5 Mischief Butcher Demon

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Butcher Demon Chapter 236 Gun reflection on the window


 Garnier opened the door without knocking and entered.




Once inside, they found Penrose sitting at his large office desk.





Benedict and Logan were sitting on the receiving couch, and Claudia was serving them tea.




“Abby? You're safe!”




 Logan stood up and walked over.




“I heard the Butcher showed up.”




“Yeah, that's right.
We don't know what the aliens want, but it seems that the butcher was involved in a series of assassinations of important people.
That means you're in danger too, so I asked the lieutenant general to bring you here.
It is possible that it came here to eliminate you since you returned with important information about the aliens.




Abigail interrupted Logan who was beginning to explain his theory and walked across the room.



With one fluid motion, she pulled the Faithless from her waist and pointed it at Penrose.




“–H-hey! Abby what are you!?”







“What do you think you're doing?”



Logan and InoRyder are surprised and try to stop her, but Penrose shows no sign of concern.





With his hands folded in front of his chest, he leaned back and looked back at Abigail with a firm look in his eyes.



“You got me arrested and even locked up.
I'm not going to hold back anymore.”




“That's a misunderstanding Ms.
Abigail! Lieutenant general was trying to help you…”




Abigail gave Claudia a hard look as she shouted.




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“Shut up, you outsider! –Tell me everything you know.
Tell me what you were doing at 89.
I know you're using the weak and vulnerable people here at 88 as test subjects.
There is even a coordinated effort to cover it up by the entire 88 system.
Lieutenant General, it can't be done unless you are leading it all.”





“I think you just investigating about Nigel.”




“Of course, that too.
What have you done to her?”




Abigail brought her finger to the trigger.
Her hazel eyes burned brightly.




“–Hmmm ……
those eyes, indeed ……….”




Penrose groaned in a low voice.




“It seems like I really become an old geezer, failing to recognize it at first glance.”




“Might as well tell her.”




 Benedict said as he sat down on the couch.




“I think she has a right to ask, Penrose.”









 Penrose huffed ……
and looked out the window with a small sigh.




“I also owe her a debt for giving us valuable information before the central, I suppose…….”




 Abigail had already given Penrose the information she needed.
She had a feeling that there must be a reason why she was still under house arrest.






But Abigail didn't put down her gun and gestured for him to continue.
She can't show any sign of weakness here.
She no longer had any choice but to push through with sheer anger.
She even feels that the weight of the revolver in her palm is quite comforting.





 Penrose ran his fingers through his white beard and closed his eyes.



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“Do you know the word —- changeling?”





from fairy tales?”



“Yes, but that's not just a myth.
In fact, there are cases in which children born on Earth are born with the “soul” of a person from another world, to put it bluntly, an alien world.
This would have been a laughable occult theory before the alien wars began, but now it is quite a realistic theory don't you think?”








“With the soul of the alien world, the changeling children are supposed to have powers that are close to those of the aliens, but their talents end up being a bit of a trait as they enter human bodies.
From a different perspective, however, they have a lot of room to develop.







“About 30 years ago, I started the Talented Project as part of the 88's military plan.
The project is to develop the talents of changelings into psychic soldiers who can fight with alien magic.”




 Penrose sigh.




“– It worked ….
to some extent.
Some soldiers can through walls and some can bend the trajectory of bullets, but in the end, the plan was a failure.”








“There are several reasons, but reduces to two main reasons.
One is that by the time we find such changelings, they are already past their growth phase.
Perhaps it is the difference in environment between the alien world and ours, but in order to develop their power here on earth, they need to be educated in a special environment from an early age, and it is difficult to find and pick out promising infants since the changelings are randomly born in random locations and have random abilities.
And two, there are too few of them.”








“One or two powerful soldiers will not turn the tide of the battle.  A few heroes can't win a war.
I have learned it on many battlefields.
It is good to protect.
We build a fort and hide behind a wall, we can hold off an alien invasion.
But it takes more than that to push them back.
We needed a larger and stronger force.
At least enough to form a single unit.”






“Plans changed after various trials and errors, the plan was eventually consolidated into one single solution.
It was right around the time of the reorganization of the troops at 88.
Instead of searching and training changelings, the plan was to artificially create changelings.
That is, forcibly synthesizing alien souls into human bodies.
In this way, even an ordinary human can be made into a psychic soldier who can use magic just like a changeling–“




“We have developed a device to achieve this.
we called it



 Benedict added at the end.



The air in the Office room seemed to freeze.




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“How did you know all that?”




 Abigail's lips quivered.




“Aren't you know too much? Changeling? Souls from alien worlds? Developed a device based on such a nonsensical concept? The central didn't even aware of this.
And how did you train them to use alien power when no one can use it? You also have to observe many generations to know the nature of their growth phase.”








Penrose silently folded his hands on the table and took a deep breath.




“–No way …….”




 Abigail groaned.





“You're getting it from ……
aliens? You have someone working for you over there, don't you? What in the world did you pay them for?….right.




Abigail's eyes darkened.




“So you're the one who 'betrayed' humanity.”





Abigail, the lieutenant general was–“




The lieutenant general stopped Claudia with his hand.



“You have an excellent mind even under these stressful circumstances.
It seems I was right.
However, Abigail, you are wrong on three things.”




“I beg your pardon?”





“First, I want to exterminate the aliens and lead mankind to victory. It has been half a century now, and that feeling has not changed.
There is no way that I will ever betray mankind.”




“Then why?”




I am not in charge of this project.


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“Third ……
you're the one being held at gunpoint right now.”



With a jolt, Abigail's heart jumped.



With that single beat, her brain reorganizes the information she got just now and all that she had gathered.




 The sniper who killed Wake was so good that even InoRyder was amazed by it.



After that, the cleaner went around taking out the people who were involved one after another once the series of incidents began.
Someone who should have been strong enough to face Gevaudan 





It seems that this person suddenly appeared at Fort 88 out of nowhere.





 A young female researcher brought a child with her.
She teamed up with Penrose to develop a series of new weapons with her genius ideas and technology.



 She now wields power at 88 and is still an active researcher in charge of the Technology Development Center.




 The one who brought alien technology to 88–.



*tap, tap* Then she feels something furry tapping on her neck.




— enemy, behind, enemy, behind, enemy, behind, enemy, behind, enemy, behind, —



The next moment, there was a tingle of pain on the nape of her neck, and from there, a chill ran through her entire body.




Then she regained control of herself.




The reflection on the window showed Garnier with his gun already drawn.








Abigail twisted her body and threw herself to the side.





She held Faithless as she fell to the ground and the sound of gunfire echoed in the room.


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