Chapter 223 Meat processing

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With a metallic sound, her both arms are yanked up.




“Ow, Ow!”




Natalya winced when her shoulder ached, only to be lifted up mercilessly.





The next thing she knows, she is hanging from the ceiling rail, her hands bound with chains.




just like the frozen meat around her.




“–No….no more.”




The killer hung Natalya and peered into her pale face.





A pair of red glowing eyes behind a paper bag is visible.




“Welcome to the Butcher's Haunted House, Natalya.
Did you have a good time?”








“I'm Gevaudan.”




The monster introduced himself.
Natalya can't help but stare in shock.



“I have a question for you.”




“W-what do you want from me…..why did you know my name…you-“



A dark blue tongue licked her pale cheek.







“I just talked to Flint.
You know, Flint from the data center.”




“Flint ……
Flint ……
Yeah, I know.
I know!”





“I heard that you asked Flint to tamper with the surveillance cameras, and I want to know why.”








She shut her mouth as her clothes get ripped.




What emerged from beneath her neat suit was the naked body of a rather unkempt woman.
Her sinewy body showed signs of malnutrition due to the frequent use of drugs.



This is a freezer.
Instantly, goosebumps appeared on her body as she was stripped of her top half.


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More in response to the cold than shame, Natalya tried to shrink her body, but the chains hanging from her hands prevented her to do so.




The monster, who called himself Gevaudan, looked at her somewhat boringly, then pulled another hunk of flesh up next to her.





The ceiling rail rattled and a human man was yanked out.




Hassan …….”




Like Natalya, the man was stripped naked and hung from the ceiling.



 A dark brown-skinned, muscular man hanging upside down.
His body glistened like a bodybuilder, a beauty that every man dreams of.



 It was her colleague who had just been raped by the monster.




Hassan was unconscious, motionless with his eyes turned white.
Natalya's thoughts drifted back to the horrifying scene that just occurred to her.




 –It was when Natalya had gone down to the basement to get her bike to go home.




The monster grabbed Hassan and pinned him down as if he was a little girl and penetrated him from behind, over and over again, ignoring the strong man's cries and screams.




And now he is naked and hanging from the ceiling by both legs, swaying helplessly.



Thanks to this, both his balls and dick are in full view, but the sight of his bloody ass brought nothing but pity rather than feelings of disgust or horror.





*clang* *clang* And the monster approached, dragging a huge knife.




The knife's blade and hilt were gleaming with a ferocious hue, perhaps because it had been carefully sharpened just a few moments earlier.




“What are you going to do with me?”




“Huh? Of course, I'm going to fuck you, but I'm going to process it first, so wait a minute.”








Before she could ask, the monster dexterously lifted a giant knife and sliced open Hassan's belly vertically.





 Hassan woke up from the pain.
But there was no sound to his screams.





Natalya wanted to cry out too, but her screams had dried out.
She could only breathe spasmodically and watch the merciless “processing”.




Gevaudan skillfully pulled Hassan's guts out and poured them all into the bucket he had placed below.
Hassan's face, hanging upside down, is covered in a waterfall of his own guts and blood, his jaw trembling with fear under it.



As if on a sudden impulse, Gevaudan grabbed Hassan's genitals and ripped them apart.
The penis was larger than the average man's and Natalya recalled having it in her mouth.



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 Gevaudan opened his mouth wide and tossed it in like he were tossing peanuts into his mouth.
It looks like a crocodile, Natalya thought.




The sound of chewing echoed through the meat processing plant.




“– I like this part of meat a lot, but I've always wondered why and looked it up on the Internet the other day.
It turns out that testicles contain a lot of the same stuff as brains.
No wonder.
I think the saying that men think with their lower body is true.”




*rattle* *rattle*




 That was the sound of Natalya's teeth grinding.



 She felt her vision narrowing as she shivered helplessly.
Black stains began to spread from the edges of her vision, and gradually she felt as if she were looking through binoculars.
This is commonly known as tunnel vision, a condition in which a person under extreme stress falls into.





 Hassan was coughing blood.
His gaze was distant and dim.
He was probably staring at the other side of the death river by now.





Natalya prayed to God for his quick demise, but at the same time, she hoped that God would prolong his life, even for a second, so that she could escape the fear that it might be her turn soon.





When he had finished processing the organs, the monster began to peel off his skin, slitting the skin with his fingernails along the center of his body.
The brown skin peeled off cleanly.
What emerged from underneath was a fine pattern of fat and muscle.
Throughout the whole process, Hassan did not move an inch.
Blood was still bubbling out of his nose and mouth, but it was hard to tell if it was from his breathing or just a mere physical reaction, the result of having been hung upside down.








At this point, Natalya finally let out a piercing scream.







The chains from the ceiling jangled noisily as she flailed about.
Natalya tried to move away from the scene in a half-crazed state, only to find her feet covered in a puddle of blood, so slimy that she was unable to properly kick the floor.




“Please!! I'll do anything!”




“Will you answer me regarding the surveillance camera tampering?”



 Gevaudan asked calmly as he continued to skinned Hassan.



“F…For the sludge club!” Natalya yelled.



“They're asking us to routinely prepare an unmonitored warehouse because they're using it as a trading place!”




“Sludge again, why?”




“I don't know! So I sometimes did that, I had Flint turn off the surveillance cameras and setting up random days and times when the warehouse would be unoccupied! That's all, I've told you everything, please release me, please …….”




So, what kind of deals happened there?”




“I don't know the detail…”



 Gevaudan then pointed to Hassan.



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“He's still alive.
His internal organs are still all connected, skinned in a way to not kill him and he is not going to die soon.
Fresh fish is better right?  I worked hard under the manager to train myself as a butcher, so I'm able to do this kind of thing.
The meat prep is my specialty.”




Natalya felt terror from the bottom of her heart at the monster bragging about the most horrifying acts in the world so proudly.




“Would you rather be held by me and eaten alive in heaven, Or to be slaughtered and face hellish suffering just like Hassan? My recommendation is to answer everything I ask.”



I think the main thing they trade is drugs…….
because I get paid with it…….”




Natalya looks dejected.
A dark tongue crawled around her unhealthy breasts.




“So complicated for a mere drug.
Did the gang prepare those places just for them to sell drugs?”




“No, it is the opposite.
It looks like the gangs were receiving the drugs.”




“Oh, really? So, who was the supplier? What are the gangs paying them with?”




 Then she stammered for a moment and then said it.





I really don't know the details ……
but I received a toy man from Sludge once……..”




“A toy man, you say?”




 Natalya nodded her head.



“He was ……
something ……
like a drugged-up doll, completely out of his mind,  they told me I could do whatever I wanted.
They gave me a small room in the underground haven.
I was confused at first, but he was pretty good looking, so I played with him a lot, and then when I got bored with him, the man was taken back to the Sludge.
I don't even know his name.”




that mean–“



“Maybe they did that kind of thing too, like ….
trading people.
I don't know who the gang dealt with.
I'm not lying…….”



“I see.
So the gangs were selling people and getting drugs from them.”



“It was probably a slum dweller that was being sold.”




If a legitimate citizen went missing, they'd find out immediately.”




“…hey, how do you ……
know so much about this? Aren't you an alien?”




 Natalya asked the obvious question.




“I know so much about humans, you know.
Especially about you, there's a lot more I know.”




 The monster gently wiped her frozen tears away with the back of his finger and continued.




“-I heard that you took advantage of your position as a logistics manager to work with the officials at the armory, getting a payout in exchange for helping them swap out supplies.
That's what Hassan said.”




I was paid a portion of the profits from swapping ammunition, provisions, and tobacco with defective items that were supposed to be destroyed.
But I'm not the only one who does that, and since bullets can be shoot, it doesn't matter if there are some defective ones in the mix…….”

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“You did a bad thing.”




 Gevaudan said.
The monster's tone of voice was flat and mechanical, and only then she feel the unfathomable anger in his words.
The blood drained from Natalya's face.



“You work in the rear, so you may not care about the lives and deaths of soldiers on the front lines, but a single dud like that can kill a soldier.
If just one bullet explodes or does not fire, he dies.
Only one bullet.
If the bullet goes off in the wrong direction, someone will die.”







 Gevaudan's voice interrupted Natalya as she was about to say something.




“It happened to me once.
I got my hair scorched by alien magic thanks to it, and they laughed at me a lot but that was the worst of it.
Since then, I have always checked all my ammunition, but only because my weapon was a sniper rifle.
A soldier using a machine gun can't check all their bullets.”




“……What are you?”



“You think it's okay if there's one defective round in every 10,000 rounds? I believe my old friend was among the soldiers who died from that 1 in 10,000 bullets.”




sorry ……”



“What's the point of hoarding rotten food and rations if you don't eat them? Do you know what the only entertainment for a soldier on the front line is? It's food.
I remember when I had to eat mud and pull out some weird grass to eat because the rations didn't reach me.
Oh, I remember when a can of my favorite cheesecake was covered in bugs because it wasn't sealed properly.
It was a waste, so I ate the whole thing.
I got some extra protein thanks to that.”




sorry ……
sorry ……”



Natalya continued to beg for forgiveness, tears welling up in her eyes as she faced the murderous spirit surging out from Gevaudan.



The monster lifted her legs, its bright red eyes shining brightly as it let out a puff of steam.




“My name is Gevaudan.
I've come back to bring down the scum of the earth for their evil deeds.
I'm going to punish you on behalf of all the other soldiers who suffered horrible deaths because of your wrongdoings, including me.”




 Natalya felt a hot tip pressed against the center of her crotch.




She spoke quickly and repeated her apology to God as she looked up to heaven.




“Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry —- Hi!!”




So began an uninterrupted hellish act.




Insert, fuck, ejaculate, changes hole, insert, fuck, ejaculate. This violent process gave Natalya pleasure and pain at the same time, something she had never experienced before, not even with drugs.








In the midst of those humiliations, Natalya kept apologizing.




 Finally, she was allowed to pass out.
It was hours after she had finally pleaded for death.




 After returning home, a barbeque was held with fresh meat for two human adults.



Fort's seasoning was a hit, but the woman's meat was too tough, so the rest was turned into ground meat for various dishes.

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