Butcher Demon Chapter 234

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 ◇◆◇ (Gevaudan's point of view)

A barrage of bullets came at me from the stage.

The rain of lead ripped away the skin that was stuck on my body.

Although I can handle the bullets.
But it's still painful.

 –I'll tell you the secret of the .

Actually, this power can be used with many skins at once.

If I put ten skins on me, I can have ten different faces.
It looks different depending on the person who sees me.
It seems to prioritize on the face that is closest to the person who is looking at it, it is a really weird ability.

When using it for disguise purposes, it would naturally be very strange.
Normally, I use only one skin.

 But today, I went all out and put all the faces of the people I've attacked so far on it.

Because this is how I plan to end my work at the Fort.

Last raid.
With this, Gevaudan Butcher's store branch 88 is regrettably and officially shutting down.
A big sales event.
A big sale of facial skin.
It's an inventory clearance.

So now my whole body is covered with face skin.
I truly am a thief with a hundred faces.
The image I saw of myself in the mirror looked absolutely hideous.

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If one didn't know how works, one would not be able to understand what was happening at first sight.

 As expected, this seemed to have quite an impact.
The crowd was in turmoil.
The disruption was a great success.
I did it.

However, while many people remained stuck in place, only the men and women soldiers on that stage reacted quickly.
Especially that bearded guy.
He probably has a second name.
I can't let my guard down.

 Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Natsuki and Yakumo being pulled away by a white-haired girl.
Maybe that girl is Vani.

 The firing stopped.
Then the bearded man starts to reload.

Waiting for him, I stepped out slowly.

The hall trembled with a shudder.

I made a show of telling them that it wasn't working.

“R-Run awayyyyy!!”

 Finally, the hall fell into a panic.

 Civilians trying to escape.
Reporters tripping, falling, and tripping over cables.
People rushed to the door and crash into each other.
Some brave soldiers trying their best to get to the front.
A jumble of movements and eventually everyone gets stuck.

 Wanting to confuse them just a little bit more, I took all the remaining skin off my body.

 I peeled them off with my own hands like peeling off sunburned skin. 

“Hii …….”

“–Butcher, it's a butcher!!! “

This is the central headquarters building of 88.

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Inside the iron wall that should prevent even a single alien from entering.

 In such a place that is supposed to be the safest, the most dangerous monster appears.

The shocking appearance of the slaughtering demon, Butcher, caused great confusion among the audience.
Screams filled the venue.

A circle of innocents people formed around me, but the high population density and the fact that I was closing the distance meant that the bearded man ahead of me was unable to pull the trigger.
And besides, he couldn't use a grenade in a closed space like this.

『Come on, Yufan.
Dinner is ready.
Eat up!』

『Remember this you bastard!』

I slapped (ruined) Yufan's ass, throwing her to the stage.
As an alien, I need you to kill a lot of humans.

Then she crawled on stage dragging her internal organs in a movement similar to a moth worm, a performance so engrossing that it was worthy of a horror movie.

The aim of her wide-opened mouth and jagged teeth was the ankle of the loud-voiced female soldier.

“Uo!! that was close!!”

 The female soldier, Agatha, jumped to avoid (ruined) Yufan's bite.
A close call.

Agatha then kicked (ruined) Yufan with a swift motion.

It was a sudden reflex.

With a whoosh, (ruined) Yufan flew across the hall.

And went straight into the sea of people.

“Oh shi–!!”

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Soon, screams and blood splashes start coming from the spot where (ruined) Yufan fell.

Chaos broke loose at the hellish scene of a man-eating monster moving rampant on the floor.

 Nocturnes cannot heal by recovery spell, but she can repair her body by eating raw meat, apparently.

 So, if left unchecked, (ruined) Yufan will be upgraded to (naked) Yufan.
This was an accident.
I didn't mean to feed her like that.
Once her limbs are restored, I don't think I'll be able to enjoy playing necrophilia with her anymore.
I am disappointed.

 A shrill cry goes up from those who would have been bitten by Yufan's sharp teeth.
That looks painful.

 That accelerated the panic in the hall.
She seems to have started getting a good job of biting at people's feet.
As expected of a professional zombie.

Before I knew it, the crowd was evacuated from the venue.
But most are still stuck here.

The reason for this is that Tiriel had blocked the entrances and exits, doorways, and elevators with vines.
Thanks to this, the central headquarters building is now completely blocked by the vines.
Movement within the building is restricted and escape routes are now blocked.
Tiriel looks exhausted.
By the way, the injection attempt was met with firm resistance and was discarded due to lack of time.


 One soldier boldly jumped out of the crowd and fired his shotgun.

*boom* *boom* *boom* but sorry.
That doesn't work.

“Ah ……
stop —- gya …….”

I reversed the situation, stretched out my tongue, took the soldier's leg, dragged him close, raised his body above my head so I got a good look at him, and twisted him apart.

The man's body shredded apart from the waist.
The organs getting dragged out.
I bathed in the blood that spurted out of him.
The screams filled the hall at the sight of such a scene.

I swung the man's lower body around and throw him as hard as I could toward the stage..

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The bearded man managed to dodge it.
Nice work.

The corpse hit the wall and burst off, spraying its contents all over the stage.

“Stop!! Eriksen! We need to escape!!”

“I can't leave this place!”

Eriksen the bearded man, says something manly but Agatha pulls him back by the shoulders.

“You idiot! If you die, who's going to lead the delta!! This is a Butcher!! we can't fight if with rifles!! We have to regroup and bring our troops with heavy weapons!!


A grimace surfaced on Eriksen's face.

He tried to resist with a raging blood vein visible on his temple, but Agatha pinned him down and several soldiers dragged him off to the side of the stage.

 That bearded man was the captain of the Delta, apparently.
That makes sense.
Delta is strong.
I had to finish them off before they brought in reinforcements.

 –Come on, what's wrong?

 Run, little humans.

 The Butcher is here.

You're all responsible for this.

 But most of you here have nothing to do with it.
I'm not going to kill you unless you attack me.
Running away is the right thing.

Run away and spread fear and chaos throughout the Fort.

I'll wait for the right moment until then.

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