I am at the home of a Colonel Declark guy.

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As I sat in the chair waiting, the Colonel, who had just returned home, came into the room.




“Oh, there you are.”





Colonel said when he saw me.
He's already long past his prime, but he has a very strong and determined look in his eyes.





 Apparently today was the Colonel's birthday.
The food prepared by his wife was on the table, and on the Colonel's side there was a cake ready for him.
It was a white cake roll.




“Welcome back, dear …….”




 His wife greeted the colonel.
The Colonel replied, “I'm home.” and asked, “How's Marianna?




I ……
made this ……
today …….”




 His wife did not answer his question, but pointed to the cake.




She was looking down, her eyes lacked brightness, and her lips were quivering slightly, but the Colonel's eyes were busy looking back and forth between my face and the table, and he didn't notice such an anomaly in her.






what a weird looking one.”





 The Colonel sat down, examining the shape and texture of the cake.





–When his chair made a small click when he sat down, his wife's shoulders jerked up a bit.




It look like a white cake roll covered in cream, but upon closer inspection, it had a nearly marshmallow-like texture, with a few candles on top and a rod stuck in the middle of it.




 clap, clap, clap–




As I begin to clap my hands, the wife starts to sing in a faint voice.





happy birthday, to you ……
 happy birthday, to you ……
 happy birthday ……”




The colonel has a funny expression on his face for a moment as if saying, cake first? really? perhaps he is quite a funny guy.





 The Colonel gave a smile at his wife's song.
He looks happy.




 He blew out the candle as the song ended.




 I silently held out my fork to him.




The Colonel seemed to sense something was wrong seeing how silent I had been the whole time, but he took the fork anyway and scooped up the cake with it.










The Colonel took the white lump into his mouth.









His expression looks like something was knocking on the door in the corner of his memory.




 The wrinkles between the Colonel's eyebrows deepened.




His expression changed to a stern one.




“This is …….”





“Dear …….I'm sorry …….”


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his wife cried out,  and she plopped down on the table and started crying.









 The Colonel put down his fork and looked at me.
The hostility was conveyed in his eyes.
Clearly, he realized something was wrong.




So I peeled off the skin on my face.









 The colonel was startled and almost stood up.




 I hold his shoulder.




“You shouldn't stand up.
There's a switch on your chair.
If you stand, this whole room will explode.”





The cake he ate was the chemical for the bomb itself.




 -Nitro-based explosive is sweet.





I think every soldier on the front line has taken a bite of it for fun.
Whenever I got hungry and couldn't help myself, I would take a bite to drown my hunger.
I guess that means that the colonel was originally a front line soldier too.




 However, plastic bombs are poisonous to the human body.




 If you eat them, you will get an upset stomach or worse, food poisoning.
One spoonful is too much.
I've always had an iron stomach.
I used to gobble up it with those disgusting wild plants as a condiment to make them taste better.
When I was found out, I remember I received some serious scolding.
I wonder who's the guy that reported it.




“There are other triggers under your wife's ass too, also, there are bombs all over the room, so don't move.
Colonel Declark.”





speaking human language?”




“It's a long story.
I used to be a human.”




“no way…….
that's not possible………..”




 The Colonel was about to say something else when he fell silent.





 When he heard that I was a former human, his reaction was a little different from the others so far.




“You seem to know something.
Do you want a drink?”




 I pour him a whiskey.




The Colonel empties his glass in one gulp and then looks at me. Is he acting hard, or does he really have some balls? 





“– Recently, there have been a series of suspicious disappearances in 88, are you the culprit?”




I didn't answer.





“What about those who were kidnapped?”




 I tapped on my stomach.




“My goodness…………..”




 The colonel shakes his head bitterly.




“What the hell do you want?”





 So I presented the information I had so far, including the drug deal.

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“Who's your higher up? What are you using people for?”









“What happened during the 89 defense? Was the upper management of 88 sneaking around behind the scenes doing something in 89 that you can't tell people about?”




“I don't know what you're talking about.”




So I explained that I participated in the 89 defense, died there, and was betrayed by someone from 89 at that time.
After that, I awakened as a butcher, and here I am today.




At that time my name was Nigel.





“Impossible, that's mean……no way-“




“No way what? Tell me what you know.”










 The Colonel clenched his teeth.





Well, I knew that colonel class doesn't open up so easily.





“Well, you don't have to tell me.”




 I put the picture on the table.
I got it from the pocket of the owner of the skin I had just been wearing.




“So the woman in this picture is called Marianna right?”




“y-you …….”




 The Colonel's wife covered her face with her hands.




 I took the colonel's son-in-law's and borrowed his face to snuck in here, And the woman in question, Marianna, is the Colonel's only daughter.





“I bumped into her husband by chance near this building.
I haven't met Marianna yet, but from what I've gathered, she's a female officer in the service and a major.
Probably because of your connections, and surely she knows what's going on.”




“My daughter doesn't know anything.”




I pretend I didn't hear the colonel's words and continued my threat.




“You know, that Alpha woman….Laura, I think.
I ate that woman in the underground ammo depot.”




 I went on and on, explaining in detail what happens to women who are captured by me.
Even without clearly stating it, I explained discreetly what Marianna would be subjected to.




Even the Colonel was unable to hide his reaction.
His wife is already sobbing.




“–So, if you tell me, I'll end with just your wife.”




“My wife, you say……..”




 The Colonel's face says he can't believe it.




It's an old man's wife after all.





“You see, I don't care if they're young, old, male, or female.
I'm a literal scum.
She also got a beautiful daughter, you know? The kid's got good meat from her.”




I held up the photo and stared at it.
Marianna in the picture was holding a baby.
She seems to be his granddaughter.




“Even humans love to eat young veal too, right?”

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“Have you lost your humanity, you monster?!!”




“In case you didn't know, aliens call themselves human, too.
I wonder what human really is.”




“Why are you doing this! You are a former soldier of the 88.
Why are you siding with the aliens!!”





 The colonel, his face red with rage, glared at me and growled.




“You're wrong about siding with the aliens.
I'm not on anyone's side.”





“Then why?”




“I wonder…………”




I sighed wistfully.





“–Originally, I was hoping to get back at those who betrayed me.
But before I knew it, I was thinking that I just could end it all and kill all the humans.
Because you guys are so disgusting and stupid.
You'll understand it better when you stop being human.
Aliens are the same.
I think it's an error in evolution.
Maybe the planet would be brighter without you.”




“What are you talking about?”



“Well, but I also want to know exactly what happened to me.
I have some promises to keep.
So I suppose that this whole sequence of actions is for my own self-satisfaction.”




“You are going this far just for self-satisfaction…….”




“Everyone lives for self-satisfaction, right? Is that so strange?”



People live for the ones they love.”



“But you see, even that is self-satisfaction.
Even self-sacrifice is one too because by doing so, one will be satisfied and dies.
What matters as a person is what satisfies you.
Some people are satisfied with dying for their loved ones, while others are satisfied with killing others.
By the way, I find satisfaction in completing what I have decided to do – that is, I find satisfaction in having you all in my belly.”




“Go to hell.”




“I already went there.”




“Do you want to live in such a state?”




“And what would you do if you're in my situation? commit suicide?”




“I would.





“I will not.
No matter how filthy or how painful, I will carry out my duty until the last moment.
I am a professional.
I taught this way by growing up…”



 Grrrrrr ……
and Butcher's throat rumbled.




“– If you get hit, hit back.
It's a soldier's duty to retaliate.
That's what all you soldier taught me as a kid.”




 The mission I am on now is retaliation.
And the best possible outcome, the happiest possible ending, is that I keep my promise to Abigail and reach my goal while keeping my relationship with Abigail on good terms.
That's what I'm working toward right now.




I don't need to be attached to Abigail.
It's just that I'm kind of scared when she gets mad at me.
When she accuses me with such intensity, I just want to say I'm sorry and escape from the situation.




 Also, she is very good at using the whip and the candy.
If I spend too much time with her, I'm afraid I'll eventually lose my control to her.




Besides, once involved with someone, I can't help but develop a sense of camaraderie.



I want to protect the friends I have within my reach.




I have such a troublesome personality.




I decided to live a simple life without getting on the wrong path, and missions is my everything in life.





So once I decide to do something, I have to finish it or I will not feel satisfied, and I get really angry when someone interferes with my work.




 But since becoming a butcher, I have been involved with too many different people.


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My body has already begun to be entangled with invisible chains that affect my decisions in various angles and force me to take on unplanned missions.



 I thought I had removed all these chains.




 But strangely enough, I also find them comforting, which annoys me.
After all, I am not going to live alone anymore no matter how far I go.





Colonel swallowed his saliva with a loud gulp.




 He looked at his wife.










“Yes, dear.”





 They looked at each other with an affectionate gaze.




“I love you.”




“Me too.”




That's pretty cliche.




“I'll tell you one thing, former human butcher.”




“What is it?”




“Lieutenant General is a great man, he's fighting with everything he got to lead mankind to victory.”




I couldn't care less about the human's victory.




“You used to be a human being, and you fell on the front line after a grueling mission.
I pity you now that you are in such a situation.”




How nice.
You can have your stomachs filled, you can choose to live a life of freedom in the peace we've achieved just because you show sympathy for soldiers.  You've been able to have a wonderful time with the person you love until now.
I envy you.
I couldn't protect anyone close to me.
I had to sacrifice everything to accomplish the mission you guys have given us.”




And what did we gain by paying that much?




“But my wife and I are soldiers too!!”




I gave Colonel Declark heartfelt advice as he thrust his hands on the table, about to stand up.




“You shouldn't push it.
Your wife is so scared she's peed her pants.”




“Don't underestimate meeee!!!!!!!!!!”




 –Well, I knew you were a long shot.



 I removed my precious brainwave voice synthesizer and tucked it into my apron pocket.




 There's a click under the colonel's buttocks and the flash of white filled the room.



The explosion engulfed the room and shattered it into a million pieces.




 All that was left was a ringing in my ears.




 –If you want to take the Butcher down with you, this amount of explosives wasn't be enough, Colonel.




 Especially against the king of the Butcher demon.
I can even withstand a direct hit from the dragon breath. 




 I deactivated the that I activated just in case and put on the synthesizer again, then picked up part of the colonel's face that was left and spoke to him.




“I respect your bravery as a fellow soldier, and I will forget about Marianna.”




 I had no choice.
I guess I'll ask this Joyce woman next.


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