I carefully stroke and caress her curves with my palm.




 From the tip of her genitals to the bottom.
Her pubic bones gurgling against my flesh.
From her thighs to her stomach, breasts, and armpits.
The perfect consistency, not a millimeter out of place, lubricated by the sticky cum and sweat.
It was as if the boundaries between me and her were melting into one.




 Perhaps that's why, when Abigail squealed with delight, I felt the same pleasure flowing into me, melting my brain.
When I give her sensuality, it comes back to me one hundred folds.
That's why I'm more absorbed in pleasuring her than I am in pleasuring myself.




 All that's left is to spend as much time as I want on grinding her genitals.




 Towards the unexplored summit that Abigail is luring me to.




“Ah! Ah! Aah! Ahh! Aah! Aaah! Ohhhh ……
!! good………..
!!!! Aah!”




 Her eyebrows furrowed and she seemed to be trying to hold back her voice.




 I poke her on the head.




— voice, out —





“Haa, haa, huh …
♡ Hmm ♡ Gee…
Gee, vau …





This place has become a particular kind of environment.




 First of all, there is no alien surveillance.




 Ferris and Lydia are aliens, but they don't understand human language.
much less than human language mixed with gasping voices.




 Also, they don't know that I understand human language.




 In other words, no matter what Abigail screams in human language, Ferris and Lydia cannot understand it.
Only I can understand the message.




 It means that we can go crazy with the human language as much as we want.




— more, voice, tell, me —




“Hmm!…Good ……




Gradually, Abigail's voice begins to grow louder.





cock……ah!….feels so good!”




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“Ah, Don't! ♡ Your cock….is all the way in! ♡ ♡ “





She's using a lewd word.
I guess she got over it since she had to say it a lot in the carriage.
I should give a big thank you note to Professor Lydia.





 I guess there is a self-hypnotizing effect of taking yourself along for the ride.
More and more, her eyes became hazy and blurry.




“Ah …
ah …
ah ♡ No ah …




— want? —




Un ♡ I want …
I want! Ge….vaudan!!!  I want……it!!! I want it a lot ♡ ♡”





 Like a sick man with a high fever, she begs for water.




 Abigail's body temperature is high as she twists around in my arms.
The dense scent of womanhood rising from her skin tickled my nose.




 She's ready to be conceived.




 She's going to give birth to a beast's child.




 In the next moment, my mind was filled with the sole purpose of ejaculating into her depths.






cum….cumming! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡” 






 Abigail clenched her teeth and turned her head back as I delivered a crushing blow.




 According to her words, she's probably struggling to breathe right now because she feels as if her entire body has been penetrated.




 I bite down on her throat.








 It's an instinctive urge for a beast to bite its mate to stop it from moving.




 I bite her in the vitals and hold her slender body in my arms, so she can't move.




“Oh ……
oh ……!”




 Abigail is stunned and drooling as I continue to ravage her lower body with a bite to her throat.
Abigail was rocking with the bed and her eyes, clouded with the gloomy gaze of a dying person, were fixed on a point in the room.




 Apparently, she gets very excited by situations where I seem to be killing her, yet I'm actually being kind to her.
So today I tried to bite her throat, and it was a good decision.
I could tell by the sound of her hips slapping that she was already soaking wet.
I guess she has this kind of masochistic nature.




 Butcher's roar was added as a special treat.
Abigail's love juices were also in the mix.
Drool leaks out of her mouth as well, lingering from her lower mouth as she lets out a gurgle while I bite into her throat.




 The sex continued with a spectacular picture, reminiscent of a woman being eaten alive by a beast.




 Suddenly, the light came back to her eyes.




“Aaah ……! Oh……!”




She's jittery.
She seemed to have climaxed underneath me.





 I quickly removed my mouth and accelerated my hips in a series of pumping motions.




“Hi!? Ah ♡  …Gevau..

Mmm …
♡ No more ♡ W….wait ♡ No~~~♡ …
Oh, I'm drowning …
♡ ” 




I ignore her crying and begging for forgiveness and continue to go back and forth on her fascinating flesh.




 I know that soon she will want more.





Aa ♡ here…♡ Amazing, cuming…
♡ ♡ More ♡  more ♡ I'm cumming!!!! Ahhhhh ♡  ♡  ♡ “




–Maybe I'm the one who's been trained.



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 my penis was pumped up and down in a fast rhythm.





 Abigail's lustful eyes stared up at me.





 There was no way I could resist Abigail's earnest temptation.
In the midst of out-of-this-world pleasure, thump! Boom! And then the tremendous ejaculation begins, along with extreme pleasure.








 As I tighten my grip on her sprawling female body, I press down on her pubic bone and send my sperm directly into her womb.




 A semi-solid torrent of sperm runs down her urethra with such force that I can feel it.
A concentrated beast's semen that had accumulated in her reservoir.







“A …
a …
a …
a …
a …
a …
a …” 





I looked at her and she was gasping for air with tears streaming down her face.
It was the first time in a long time that she was actually crying.




 I reached out my tongue and shoved it into Abigail's mouth with a gulp.




 She was desperately biting and sucking on my tongue, writhing in an attempt to keep her burning brain nerves in check.




'Mugu……ngu……♡ Nngh♡'




 The white muddy liquid flowed backward and began to spurt out from the gap between the penis and the vaginal slit.




 The stain on the bedsheet, which was already wet with Abigail's love juice, was covered with my thick white cum.
But that didn't stop me from cumming.




 Eventually, her spasms stopped.





 On the other hand, I still couldn't stop myself, so I pulled out of her vagina even though I was in the middle of ejaculating.




 and the sticky white liquid splattered all over Abigail's stain-free sacred skin.
I moved over Abigail, spilling cum from the tip of my meat stick, and pressed my glans against her breast.




 I continued to rub the meat stick against her nipple and continued to ejaculate.




'Nnnn ……'




 I crushed her nipple with the underside of my cock, creating a dimple in her plump breast.
I poured my cum into it, and as I did so, a small pond formed, and now I stroked it with a brush, slickly coating her entire breast.




 Finally, I pulled my black tongue out of Abigail's mouth and offered her a sticky, dirty penis instead.




“Ah ……
♡ so much ……
♡ Hum ……
♡ Hah ……*lick*…….*gulp*♡…….*gulp*♡”




 She stared at the sloppy, dirty penis with blurry eyes and munched on it.




 She was dazed with lust and desperately work to clean the red-hot, burning rod.





“Chupa …
haa …
aa ♡ chu ♡” 





 Watching her fall into pleasure in this way is comforting.





 I knew Abigail was the best woman I'd ever met.
She heals me from both the physical and mental aspects.
This mysterious feeling was unique to Abigail.
It was an unknown peace that I had never felt even with Titania.




I pressed my glans against Abigail's lips, squeezed the remaining sperm out of my urethra as if I were feeding it, thrust it directly into her mouth and rubbed it against her mouth She did not resist and accepted it with pleasure.








 I could feel the beastly desire that was swirling around inside of me cooling down slightly as I was immersed in this process.




 As I continued to play with Abigail's unrestrained mouth, I suddenly saw two girls in my vision that was beginning to recover.




 Ferris was looking at them, stiff as a statue.




 Lydia is ……
oh, unusually stiff and watching in the same way.





 Serious sex between adults is quite powerful when you see it up close, isn't it? The last time I was in a prison, it was just a show of sorts.
I think it gave a very different impression from this one.

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