Chapter 221 Man and Woman Love Game

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The only sound in the silent freezing room was the sound of me munching and chewing.




Flint finally realized that he was now in a much more critical situation than the whole honey-trap incident.
With his face pale, he clenched his teeth.





“I'm Gevaudan.”





I introduce myself.




“I used to be a soldier here in 88.
I died in the 89 defense, and I came back as a butcher.
Nice to meet you.”








Flint and Kathy looked up at me, dumbstruck, as their voices raised in unison.




“Human? Really?”





“I'm looking for the person who betrayed me.
Anyway, I need the record of the 89 defense.
Flint, where are the records?”




“The 89 defense? Oh, that because–“




“The data was lost because of the power failure, right? I heard about that.
Forget it, what's the real story?”




“Actually nothin–Aaaahhhhhh!?”




I stabbed Flint's thigh with my fork, and he dropped the blow on the floor, his face contorted in pain.




The stew splashed on the floor, and the organs that had been Cohen's were scattered all over the floor.
All of them were moving, by the way.




“Gaaaahhhh ……”




Flint's face immediately hardened, and he was drenched in greasy sweat.




I grab his hair and make him look up.
With my grip that can make a steel frame crumple, he would shred his hair follicles to bits if I really put strength into it.




“Why did you erase the record of the 89 defense?”




“I-I don't know……..”

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 He said this with tears in his eyes.




“I wasn't told the reason.
My supervisor at the time ordered me to reformat an entire data server, including the backups…….”




“Who was your boss at the time?”




“He's dead.
He died six months later, it was suicide.
It's the truth.”




 Very likely.
They probably got rid of him.




Flint's bosses at the time had no reason to erase the data.
The order had to come from higher up.
That would make them lieutenant colonel or something higher.




The fact that Flint is still alive means that his claim that he doesn't know the details is true.
If he know he would have been dealt with long ago.
There's nothing more I can extract from this guy.




My thread to the past has been cut off immediately.
Oh well.



“On the next subject, Do you know anything that happened at the place where you turned off the surveillance camera? Who told you to shut those off, and why did you do it?”







For a moment, Flint's eyes are swimming around.





 Then, as I scooped and ate the stew, formerly Cohen, that scattered on the floor with my tongue, he contemplated and began to answer my question.




“Please spare me…….
It's Natalya.
The woman in the Distribution Department of the Procurement Bureau.
It's a very lucrative job.
Every once in a while that woman sends me instructions to turn off the security and create a blank zone, and for each blank zone I get a large sum of money transferred to my account.
I don't know what is going on there.”




Natalya from the procurement bureau's distribution department.




Although she does not seem to be directly involved in the concealment of the 89 defense, Abigail has been asked to find a plot against the lieutenant general, and this may have a lot to do with my death.




I may try to follow that line of suspects first.




“There are rumors of weapons distribution.
Is that also related?”




There may be some diversions, but it wasn't necessarily a military warehouse.
Sometimes it was a random road, a storage, a park, or even a room in the headquarters building.”




 I see, It's not just about the money.



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I guess Natalya is my next target.




“I-Is that enough? ……
if you have any other questions, I'll answer them, please spare me …….




 Fresh blood was dripping from his thigh where the fork had pierced.



The contrast between Flint with a pool of blood under his chair, and Kathy with a pool of semen, created a perfect male/female contrast.




–Flint blurted out everything after one injury, and it's not that heavy either.




He's a world apart from Sergeant Adams.
I am annoyed by the people in the backline who are sneaking around in the Fort.
Do they have any courage at all?




 Look at Yufan.
Even though she had her brain eaten by insects, she showed the guts of a brave warrior and never spill anything out.
Maybe it was because she was a Jiangshi, but I am honestly impressed.
She is truly a professional.




 Even aliens have that level of responsibility, but you guys.




“–Yeah, about that.
Actually, I was going to eat you both, but something about the way you were looking at me made me feel sorry for you.”









 Flint's expression was a mixture of hope and pain.




“”So it'll be either you or Kathy I eat.
You two talk it over and decide.””












 Flint and Kathy looked at each other at the same time.



 After a momentary glare, Flint spoke up.



“Eat that bitch! I don't care about her anymore!”




“Y-you've got to be kidding me! I've already been raped by this guy, now it's your turn! Isn't that right, Gevaudan.
This guy is next, right? Right!??”




The argument was an exchange of “eat him/her”.
Both of their faces were stained with murderous intent.





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 –How ugly.
I'm ashamed as a former member of the same species.





 I asked Flint what had just occurred to me.




“By the way, Flint.
Do you know how to control the surveillance camera system?”



 If I can control the surveillance cameras, it would make it easier for me to move around, and it might help me find the location of Abigail's place.
But is it possible to operate the camera in such a confidential area?




ah! I know I know!!  I can control it from anywhere with my terminal! I'll show you how to use it so please spare me!!”




“Coward! You're going to sell 88 to the aliens!?”




“Shut up! you dead woman!!”




Flint's pictorial scumbaggery makes me laugh internally.
So much for being a lovable human being.




Seeing me pick up the terminal, Flint gives me a look.




“I'll give you the password if you let me go”




“I know the password!”




Kathy shouted, determined not to let that happen




“You ……you fucking!”




“Suck it, you son of a bitch!”




Flint looks hopeless as his escape route is blocked, and Kathy spits on him.




“Thanks for your cooperation both of you.
I'll take this as a souvenir.
Now, hurry up and decide which one of you is going to be my dinner.”




 The cursing resumed.




It was like watching the epitome of what it means to be a human.
It was just plain ugly.




No matter how long I waited, no decision was made.
I think I've had enough.




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I finally ran out of patience with this death match that shows no sign of ending.




I let out a Butcher sigh , “Aaaaah …….”




They both froze their expressions and stifled at the sight of it.




“Time's up.”




“No no, wait!”




“Now let's do this equally.
First, I will fuck this woman then eat her, and I will eat Flint then fuck him as well.”








Flint is speechless.





“Now you have no complaints, right?”




“w-what are you talking about? w-w-with me?”




 Without answering Flint's question, I stood up.




 I cut the rope tying Cassie to the chair and grabbed her free legs and dragged her to the bedroom next door.




“Nooooooo!!  no more !! If you want to eat me, just kill me, please!!!! Flint help!!!!!! “




 The bedroom is dark.




Kathy clawed at the floor to keep herself from being dragged into the darkness, but it was a futile attempt.
Her fingernails ripped and several streaks of blood were traced along the ground.
What was left were pieces of fingernails on the floor.




Before long, the Butcher's feast begins.




In the living room, Flint could only watch, powerless.





–After everything is over, I set the place on fire and went back to the underground.





Ferris and Tiriel really like the frozen pizza and microwave I got from that room.


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