Chapter 224 Butcher roulette

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◇◆◇ (Gevaudan's point of view)








A piercing sound blasted into my ears.




My eardrums tingled, my head shook by the impact as if I had been hit with a sledgehammer, It hurt so much.




 I put the revolver in my hand on the table.
White smoke was rising from the muzzle.



 I was standing in front of the baccarat table.



 Across the table, a man was sitting on the other side.
He was my opponent.



 I took a chip from my pile and slid it toward him.



“You win three in a row.




“–!! hah! Hah-hah-hah!”




The man was panting and hyperventilating, his face drenched in sweat.
He stiffens, staring at the chip I gave him.
Unable to move.





This is a backroom at a casino run by Sludge.




Usually, casinos are the territory of a gang called the Sand Brotherhood, but the one run by the Sand is rather safe and the rates are low.
In contrast, the casino run by Sludge is known for its high rates.



In such a nest of greed, I was standing at a table, enjoying a game with one of the gangsters.




Except, we are using revolver instead of cards.




We are playing a very simple game called russian roulette, with both sides gambling on the fate of the other, the winner is the one who survives.




I had already lost three times in a row, I am too weak.




I had already put three lead bullets straight at my head, but the game is not over yet.



There was no way that the butcher would die from such a simple revolver.



The impact was just like being hit with a punch.
The game continues.




“Ha!! Hah ! Haa!”




A man stares at me, his lips pale as he fiddles with his revolver.
He looks so desperate and tries his best to think of even the tiniest trick he got, but there's no trick in this game.




I proudly insert a single round and reload it. 




 I just lost, so I'm the first one to fire.


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 I pressed the muzzle to my temple and pulled the trigger, but it didn't fire.
Well, it's a one-sixth after all.




I slid the revolver across the sleek green table cloth.




I gestured for the man to continue.




“Now it's your turn.
Let's keep the game going.”









 –That's right.



This game is, as I may say, A Butcher's Roulette.





 Once you agree to play, it's over.
The game never ends until the player's head explodes.
It was a rigged game in which I, as the dealer, would win 100% of the time. There is no limit to how far I can go in this game.



As an extra touch of entertainment, I also had the audience betting on who was going to win, me or the guy.




 Baccarat is a game in which spectators can bet on which player will win, right? The stakes are still up to each spectator.



I was hoping that some of them would bet on me, because that would make the game more exciting.



 But, as it turns out, Most of the customers bet on the guy to win, even though it really depends on luck.




The man in front of me was about to press the trigger with a trembling hand.
This guy seemed to be a higher-ranking member of the gang, and the audience seemed to bet on him because of that.
That was unfortunate.



Thus, it became baccarat of death.




Especially after the second game, when it turned out that I wasn't going to die, Panic ensued.
This made most of the audience run away even though I told them not to.



In the end, spectators never saw the end of the game and were either flattened by the new butcher hammer and turned into a meat carpet on the floor, or sludgy, decaying corpses.





 This is how the audience was almost completely wiped out.
At the moment, it's me and the guy I'm facing.  Tiriel, and Ferris playing the slot machine over there.
And there is also one bunny girl.




I heard that they have rare gaming machines, especially the slot…….
Oh, here they go.




*ding ding ding* a sound rose from the other side of the room…..The two of them hugged each other excitedly with shining eyes.
So cute.




I, on the other hand, was enjoying the casino's luxurious atmosphere, listening to the wet, lewd sucking sounds…….



 Under the table, the surviving bunny girl frantically sucking my son.



A young bunny girl was chomping on my muscular manhood with her little cotton tail swaying.
A blow job that made her jaw almost dislocate.
She's quite a nice-looking bunny girl.
She was wearing a bunny suit, fishnet tights, and high heels, those things cutely complement each other like hamburgers to fries and a Coke.



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And why is this girl sucking my dick in this situation? She is actually the only one who won the game as she bet on me.
The play of a lifetime.
She had a lot of guts.




When she announced her bet, some guy threatened her, saying, “You better remember this, Betty.” but now she is the one and only survivor.





As they say, rabbit brings good luck.
I would like to take advantage of her good fortune.



 Bunny girl's important job is to squeeze money and sperm out of adrenaline-fueled and greedy men who win the gambling, right?



So, I asked her politely, “If I win, let me fuck you one night.” and the lucky bunny sobbed and asked me to put on a rubber.
It was a tearful plea.
she told me that she was incapable to take any pill to prevent it.




She was the only one who supported me, the lucky bunny.
I cannot be so cruel to her.
So I politely replied, I can't wear a condom because it's too difficult for me, but if you can put one on me, I'll use it.




Then the lucky bunny panicked and pulled a rubber from the breast of her bunny suit and attempted to put it on my penis.




Well, there was no way it could fit with a human-size toy like that.
And she is still struggling with it even now.
I didn't want to be mean to her.
It's really hard for me to use a rubber.



But, as one would expect from a bunny girl who bet on the butcher, She is smart enough to think that she might get away with it if she drained me first, so her blowjob, which used to be just a licking-slurping blowjob, was now upgraded to a serious blowjob.
She has become a fine pink salon[1] girl, sucking a meat rod while gagging repeatedly in order to calm it down as quickly as possible.




First I thought, Even if she could get it on, it would tear so quickly that it probably wouldn't matter anyway ……
but on the other hand, I never had a butcher lance equipped with a condom before.
I wonder how many times it can withstand my ejaculation.
I'm curious.




 While I was thinking about this, the man on the other side of me suddenly stood up.




 He pointed the muzzle at me and shout with bloodshot eyes.








He screamed, and pulled the trigger over and over again –click –bang!





 The revolver fired, but it didn't work.
That kind of gun don't work on me.




 Suddenly, I felt something hard hit my glans…….





sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry…….”





 The sudden gunshot must have startled her.
rabbit girl seemed to have bit it with her teeth.




 Seeing her face turning pale and apologizing, I kind of want to cheer her up.
Hang in there.
Do your best and put the condom on quickly.
If you don't do it soon, the man will probably die first.



The man continues to pull the trigger as I enjoy the bunny's blowjob even after being hit by a bullet.
His spirit slowly turns to despair.




“Aaaaahhhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh…………”




I saw his face twist.




I stretched out my tongue in a snatched the gun from the man's hand.

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I then reload the gun as if nothing happened




“–haaaaah ……
haaaaah ……
haaaaah ……
haaaaah …….”





 The man slumped back in his chair and held his head on the table.





I handed him the loaded gun, but the man did not pick it up.




 I had no choice, so I pulled the trigger instead of him.





It clicked at the man, His shoulder jumped.




Clicked at me.




It clicked at the man and his shoulders jumped again.
He shakes his head and plops down on the table.




Bang! it fires at me.





I lost again.
You have pretty good luck, befitting a man who has risen through rank in sludge like you.
 Do you think it's time for my luck to come around next turn?”




I tried to flatter him, but the man who lifted his head didn't look flattered at all.
He's already staring off into the distance.





 -Actually, It has nothing to do with luck.




I deliberately load the bullets in such that I will lose for sure.




My hand is so accustomed to the revolver that I can easily pull it off.
It's something I practiced a long time ago.




It's not cheating, It's just that I am a very experienced dealer.




“Ugh, hgg, hgg–“




 Oh, he started crying.
He's already a grown man, so embarrassing.




Well, he did play russian roulette six times in a row, which usually ends after one game.
His brain must be a complete mess right now with all kinds of brain chemicals.
His face looks as if he has aged about ten years.



“—- Alright……answer.
I'll answer, so please, no more…….”




 The man begged in a muffled voice.
I silently nodded for him to continue while spinning the cylinder.
The lucky rabbit sucked frantically.
A fox and an elf girl playing digital horse racing.
What a chaotic atmosphere.




“It's Joyce.”


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 The man said.




“She's the woman who runs the Matchgirl, and she's a senior Sludge official.”






“I know that Joyce and a colonel named Declark hang out together.
The Colonel is the middleman, and we in the Sludge hand over the suitable, unidentified people to the military in exchange for drugs.”






“I don't know what they use the people for.
They mainly choose from the slums, but sometimes we send in people who have lost their livelihood in these casinos.
Rumor has it that they are using them for drugs and having their fun with them.
We never get any information from the other side, and the people we send there never come back.”




“Joyce and Colonel Declark.”




“Joyce probably knows all the details, but there are very few people who know where that woman is.
You're not going to get in touch with her without me, buddy.”




He's trying to find his way out, but…




“It doesn't matter.”








 Natsuki knows a lot about Sludge.
If I had a rough information, I could handle the rest.




“I know the name of my next target and that's enough.
let continue the game.
If we don't do it soon, my bunny might dislocated her jaw.”




“Wait! You promised me that you wouldn't kill me if I give you the information—.”




“I said I wouldn't kill you but I didn't say I will stop the game.
I'm the type of person who need to settle things once I've started it.
Let's keep it as clear and simple.
I wish you win next game too”







The man seemed to realize something and gasped in despair.




 –After about 30 minutes, I finally ejaculated.



So while I was playing with the rabbit, spraying it all over her and letting her drink it, the guy took the opportunity to grab the gun and kill himself.
I was impressed by the way his smile deepened with each click.
He seemed to have fallen victim to his madness.



What shall I do with this lucky, sticky white bunny? Now that she is soaked with cum all the way down to the base of her bunny suit, she's still trying her best to put on a rubber.
She's so brave.




 –Oh well.




She looks like she hasn't done anything wrong, so I'll just take her in as a sex slave that I can use anytime I want.



I decided to welcome this rabbit into my underground sanctuary as a cute pet.




The condom withstands my massive ejaculation only one time.  It ballooned out so much so that I was impressed by how strong the rubber was.
Then it got pulled out from her vagina and stretched her like she was giving birth.


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