong and resilient, a tremendous metabolism that nobody can match.
She was truly a gift of nature.
It's the kind of natural talent that no one can replicate.
Her successful record was supposed to be a valuable foundation for the eventual mass production of Translings.”

“Then why?”

 Abigail asked.

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“–Who was it that stabbed that precious Nigel in the 89 defense?”

 Yasmin then put her hands on her hips and sighed heavily.

“I wonder if he has broken after years of use…….”

She looked at Garnier nonchalantly and continued.

“– Him.
Garnier is originally a race of miforsis called .
Ogres are wanderers species with a long history of being persecuted for one reason or another.
When I was over there, I modified him with golem technology in order to rescue him.
With one condition that he'll serve me until the day he dies.”

Garnier's expression didn't even budge.

“Now Garnier is what we call a in our language.
You might understand it better if I refer to it as a cyborg.
Originally, fresh golems were made by splicing parts of corpses together, but I used my own technology to combine the living parts of the golem into this special creation.
However, perhaps because of this, there were a few problems with the emotional state of the resulted golem.”

 Yasmin shook her head, pinching her finger between her eyebrows.

“–In that battle, Garnier was supposed to destroy the evidence and clean up the mess, starting with the experimental subjects and equipment.
But he went against my orders and killed Nigel.
What a mess.
And consequently, the recovery of the precious body also went unsuccessful.

“Garnier, you..”

“I heard about you Abigail. We almost kill you.
If Garnier hadn't been so negligent in reporting us about you we could have taken you off the kill list far earlier.
I'm so sorr–“

Interrupting Yasmin, Abigail asked Garnier with a desperate look on her face.

“She's not even your real daughter.
But you rescued her from the battlefield and raised her, Why?”

 Garnier remained motionless, looking blankly into the distance.
InoRyder also stopped moving, staring at the floor.

Yasmin didn't seem to care about them and continued speaking briskly.

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“So I had no choice but to try Translinger with various humans on your side in recent years……
Then, you came to me!”


Suddenly a cool hand caressed Abigail's cheek and she jerked her body back in surprise.

 Before she knew it, Yasmin had closed the distance between them.

“It really is a miracle.
I know from a glance that you can take Nigel's place.”

Did you really think I would willingly cooperate with you after what you just said?”

“Oh, are you still worried? Don't worry you'll be fine.
You listened to what I said right? We've made a lot of improvements since then.
I guess you could say that the disaster has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This is because the loss of Nigel has led to a rapid improvement in the Translinger itself.
There is minimal risk of it failing and you turning into an ugly freak but I can guarantee that you will succeed with a high probability.”

“Are you kidding me? Don't play with me!”

 Seeing Abigail's hostile look, Yasmin cocked her head down.

“Oh my, why?”

Yasmine looked confused, not acting, truly unable to understand Abigail's emotional response.

“–You can have superpowers, you know? You will make history as the first Earthling hero.
Moreover, unlike natural changelings, translings can select the powers of the species from miforsis.
So you can have that ridiculous fighting power of the Dragonkin, or even those divine races like Valkyrie…”

“You're not on our side at all.”

Abigail retorted to Yasmin, who was speaking without a trace of malice.

“You're out of your mind.
Treat others as objects, willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve your goals.
You never think about the feelings of the other person, do you? You think that everyone else is just a piece of stone or something that can be replaced.
Your mentality is incompatible with us humans.”

“—- Too bad.”

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 Yasmin's beautiful eyes narrowed.

“I thought we could understand each other regardless of species with the same goal to destroy Elysium but….”

“The judgment will surely fall on selfish and ugly people like you…….Yes, it's almost here.
You better prepare yourselves—-.”




 The conversation I got from Kin was cut off.

I panicked when there was a gunshot, thinking that Abigail had been shot.
But as expected of her, she did an excellent job and completed her task.

 There are a few parts I don't understand, but it's all clear now.

 And her subordinate, Garnier.

 That's all I needed to know.

Yasmin– Never would I have guessed that an alien was somehow at the top of the 88.

 Garnier– I hear he's my foster parent.
But that's great.
The man who killed me is thankfully still alive.

I was incubated as an experimental subject by the 88 and was stabbed in the back by my most trusted person, my foster parent, who I had risked my life to protect.

 I still can't recall the memory of that time, but I can feel something black and oily boiling in the pit of my stomach.
Suddenly, I was furious.

 I had many chances to quit Fox.
But I stayed with the team because I had friends and missions that worth risking my life with them.

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–But everything about Fox was a lie.

In reality, it was just a dirty, drugged-up fish tank.
We were just fat goldfish swimming around in a small, dirty pool of water.

I was proud to be called Fox.

 All my life.
My friends died believing they were professionals.
I cannot forgive those who have tarnished it.

This is a violation of my soul.

 I had been deceived and ravished my whole life at the hands of Yasmin and Garnier.

–Calm down — I have to calm down.

I'll lose for sure if I snapped and give the handle to Butcher's ferocity.
Let me be me and get my revenge.
I must complete my mission.
If I don't, I won't be able to move on….that's how I feel right now.



 –Well then, let's go see them now.

It's time to pay the debt.

 I'm back.

If you get hit, hit back.
I didn't give up even after I got turned into this ugly beast. 

I have returned as a real Gevaudan.

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