Chapter 232 Choice of the two

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 ◇◆◇ (Third person Perspective)



Natsuki and Yakumo were summoned by Logan to a room in the Central Headquarters building.
The two had been introduced to him in advance by Abigail, a FORCOM official.




“Abby is fine.”




 Logan said to them as they sat on their chairs.




“I've been fighting against them through FORCOM too, and I finally able to scheduled a meeting the other day and was able to talk to her in person.
She looks fine.
She's on lockdown but she's not being treated too badly.”




“I see.”




 Feeling relieved, Natsuki patted her chest.




“Things suddenly changed in the last few days.
It's getting harder for the local government to control public opinion by brute force.
Abby is now being allowed to be interviewed in front of the media as well.
Perhaps she had entrusted the investigation we had asked her to do to someone she trusted before she got caught.
What a smart woman…….
maybe you guys are the secret middleman for this?”





Logan jokingly said, and Natsuki replied with an amiable smile.



“–I wish I can give you the confirmation, but I guess we'll just have to do it.
Lieutenant General and Secretary General Yasmin are also being investigated by UCEG for alleged misconduct, especially in the area of human rights.
They can't do anything rash now.”





After saying this, Logan put a piece of paper and a pen on the table.




“Abby asked me to take care of you guys.
I have found guardians for you two in the central.
They are a gentle elderly couple, well established and trustworthy.
This is the document you need to sign for citizenship, adoption, change of residence……..well, you get the picture.
All you and your brother have to do is sign them and we're all set.
Then we'll be on a private plane tomorrow.”



Natsuki listened attentively to Logan's explanation and looked down at the documents.





“What's wrong?”




Logan looked at her blank expression and raised his eyebrows.




“–You don't need to worry.
Abby wanted me to do this for her.
There's absolutely nothing in here that's harmful to you.
Your freedom may be limited for a while, but when you come of age, you can get a job of your choice, and you can be on the same level as the average citizen.”




“Thank you……..”




 Raising her narrow eyes, Natsuki looked at Logan, then shifted her gaze to Yakumo.



what should I do next?”



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She knows from experience how to do it in a situation like this.




“–Yakumo… sign it first.
Tell me that you're okay with this.”




 At Natsuki's question, Yakumo held the diamond to his chest and did not move.




He didn't sign the document.




 Instead, he gets out of his chair, walks over to the window, and stares at the snowy landscape.
As if he is waiting for something.





“Your brother is …….”




“I'm sorry, Logan-san.
Thank you for your kindness, but we're going to wait for Abby.”




“…..Of course that's fine, but …….”



 Logan growled softly when he heard Natsuki's words.



He remembered that Abigail had a special place in her heart for these two.
That was why he couldn't tell them to do as he pleased.



“– Soon 88 will approach the turning point.
If there is turmoil here, it may be difficult to get out of 88 for a while………….
No, Let me say it again.
It's highly unlikely, but at worst, a coup-like incident will put undocumented citizens like you in grave danger.
The sooner you leave here while you still can, the better.”



“Oh, I always survived in times like this by asking Yakumo.
So I will do that this time too.
No matter what happens, I won't hold a grudge against anyone.
It's a decision we made together, me and my brother.”








Yakumo stares blankly out the window.





Natsuki's voice reaches Logan, who is looking at his back.




“By the way, Logan-san, you can visit with Abby, right?”







“Where is Abby right now?”




“I don't know her exact location…
but I can contact her.”




Can I ask you to give this to her? here.”

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Natsuki softly took something out of her bag and put it on the table, a silver straw doll.




“This is–?”



 Logan lifted it up and stared at it.




“It's a straw doll called Gin-san.”





“A straw doll.



Logan cannot help but examine it.



“It's Abby's favorite, so please give it to her for me .”




“Oh, really?”




 Logan was not really convinced, but he accepted Natsuki's weird request.



“Well, that's fine.
I'll give it to her, along with the matter of you two will stay in 88.”



“So when is Abby coming back?”





 Natsuki asked, and Logan repositioned his glasses.




“I don't know, but ……
the situation will be decided soon.
If Rutherford gains control, then Abby will be released.”




“Well, Are you sure about Rutherford?”





it's a 50-50.
Penrose and Yasmin have the advantage of their track records, and they also have a solid support base in the current system.
Above all, it seems that the lieutenant general's side is planning to launch a large-scale alien counteroffensive based on the information they got from Abby.
When a clear external enemy or military target is presented, people tend to unite.
That would give Yasmin the advantage.
If she got elected again, Abby may not regain her freedom as fast.”



“If Yasmin wins, can Abby still get out?”








 Logan didn't answer but put his hand on Natsuki's shoulder.


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“You two don't have to worry about that.”





At that moment, Yakumo walked back in with the terminal.




Natsuki peeked at it, and there was an email from Eugene, saying that he had been given permission to interview Abigail.




“–You guys are amazingly well-informed.”



Logan, who wasn't planning on peeking in, groaned when he caught sight of the text.




“I used to be a match girl in Haven.
I've got a wide variety of contacts.”



Putting the terminal away in her pocket, Natsuki replied with slight sarcasm.



“It seems like you two have a much wider network of contacts in 88 than I do.”





“When and where is her press conference going to be held? We want to go see it too.”



“Oh, actually, it wasn't for her–“



Having obtained what she needed from him, Natsuki then took her seat.





“I'll keep the documents, and if you change your mind let me know.
I can wait about a month.”




As he left, Natsuki bowed her head to him, and after that, she and Yakumo also left the room.



 When she went down to the entrance of the central headquarters building with Yakumo, InoRyder was waiting for her there.



“Have you finished signing the papers?”



“That's the thing, I decided to wait until Abby came out.”




“Oh, right.
That's very loyal of you, but it might get dangerous here.”




“I'm used to danger.”




InoRyder laughed when Natsuki put on her best smile in an attempt to look cool.




“I like tough girls.”

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“So, InoRyder.
I was able to get Logan-san to tell me the date and time when Abby was going to appear in public.”




When she gave InoRyder the location and time, she gave a faint smile.



“So, what are you going to do?”







“Well, whatever happens, there's no way Abby will get away with it that easily.
Knowing all the details behind the scenes and all that.
I don't trust that Logan guy either.
Even AASPINT is still out to get Abby.
This whole freeing Abby thing might be a play to sell her to AASPINT.
In the end, the only thing we can count on is —-.”




 InoRyder tapped the revolver on her hip.




“Is that really okay?”




“I know a good dealer, so we'll just go to the safe zone where the lieutenant general can't reach us.
I'll let the wind tell me what to do from there.
But it's going to be a little rough.
The question is, what are we going to do with you two then?”




Natsuki was told by InoRyder about the plan to rescue Abigail.
It was more like an attack timed to coincide with when Abigail came outside that relied on brute force alone.



“You know, about that…”








“Maybe Yakumo can help.”




“What do you mean?”




“Yakumo can help you do this in a more peaceful and safe way.
I really don't want you to stir things up too much.”




At being told, InoRyder bent down and looked into Yakumo's face.  He stared back at her while holding Diamond.



this shorty?”




“Abby told me not to tell anyone but–“




 –Thus, on the last weekend before the election, a public debate between the two candidates for 88 Secretary General was held, and Abigail was called as a witness.




Natsuki, Yakumo, InoRyder, Vani, and others involved with Abigail are expected to be present as well.




 The X-Day is near.

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