ul, and it paid off.

A high-pitched roar of a blade emerges from the blind spot.

 It must be that knife.
I caught it out of the corner of my eye, looking at the blunt edge of the blade.

 I reached out to intercept its trajectory.

Normally, I just would have caught the blade in the palm of my hand and crushed it.

But I had a feeling that there was a terrible power hidden in the short, slightly glowing blade.

I think it was a soldier's sixth sense, or intuition, or whatever you want to call it.

I withdrew my hand that was about to grab it.

I turned my head back to avoid the knife.

I can clearly see the light trail that grazed my chest.

 After the deafening high-frequency sound dissipated, a pain spread through my chest.

My hunch feeling turned into a certainty.

 My apron had been cleanly sliced open.

My butcher's apron, which has the durability to withstand even rockets.

–I don't know what that blade was, but it is dangerous.

I dodged a series of knives, all missing just by a hair.

The aim was precise.
Everything was aimed at my vital point, so it was easy to evade.

Eventually, the barrage of attacks stopped, and the attacker stopped moving.

The knife was held by a dark-skinned man.
His head was covered with a blindfold, so I was unable to see his face.

 It seemed that he had been hiding in this room, waiting in ambush with a surprise attack.

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Next, I stepped in.

I swung my claw out, but it missed.

 After a while of exchanging knives and claws, I grabbed one of the attacker's arms.

Then, the attacker quickly threw the knife in his hand up, then grab the falling knife with his other hand and thrusting it out.

I brushed it off with my fingernail and delivered a front kick.

By that time, the attacker had already backed away and retreated to the back of the room.

His movement halted for a moment.
Aiming for that exact instant, I swung my extended with both hands.

I thought I had got him, but all I saw was an X-shaped claw mark on the wall of the room.
He dodged it.

Once again, I took my distance and faced my attacker.

 –The attacker was incredibly skilled.

 And he's used to fighting aliens.

These are not the moves that are typically used when fighting a human.
Keep the distance, play with it, and keep aiming for the decisive blow.
This is the only melee tactic that has a chance to win when facing monstrous aliens, such as the Butcher.

Although I has human skin on my face.
The vital points they are aiming for are too precise, and Butcher has very different physiques from a human.

 –So I am sure.

 He knows I'm a butcher.

  is still in effect.
I'm very sure of it.

 He can see me?

 That doesn't look like night vision goggles either….

 What the hell is this guy?

 Many thoughts going through my head, but I didn't have time to think about them right now.

Slowly, I moved my feet and measured the distance in this small room.

And suddenly, as if the attacker had tired of it, he lunged toward me

A reckless move.
Surely he wasn't trying to kill himself?

Alarmed by the blow, I backed away.

 Then, as if waiting for me, the attacker slips past me and leaps into the living room.
I was tricked!

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The attacker used his momentum to grab the black knife that was on the shelf, and ran behind the lucky bunny who happened to be standing nearby.


The knife thrust out from her chest as her tiny voice rang out.

Drops of blood trickled down the blade that growing with blue-white light.

The strength drained from Bunny's knees and she crumpled to the floor.

 The high-frequency sound tickling the eardrums is deafening.

The sound is similar to the Mosquito noise.

–Something rises up in me, a wave of anger.

A burning rage from the pit of my stomach.

 I am now being stimulated by a long-forgotten desire for vengeance.

 I can't believe that I'm feeling this, even though I had nothing to do with the death of this stranger.

 I followed the man back to the living room.

The attacker reappeared from behind the fallen bunny and pulled a gun from his waistband.
It was a revolver.

The revolver's muzzle erupted with fire.

A single shot to the forehead.

Joyce's head knock back and she fell to the sofa.

 Several more shots.
The attacker pulled the trigger on Ferris, but Tiriel reacted.

『Look out!!』

When she waved her staff, the sound of a rattle echoed through the room, and the bullet landed in the opposite direction.
It was the bullet-proof barrier.

 In turn, Ferris steps forward.


With a gust of wind, Ferris unleashed a flying kick that pierced the attacker's stomach.

Unfortunately, it was blocked, but it had enough impact force to lift the attacker's large body off the ground.

The black-clad attacker was knocked off his feet and fell back.

Without a moment's pause, Ferris charged forward and charged after the attacker.

The attacker fought back, and the two continued to engage in close-quarters combat.

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