Chapter 237 Yasmin

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Rolling on the floor, Abigail looks at Garnier, stunned.




The bullet punctured the wall.
Garnier's hand is gripping a smoking revolver.
Niblo was biting Garnier's hand that was holding it.



Garnier immediately smacked Niblo away.




The struck Niblo flew across the office.



He fell to the floor, and Immediately afterward, there was a loud, piercing gunshot.



Niblo slid across the floor, spewing his blue bodily fluids.




“Abby! ……uggg!!!”



Logan pulled a pistol from his waist, but it was instantly destroyed by Garnier, turning it into broken parts.



Logan fell to his knees, holding his numb hands.



After observing them, Garnier pointed the muzzle of his gun back at Abigail and warned her.




“Don't move, Abigail.”




(Niblo's poison is not working!?)



Niblo undoubtedly injected him with a deadly poison.



She knows the effects of that poison better than anyone else.
It's instant and impossible to detoxify.
But he's still fine.
Abigail can't believe it.



 Garnier stands still, pointing a gun at Abigail's agitated face.



 Another figure leaps at him from the side.



 It is InoRyder.
She challenges him to a melee at blinding speed.
She grabs the barrel of the gun and grabs Garnier's arm joint.




However, the next moment, it was InoRyder who got spun around and slammed onto the floor.






“Guh —-!!!”




She was crushed to the floor and her shoulder twisted.
InoRyder winced in pain from the dislocation.


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But Abigail is not the type of woman who just sits back and watches.




In the midst of the struggle, she deftly moved in behind Garnier.



She presses faithless against the back of Garnier's head.




“Put down your weapon!”



 The tables have turned.



But she is taken aback when she was about to press him to suddender.







Garnier's finger was lodged between the firing pins.
With this, she can no longer fire the revolver.




 The gun was snatched away from her with unbelievable force.




 Abigail's hope for a shot was now gone.
She has no choice but to back away from the scene.




 Garnier stands up with InoRyder on his feet.



“Nice moves, but not enough practice.
You don't seem to have much experience in real combat.
To threaten someone with a revolver, you have to keep your distance—-?”




As he spoke, he looked down at the gun the -Faithless-  he had taken from Abigail and stopped moving.








 Yasmin opened the door and rushed into the office.





“—-What is all this!?”




Faced with the scene and the smell of gunpowder smoke in the room, she frowns.



 Penrose asks her in a voice that doesn't hide his irritation.



“Garnier suddenly pointed a gun at Abigail.
I want to hear your explanation, Yasmin.
I hope he's not violating orders again.”

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“I just removed Abigail from the list just a moment ago.
On the contrary, I believe I ordered her to be protected.
Garnier, please explain.”




At Yasmin's prompting, Garnier pointed his gun at Niblo, who lay motionless on the floor.




“I found Titans hiding in Abigail's hair.”




“Titan, you say?”




 Yasmin stared at Niblo, unable to hide her surprise.




“That spider was definitely a Titan.
But since the situation was unclear, I prioritized the protection of Penrose and pulled out my gun just in case, and when it suddenly jumped at me, I had no choice but to return fire.”




The spider folded his legs in an upturned position and did not move.
Two of his shredded legs were lying nearby his dead body.




“I've already taken care of it, so there's no danger.”




 Garnier said emotionlessly.









 Abigail bit her lip tightly.







 Penrose looked at Niblo with a raised eyebrow.



“Yasmin, according to you weren't they the clan that perished in the last war?”




“That should be the case…….”




 Yasmin looked confused.




“–Titans are hostile to Elysium.
Whatever it is, it can't be a minion of the Demon King Narus…….
though it seems that the lady there is still hiding some important information.”



“Secretary General Yasmin, you are……”

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“Where were you at, Penrose? Have you finished convincing her?”




“Up to the Translinger.
But it seems like she's already figured out who you are.”




“I see…”





 Yasmin let out a sigh, and then she suddenly took off her glasses and untied her gray hair that was tied up tightly on top of her head.





“–as you can see.
Abigail, I am not from Earth.
I am what you call an alien.”




 Her semi-long silver hair fell to her shoulders.



In a flash, the wrinkles on her face disappeared, her skin became youthful, and her eyes, shining behind them, began to glow with a mystical glow.





 Yasmin brushed her hair back and smiled.




“But don't get me wrong.
I am an ally of the human on this side.”




“Ally, you say…….?”




The objectives of Penrose and me are identical.
That is, the destruction of the Alien and the destruction of Elysium in Miforsis.  He will provide me with what I need for my research.
I will supply the technology of Miforsis and devices to win the war.
That's our deal.”








 Abigail shook her head in disbelief.





“I know you still doubt me…….but it has been decades since I have been here in 88.
If I were an enemy, don't you think this Fort would have fallen long ago?”




“Are you kidding…….”




Logan groaned hatefully.



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 Yasmin sighed and continued, looking disappointed.



“You don't need to be so pessimistic ……
that's right.
I'll tell you about it directly.
I'm sure Abigail will be willing to help us this way.”



 Yasmin clapped her hands and began to speak with a cheerful expression.
Her gestures had changed to something more youthful.




“The Translinger is almost near its completion.
Artificial changelings are definitely feasible.
However, the problem was on the side of the source body – namely, the earthlings.”










“There is a race over there in Miforsis – I mean, the race on the alien planet, called the Nocturnes.
Abigail, do you know Nocturnes?”





Yeah, a little bit.
Vampires and Jiangshi or something like that right?”





How exactly did you know that much as an earthling, Corporate with the Titans? And Nocturnes rarely, if ever, come to Earth.
Even if you were held captive in Faymbaum……
well, I'll have to catch up with you on that later……”





 Yasmin chuckled and continued.





“Back to the matter, the Nocturnes are beings who were born as an ordinary race and then turned themselves into immortal beings through some sort of ritual.
Once the soul is extracted, the body is reconstructed to fit the corporeal form, and then the soul is put back into it.
The Translinger is an Earth-based application of this ritual called the




 Yasmin pulls a ring from her pocket.



“Homosapiens are fragile and weak, They can't withstand the load of the artificial changelings caused by Translinger, and most of their physical body will disintegrate.
What's more, the trouble is that while those who fail to transform into nocturnes are melted into mush and die, when humans on this side fail to transform, they turn into ferocious monsters so-called “magical beasts.” Interesting, right? The fact that the results are completely different.
Perhaps it's the difference in the activity of the dragon vein–“



“So you've been doing that experiment in 89…….”




 Abigail remembered Eugene's report.
He had proudly told her that he had picked up something very similar to the ring that Yasmin is holding now.




“Yes, you've got the idea.
In the early days of our research we used to find suitable candidates over there to experiment on, under the guise that they had gone missing in battle.
It was an area with intense battles after all, so we had no trouble finding experimental subjects there, but, as I explained, we had no success at all.




“We came up with the idea of enhancing the source body with drugs…….”




They're the sound of something getting stuck in Abigail's head.

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