5 Mischief Butcher Demon

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Butcher Demon Chapter 227 HiAce[1]


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 ◇◆◇ (Gevaudan's point of view)




We are driving on the road.




As we stopped at a red light, the window of the car next to us rolled down and a man peeked out.




“Hey, man, you guys sure are having fun! the sun is still up you know?”




The car we are in is a large minivan with windows smoked out – gangster edition.
They can't see inside from the outside, but they know exactly what we're doing.




Well, it can't be helped.
The car was creaking the whole time.




If it was just a little shaking, everyone might think it was due to the rough snowy road, but if the whole car was shaking up and down left and right so often, everyone would have guessed it.





“Yo, can we join? Damn, Even the driver is a girl! Whew! So the guys fucking in the back are all chicks!?”




The man slammed the side of his car and got very excited.





『—Hey, Gevaudan.
What should I do about these monkeys next to me?』




『Show him your middle finger, I think he'll like it.』




 The driver is Tiriel.
She is wearing a Cossack hat and sunglasses, looking extremely suspicious.
she is actually a bit nervous about driving a car for the first time in her life.




“Hey gal~, show us your face!”




 The men in the car also showed their faces, they yelled at her rudely.




Then Tiriel silently raised her middle finger.








The men laughed hysterically at this.
They turned at the intersection and drove off in different directions as the traffic light changed.




『They all laughed at me like crazy…….』




『It's a kind of greeting.』




『I really don't understand subhuman culture ……』




 Tiriel drove on, not quite sure what to make of the situation.
Despite the fact that her first driving experience was on a snowy road, she quickly got the hang of it and smoothly drove the car.




『Tiriel, I think we should turn right next?』



 Ferris said, pointing to the navigation system.
She sat in the passenger seat as they enjoyed the drive together.





『Let's see……..oh, this turn……..eh? What! It's going underground!? Is this okay, Gevaudan!??』




『Okay, okay.
Just keep going straight.』




 Now the car enters the underground ring road.





Car sex on the underground ring road is a common situation in 88.
Everyone does it.
Even if a policeman finds you, he will not question you.
However, if you do it several times, they will get suspicious.




“Well, we can talk now.”




“Nggghh, nggghh, nggghh …………
*cough* ……
kahah hah, hah hah ……”




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I pulled out the butcher lance that I had been ramming down Joyce's throat, and she coughed out a lot of drool and cum.
She groaned dejectedly, looking exhausted.




The front seat of the minivan was undergoing a wholesome youthful drive, but in the back was an extremely unhealthy fuck.




 Joyce is caught and locked up in the car.
She was humiliated as we moved around, so-called “HiAce” style.




The lucky bunny I picked up at the casino the other day was shrinking in the corner of the car, shedding tears while watching the butcher's beastly performance of violating all the holes.





 She's the obedient type, so I'm glad she does whatever I tell her to do.
She's also the one who lured one of Joyce's men out earlier.




“I can't ……
stand it anymore …….”





Joyce begged, spewing out a thick stream of cum from her upper and lower mouths.
It's only been about thirty minutes since we started.
This woman doesn't have any strength at all, and she looks a little unhealthy, so maybe she's not fit.




“Are you ready to speak?”




“If I tell you, I'll be targeted wherever I go…”




She still won't gonna tell.




 I pulled her hips back and unceremoniously pressed the tip of my butcher lance against her ass ring.




“–Not that hole! Nggiii!?”




Joyce's eyes peeled back at the invasion of the burning beast rod.





She arched both her neck and back to the fullest, struggling to reduce the strain on her internal organs as much as possible.




don't move, please……fuuuu……




Apparently she had already developed her anus, but it was quite painful to have her organs stirred by a red-hot cock, and she quieted down when I shoved it behind like this.




“Argghh, argghh, ah, ahh, ahh, ah …………!”




 I slapped her ass.
*smack* *smack* Delighted Joyce bursts into tears over this.




I catch a glimpse of Tiriel frowning in the rearview mirror,  Ferris also glances back every time Joyce screams.
Both of their faces are slightly red.
It's like they are high school girls observing a porn shoot for the first time.




The car shook as I grabbed Joyce's hip bones and pistoned her.
I'm still trying to keep the car from tipping over, but I just can't control the shaking when the huge weight of the butcher's body moves.








 Joyce extended her trembling finger toward Bunny-chan.




 But Bunny-chan shook her head, not wanting to get involved.
She already understands what it means to be raped by a butcher.









Each time I slammed the base of my penis into her tight ass, her eyelids started lowering. she might pass out soon.




she might pass out soon.




For the purpose of stimulating her, I continued to bite her, and she breathed like an animal.
To teach her a lesson that your life depends on me now.





“Aah Aah Aa……a……aaaaaahh, cuuumingg!!”




Biting her neck, I unleashed the white magma deep into her rectum.



Joyce's entire body stiffened.
She was apparently so well trained that she climaxed in her ass in time with the ejaculation.




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“I remember one girl I had drowned because I poured too much of it in her and it got overflowed all the way to her mouth.
When it gets into her lungs, they get stuck there and won't get out.”





stop it!”



Joyce face contorted in horror, and she begins to wriggle and flail around under my body.




Of course, I'm lying all right? I've never encountered such a case, yet.




But it seems that even such unrealistic threats sounded realistic to her, who is now being subjected to this surreal rape.
The effect was outstanding.





The gang leader looked like a child crying after being scolded, spilling tears and snot, her defeated face messed up with drool and cum, letting Bunny-chan see it.
There was no dignity left.





 The cock is still in good health and is pulled out of her anus.
Sticky with semen and intestinal fluid.





 I wonder what hole I'll play with next.
I rub my glans against the tattoos on Joyce's body.
The action is reminiscent of a wolf examining its prey.
When I put it on her belly button, she let out a little squeal and wriggled around.




I pressed it against her nipples, then her nostrils, then her ear canals.
Each time, Joyce tried to escape, but she was too weak to move properly.




–Okay, let's have a meal break.




I gesture for her to come closer.



 Then the lucky bunny, who was trembling with teary eyes, came up to me and fearfully put her face close to the meat stick and started cleaning it carefully.




“Good, Good.
Good girl.”




I patted her head, and the bunny returned to the corner of the car with a relieved expression on her face before shrinking back down and starting to shiver again.
I guess because I kept treating her like a rabbit, the role of becoming a bunny girl was becoming a part of her.




“Hah ……
hah …….”





 Joyce remained slumped on the car floor.
She flung out her hands and feet, and the will to resist had vanished from her eyes.




“You still won't talk to me.
but I'm fine with it.
I'm having fun.
I can keep doing this for a whole day or two.
I wonder how strong a gang leader can be.”






I took both of her legs and forced them to open, this time in the missionary position.








I bussed her labia, now completely bloodshot, in an instant.
I screwed the angry meat into them.




Once it had scraped through the vaginal flesh and firmly pushed up deep into the vagina, I adjusted my position and began to find the inner hole.





“N-No, don't, please stop it- ahhhhhhhhh!!”





Joyce began to push my shoulders in a half-crazed state.




“I'll talk! I'll talk about anything, so please help meeee” 




The gangster's evil aspect had been purified by the pure white blessing I kept pouring in.
Now she was reduced to a mere little girl who was scared to death of being raped.




 So weak…….
It's only the second time I fuck her womb.




 Well, even Abigail was scared in the beginning.
Maybe that's how it is with human standards.




Thinking about it, Arshella was built different after all.
As expected of a dragon.




And Ferris was pretty good too…….




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I knew she had talent because her passion for fellatio was really something.
Is that because of nine-tailed or something? I'll ask her about it next time.





 –Um, Maybe Lydia can endure it too?



 Maybe even Tiriel?




Glancing at the back of the driver's head, she shuddered and started to alert the others.





『w-what ……? I'm feeling some….killing intent right now.』




 After reaffirming my fascination with the four girls, Joyce began to speak as she was plugged in underneath me.




“It's Dominic……”









I heard that name somewhere.





–yes, the lieutenant colonel who tried to capture Abigail.




“Colonel Declark and I had a business relationship, he never told me the details, but I had a personal connection with Dominic.
So, I know his secret place, and I might be able to get all kinds of information there ……
so please, just pull it out already …….”




“Lieutenant Colonel knows more than the Colonel?”




“Dominic is Yasmin's son.
So he's above his rank and he's bribing his way to the top.
I'm trying to take advantage of that.  Umm♡ don't move♡”




She starts to give me good information, so I reward her by gently rubbing her womb with my sharp head.





 If you do what I say, you get pleasure, not pain.
Every time you obey me, you will get a thick load of cum.
I'm going to turn you into a trained bitch.





“So? where do you two meet?”




“In an underground haven♡  At Dominic's lab…….
where he tests new weapons, drugs, and all the other stuff he's bought up, Haa♡!?”




“That's not what I want to know.
Do you have any information about 89?”








“It's an alien city right now.
Have you heard of it?”




“I have no idea about the military stuff……
Oh, right! There's one!”




“There is?”




“There's an alien! There's one in Dominic's lab!!”




“What? An alien?








  What a surprise.  I thought capturing aliens was forbidden.






“He says he can drain the source of the alien's power with his new drug♡”




A drug that exhaust the source of an alien's power, in other words, magic power?





 Really? They've even developed such chemicals? How?




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They haven't even developed such a thing at the central, right? Abigail never mentions it……





Is Abigail hiding it, or does 88 scientific and technological capabilities already surpass FORCOM?






“I don't know the details ♡! Really! But there are resources there, ah, ♡!”





 –A secret lab.




Then maybe Abigail is being held there too?




But I heard the lieutenant general took her there in person, so I doubt it's in Haven.




 Still, it's worth checking.





“Can you take me to that lab? But I'll tell you that it won't end well if you trick me.”




“I will ♡! I will do it ♡! Ahhhhh♡♡! AHhhhh♡! I'll help you, Gevaudan-sama ♡♡♡!””





Joyce's face turns bright red as she repeatedly kisses the hideous butcher's face as best she can.
The flirtatiousness is refreshing.




 I give Joyce the terminal and have her transmit the location to the Navigation.




『Tiriel, I put the location in the navigation, please drive.』




Ferris, I need a little help.
I can't read, so I don't really know how……』




『Okay, I'll do it!』




『Ufufu Driving is so fun!』




 Tiriel's humming echoed through the car.
Her voice is lovely.




 Ferris pointed that way.




 They started driving happily, and I said to them.




『If you set the car to automatic driving, it will take you there on its own.』




『What? No, you can't! I'm driving! Automatic driving is bad! It might be a subhuman trap!!』




『Hey, Tiriel…….
I'd like to drive too.
It's about time we switch.』




 Ferris tugged at Tiriel's sleeve.




『But Ferris can't reach the pedals.』




『I can reach it! Are you messing with me!!』




 Even though Ferris's cheeks were puffed out, Tiriel did not give up her seat.
It's a funny scene.




“–So, let's do one last round.
Let's finish up our car sex, Joyce.”




“Hehe …
Ehehe … Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♡!?  Mmmgg–“




 The pseudo-threesome begins with my tongue thrusting into her mouth.




A long tongue penetrates deep into her throat, licks the folds of her esophagus, and rubs her vocal cords.
From the bottom, I pounded her with my cock.
I was so excited by the sight of her humiliation, which I had not experienced in a long time, that I miscalculated the amount of force I was using.
Joyce screams inaudibly when I accidentally entered her womb.





As I was shaking the minivan to my heart's content and thoroughly shaping the female gang boss's body to my liking, the car eventually came to a stop at a corner of the district.

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