entually blackmail you.”









“No, that's not–!”



Kathy hurriedly denies it, but I proceed to expose her.



“I heard that Kathy was in touch with one of your men.”




“Y-You're joking right?”




“That's not—-!”





 I keep pouring more and more fuel.





I drove her on a two-hour trip to paradise and she confessed to me everything.
When she has your baby, she'll fire a rape allegation and plan to blow the whistle to the Investigators and Ethics Committee then kick you to the ground.”




I show him the terminal screen I took from Kathy.
These are the evidence, the list of photos and emails of the affair.



 Flint was aghast when he saw it.




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“So it was Cohen huh!? You two are planning all this!!??”








Kathy bit her lip, then broke into a mocking smile.




That was Cohen's plan.”




“You…….so the Christmas promise was a lie?”




“Who's going to let a bland nerd like you fuck me bareback! Did you really think a beautiful woman like me was in love with you, you egotistical idiot!?”




“But you said you want a baby!”




“And I'm going to get rid of it once I've done!!”









There followed an ugly argument.




To use and be used.
A game of love between a man and a woman.
The mudslinging and exposure contest began.




I've given you so much money.
I've already filed for divorce with my wife.
What about my rejection of the transfer to the USEG? When Flint uttered these things, Kathy retorted everything he said.
It was Flint who began to cry and whine.
The psychological breakdown he suffered was immeasurable.




 Flint finally fell silent and turned over in his chair.
He went blank and his mind was shredded. 









After a while, he began to chuckle to himself.





I already had a faint suspicion about this…….that such a woman would really fall in love with me ……”




 I was starting to feel sorry for him…….



“Calm down both of you.
Go ahead, have some of my home cook food and take a break.”





 So I intervene and offer the stew I've made.
Here you go.




what are you….”




 Flint looked up at me and accepted the stew.
He seems to have already been so occupied with Kathy's betrayal that he has apparently brushed off the fact that I am the Butcher out of his mind.
I have to admit, it's quite funny.





In a desperate attempt.
He eats the contents of his bowl like a dog.

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 Then, after a few seconds, Flint's face contorted “Blgh…….”




 A sphere rolls out of his mouth 




“This ……this …….”




 It's an eyeball.




–Then the eyeball that rolled on the floor twitched.











 Flint stared at the moving eyeball and let out a small scream.




The eyeball is just an eyeball, so there is no expression on it, but it seems to be glaring at Flint with resentment.





“That is Cohen.
Kathy's boyfriend.”








Flint looks up at me in horror, his mouth dripping with stew.
Kathy looks away with a pale face.



Barbarian Human Stew Tiriel style.
I was inspired by that night.
She even shared secret ingredients with me and it worked.
the thing is moving.




“She appears to have been having fun with Cohen in this love nest you've painstakingly created.
She's the epitome of a nasty woman so you don't have to be so depressed anymore.
Cheer up.”




I pat him on the shoulder.



When I snuck into the room, Kathy and Cohen were on the couch, having a tit-fuck session.
It looked like they were going to get one out before Flint arrived, but I wouldn't allow it.



Cohen, mortified by the horror of Kathy getting raped in front of him, gave me all sorts of information.
He even gave me the password to the terminal.
And after that, he ended up in my belly.




Giving away information so easily is an unwise move if you want to survive.
It's like giving up your own lifeline.
Doing so makes you useless.




Then Kathy, who had witnessed Cohen's demise, started to panic.




Thus, she was afraid to answer anything I asked her, but I didn't want her to lie, so while Cohen was simmering, I went straight to work on her, repeatedly cumming on her to confirm the credibility of her story and waiting for Flint's arrival.




 It seems that Cohen's eyeballs were not to Flint's taste.
What a waste.
One should eat up all one's prey.





I picked up Cohen's eyeball, the one that had dropped to the floor, and threw it into my mouth.




 When I bit into it, hot broth popped out from inside.
It's full of flavor.
Full of collagen.
The substance inside the eyeball is composed of collagen, I thought.
If someone eats it with their eyes closed, they might believe me when I tell them it's a small dumpling.
I seasoned it myself, so it's perfectly edible.

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