Ferris's skill is no joke.

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She used her small frame to her advantage, dodging knives and aggressively hitting the enemy.


The air exhaled sharply through the teeth. Each thrust and kick released comes with a fair amount of power.



The attacker flinched to a halt and took the receiving end of the attack.

Thus, Ferris drove the attacker back in no time.

 –Eh, wow.

What are those martial arts skills??

I suppressed my surprise down and run at them.

While the attacker's attention is diverted from me, I attack from behind.
It was a pincer attack with Ferris. 


 There was a dangerous sound as Butcher's jaw bit the air.

The attacker rolled to the floor to get out of the predicament.

 I aimed for the shoulder, but he evaded my bite just in time.
Such good instincts.
It was like he had eyes on the back of his head.

The attacker, who had distanced himself from us, reached for the gun on his hip.

I guess he's trying to use his gun to check us again.
But too bad.


I can see a hint of surprise in his eyes behind the eye cover.

Because I was holding his revolver in my hand.
I pulled it out of his waistband after trying to bite him earlier.

Snatching away the opponent's prize during a fight is my signature move.  Excuse my bad manners.
It's another one of my old habits.

 I fired two shots at him, but he jumped to the side and evaded it.
Then it ran out of ammo.

–Isn't this the time to escape?

 The other guy was the “real deal”.

 Now that the surprise attack has failed and it's three against one, he has no chance to win.
There is no point to continue fighting like this.
The real deal won't do anything pointless as this.
He would run away.

 But then, the attacker crouched down and stared at me, ready to continue the fight.

 He held two knives in both hands and looked me straight in the eye.
One of the knives was the black one I had seen on the shelf earlier, and the blade buzzed with a bluish-white glow.

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 –The bastard knows how to use that thing.

 That knife is dangerous.
Ferris with her bare hands can't take on a man with that knife.

So I stepped forward to get his attention, and the attacker took me up on the offer.

The attacker, holding the two shiny knives in a reverse grip, lunges toward me.

Aiming at his face, I threw a revolver at him.

It was easily cut off by the knives, but I took the opportunity to slash down with my claws.

The knife and claw clashed.

An unpleasant sound that pricked my eardrums expanded from the point of contact.

I had planned to overpower him with my strength, but once again I was surprised.

 I could see the blade of the knife slowly sinking into my  .

What an extraordinary sharpness—

 I clicked my tongue in my mind and pulled my arm back.

The attacker jumped backward to keep his distance.
He appears to be alarmed as well, seeing that he was unable to cut through my nail.

 I wanted to use other Butcher's power, but I couldn't use it in such a small room.
It will affect the two girls too.

『Eii!』 Just then, I heard Tyriel's voice behind me, followed by the clang of a staff.

Shortly after, the thick thorns sprang out of nowhere and crawled across the floor, walls, and ceiling of the room.

Sharp thorny vines closed in on the attacker from all sides.

That finally knocked the killing intent off the attacker.

 Just before Tiriel's vine reached him, the attacker was snuck through the doorway and vanished.
It was a graceful, clean exit.

He even calculated his escape route during the fight. He managed to position himself near the entrance of the room, shifting his stance skillfully during the battle.

Suddenly, the room fell silent.

In the silence, Ferris and Tiriel remained ready, but I released all tension in my body.

I looked sternly at the cut marks on my claws and recalled the fight that had just taken place.

 The sequence from surprise attack to escape was perfect.
This wasn't a fake escape.
There would be no attempt at another attack for a while, I reasoned.

『It's over.
Let's get what we need and escape with the captive girl.
It will cause a commotion if we don't hurry.』

『–Fu-haa…….that startled me ………!』

Tiriel wiped the sweat from her forehead as I retracted my fingernails.

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『Jibotan, is that a subhuman? I can't believe he can take my kicks and still moving…….』

『Well …….protective gears are more advanced these days.
If it's from the front line then–』

 I turned around to see Ferris entering the room where the female alien was being held captive.

 My heart was racing.

『Ferris, wait!!』


 I kicked the floor and jumped on Ferris.

 I saw a grenade left at the foot of the chained female alien.

『A trap!』

  I bent down to protect Ferris, and the explosion sounded almost at the same time.

The explosion was not as strong as I had expected.

I was a bit disappointed, but right after that, a searing heat surged up from behind me.


Dazzling flames and intense heat spread throughout the room, scorching the floor.

The Incendiary fire was no ordinary fire.
It is extremely hot and impossible to extinguish.
I'll probably be fine, but Ferris and Tiriel may be in danger.
If the fire spreads in the closed space, we will run out of oxygen.
We had no choice but to leave.

I took the two of them under my arm and rushed out of the room.


Tiriel looked into the red-hot room and screamed.
There appeared to be other napalm in the room, and the fire now burned like an incinerator.

『Thank you, Jibotan』

『You're welcome.』

 After getting a thank you hug from Ferris, I put them down on the floor.

The room was–……

Everything burned.
I caught a glimpse of the female alien before it, but she was dead before I knew it.
She was probably being stabbed with a knife in the middle of the battle.

 An ambush and assassination where I couldn't even hear his breathing.

 Joyce and Bunny-chan – he made sure to kill anyone, even when it was three against one they weren't afraid to fight, leave the scene, and destroyed evidence with perfection.
What a great cleaner.

 Who the hell are you? Someone who could imitate someone like that would definitely at least have a name, but I'm not sure…….

A little later, the sprinklers were activated.

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The napalm fire is likely to stay burning for some time.
This meant that all the evidence related to Dominic was destroyed.

I let out a loud sigh as my head was drenched with water.

『……Let's get back before anyone sees us.』

 We quickly left the Haven, which begins to get noisy.

『Who's that guy earlier?』

 Ferris looked back at me just as we got into the car.
She was shaking her head, water droplets flying from her ears.
Tiriel, on the other hand, was squeezing her wet hair.

『he's pretty good, so he must be a well-known person.
However, I don't remember any of the faces and names.』

Are there many subhumans of that level in this fortress? Do you really plan to deal with all of them by yourself?』

She looked into my face with a serious look and asked me.

『Ummm ……
well, I suppose so, I'm sure I'll be fine.』


 I shrugged my shoulders and answered.
Ferris looked at me with a difficult expression on her face and fell silent.

Sitting in the backseat of the car, I tried to wrap my head around what had happened so far.

The drugs had come from the military.  Gangs kidnapped people and the military bought them.
They were doing experiments on humans.

 –I never heard of such a thing.

Only the higher ranks of the military would have known about such a plan.
It seems that they were working on some kind of questionable tech.
I'll have to ask Abigail to analyze the details.

 The problem is the cleaner.

 What the hell is that guy!

I didn't mean to let my guard down, but I was thoroughly caught off guard.

Evidently, he was going around erasing witnesses and evidence at the same time I was making my move.
Maybe half of the murders cases Joyce has listed.

Oh, I remember Abigail saying that Wakefield from Romeo and Garnier also eliminated by someone.
I'm sure that cleaner was the one who did it.
Could it be the military's doing? It could have come from outside the 88 too…….

 So the ambush earlier was aimed at us?

No, it wasn't.
If they wanted to eliminate us, they would have done it differently.

 That was just an accident.
He was clearing out Dominic's room, and then we ran into him.

 The strange thing is that the cleaner was able to recognize me as the butcher.

Had 88 already developed a technology that detects the butcher's cognitive disruption? They seem to be developing various unknown weapons, so it might be possible? 


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This power is something I've never seen any other butcher use.
I think it is a very special ability, and I don't think it is known to mankind.
It is impossible to plan countermeasures against a threat they don't know about.

Maybe he was simply using a small pair of night vision goggles.
My skin might have been detected by a camera or in a mirror.
But I think I saw the attacker's eyeballs very clearly.
Is it a small contact lens? Hmmm …….

 –In any case, I think it's safe to say that the military has already found out that a butcher has infiltrated 88.

 It will be harder to move from now on.


–we can't continue like this, taking small steps like this is not going to work.

 Most of the evidence has been erased and they will be wary from now on.

As for what happened at 89, the quickest way to find out is to ask the top brass.

 Shall I just kidnap the Lieutenant General?

If I sue that thing Titania give me…..

Puppet, that's right.
If I command that puppet to do it….

No, that's not going to work…….
The general's security is tight, and if anyone tries to touch him, war will break out immediately.

 I need to rescue Abigail before that happens.

 Worst of all, the video evidence of the double spy shows the Butcher.
If Butcher comes to 88 at this time with Abigail in custody, her suspicion will raise.

 If this continues, they could find an excuse to drug her or something.
Rescuing Abigail is the top priority.
We can't wait any longer.

『–Well then……』

 The situation is getting out of hand.

There is no time to solve it one by one.

The best way to solve all these problems at once is…….


What should I do then?……..

『……Tiriel can I give you the direction?』


『What are you going to do, Jibodan?』

let's do this next–』

I don't know if my poor plan is going to work.

One thing I can say is that I'll take Abigail's approach for this.

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