Chapter 219 Connecting the Dots

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I don't want to get blood stains on the clothes Natsuki bought me, so I changed back into my apron.




『–By the way, is Natsuki still with Abigail? What about your new life at central?』




 I asked, and Natsuki looked back at me with a serious look on her face.




『Oh,  Things got a little ……messy, so it's been pushed aside for now.
We're fine, but Abby is in trouble…….
I don't know if I can tell this while the alien girls are present.』




Hesitantly, Natsuki told me about Abigail's current situation.




That is, Abigail is in custody.








『When was this?』




『Two days ago, the evening after my chat with Jebotan.』




『Did they tell her what charges she was accused of?』




『Well, They said that Abby was a double agent……..』




『Double agent?』




The mention of this strange word I had only heard in movies, made me involuntarily tilt my head




『I didn't get it either, but they showed us some video footage of an alien that looked exactly like Jebotan and Abby together, and said it was proof that she had destroyed some facility……..
something like that?』




Natsuki looked at me uneasily.




『Me and Abigail destroying the facility together? ……




I remember it now.




『Is that an Echo's base?』




『Ah! Mm-hm.
They did say Echo!』




I thought I destroyed it all, but I guess not…….




So, Abigail pretends to have returned from the alien city, but she actually has switched sides and is infiltrating the Fort as a spy for the alien side and that's why she's a double agent.




『Then Abby says that it was an alien doppelganger disguised as her, and everything went horribly wrong from there…….』








I winced.




 Damn, that's really a desperate excuse……. 




『Then some big shot suggests that maybe Abby is the doppelganger.』




『As I thought, You're too rash Abigail.』




『Right! And from there! we all started pointing guns at each other!』




『Hee ……』




I cradled my head.




『I'm surprised they didn't shoot you dead on the spot.』




『But then, all of a sudden, this really scary guy Lieutenant General Penrose came out of nowhere.
He asked to hear the details.
And in the end, Abby was taken away.』




『The head of 88 himself showed up.』




『InoRyder and Mashu said that since he declared he won't do anything if she cooperates in front of Eugene, the journalist, it would be okay for a while, but I'm really worried about her…』




『Did the lieutenant general really bother to say that in front of a journalist?』








『Oh, then she'll be fine.』




Well, maybe a little torture.




But Abigail has been tortured by me many times, human torture is no big deal.



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It just so happens that Ferris came along too, so even if she is badly injured, She can heal her.







 But what if they did something with her brain?




 Especially truth serums……those are mostly made from drugs…….




 Even if they put them in such an obvious broken state. If the person themselves says.”I'm fine, nothing has been done to me.” then the Fort is allowed to close the curtain. 




『Natsuki, what about Niblo? Is he with Abigail?』




『I'm pretty sure he's with her right now.』




 Good, good.
Niblo, excellent job.





『And, Can you give this to Abigail somehow?』




Rummaging through the pockets of my apron, I pulled out a gold and silver straw doll.




『What is this…….
a straw puppet?』




 Natsuki was a little taken back after I give her a silver straw doll — Gin-san. (Silver-san)



『It's like a phone.
Something that transcends human technology so it's impossible to be tapped, and probably can be used regardless of the distance.
That's Gin-san.
The one I have is Kin-san (Gold-san).
Please take care of him.』




『O-Okay……? Nice to……ohh!?』




She surprised When the straw doll suddenly moves. In Natsuki's hands, Gin-san straightened his posture and saluted.




『What….is it alive? Hmmm? It's kinda cute….




 She squinted her eyes and leaned forward, then began to play with Gin's chest area like she play with a stuffed doll.




No, I don't think it's cute at all.




Scary, Natsuki's sense of kawaii is scary.




 However, Gin-san scratched the back of his head and blushed, like he know that Natsuki had praised him.
what an expressive straw doll.




『Oh, isn't it Kodama?』




Ferris stretched out her neck to watch and said.




 She was looking at Kin with great interest.
This is the gold counterpart to the one I give to Natsuki.
By the way, Kin was in the middle of a cowboy adventure, riding on top of a diamond and swinging a loop of string around.
Gin is the quiet one, and Kin seems to be the lively one.




『Come to think of it, I remember Titania mentioning it too.』




『Kodama is a type of elemental spirit.
Titania must have summoned them with .』




 Tiriel said, and then *squish* roughly grabbed Kin and stared at him.




As Tiriel curiously watches him, Kin raises his middle finger at her.
A little naughty too.




 Natsuki looked at me, 『But …….』




『We had one video call with Abby after that, and I haven't heard from her since.
I don't know where she's locked up or how to get to her, so InoRyder is busy working on a rescue plan on her own.』




『Wow, She got some backbone to resist the higher-ups』




 So that's my former hound.
I'm a little curious.




『So it's just Natsuki and Yakumo living together now?』




 I might visit that room again.




But my faint hopes were easily shattered.




『Now we have Vani staying with us.』




 Vani, A member of Fox? Then I can't live there.
Too bad.




『Rudra said he's going to go back to Fox and try another way to contact Abby.
He said he's going to talk to someone named Whisley.』








『The boss of Fox.
He had an eye patch.』




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Look at you, Abigail, you have the full support from Fox.
I guess being beautiful really is a perk…….



however, such a beautiful woman has developed a body that cannot be satisfied without my big cock, which gives me a bit of a superior feeling.
If any guy has feelings for her, I want to show him the difference in male caliber by making her suck my butcher lance to the base and make her squirm.
That'll shock him and give him ED (erectile dysfunction).




As I was having these wicked thoughts, Natsuki showed me the picture in her terminal.




『–And also, Abby told me to turn to this person in case of an emergency.』








 He is a handsome, smart-looking man with glasses.
The kind I don't like.




『He's Logan.
Abigail's ex-boyfriend.』








 I quietly put a man named Logan on my kill list.




『Hmmm ……
I understand the situation now.
Thanks, Natsuki.
Then, let's start with the empty position that Niblo left.
Diamond, escort her.』




  For a moment, Diamond was so startled and did a banzai, but I nudged him with my chin, and he shuffled over to Natsuki's body




『Are you sure?』




『Yes, The gang might still be after you.
So you must be careful.』




 I patted Natsuki on the head.




『Moving on.
I'm worried about Abigail too, Can you tell me everything else she told you?』




From there, Natsuki shared the information that Abigail gathered.




That is, who betrayed me and who should I kill?




In conclusion, although the truth is still unknown, my death was orchestrated and concealed, and everyone who may or may not have direct knowledge of the matter is now dead.
One after another within the past week.




Abigail's current theory is as follows.




 The lieutenant general was doing something in 89 at the time that could not be revealed.
And my death is strongly suspected to be related to that.




While it remains unclear how I died, the fact that I was stabbed from behind with a strange blade and I was clutching someone else's revolver that is not my gun suggests that someone on the human side was involved in my demise.
As for how it happened, there was an eyewitness from a man named Wakefield from Romeo.





『I don't think you mention it, but isn't this the one about the fight with Coronzon?』




 Ferris interrupted, and Tiriel crossed her arms,『Sounds like it.』




『Coronzon who?』




I cocked my head at a name I heard from somewhere.




『It's a spirit that Jibodan fight when you were subhuman.』




 Ferris told me that the one I killed was the captain of a destroyer unit called Coronzon.
I recall Arshella also told me that.




『Don't you remember, Jibodan?』




I don't remember much.
It was a very tough one, even my gun only managed to scratch that armor a bit.
I remember being surprised because I had never faced such a thing before.』




『You damaged the armor?』




 Tiriel was somewhat taken aback.





『Isn't it made from and even harder than ?』




My gun was more like a cannon than a gun.
It was supposed to be an anti-tank rifle, but with a more robust design.
It was bigger, stronger, and heavier.
Like my butcher lance.
It could be used as a blunt weapon if the time came.
He was the first alien I couldn't kill at a point-blank shot.




『So, how did the Jibodan kill the Coronzon?』




 Ferris asked curiously.




『Arshella asked me that too, but I really don't remember.』




『Well, come to think of it, there's a little more about that time.』




Natsuki told me about my last moment, which Wakefield said he had seen.


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That is, my gun barrel was blown apart, and there were countless pieces of flesh and the corpse of an unknown monster lying nearby.




『Unknown monster ……
Magical beast or ……? Oh.』




 I suddenly remembered something.




『I remember that at the end, I put the barrel of the gun through a 'seam' in the armor and pulled the trigger.
That must have been the fatal blow』




『A 'seam'?』




 Ferris asked.




『A seam ……
or a crack……
a hole in the chest of the armor?』




I felt as if I was slowly drawing up a fishing line, a thin string of memories being pulled out from the depths of the deepest abyss.




『nnn……that's right, that Coronzon has a hole on his armor.
and……I Jammed the barrel in…? but where's that crack come from? Hmmm?』




I reach a conclusion, albeit a vague one.




『Maybe I was fighting alongside someone.』




There was no way I was capable of creating a hole in that hard armor.




『Who's that?』




 Tiriel asked.




『That's ……
umm ……』




 Natsuki gave me a concerned look as I fell silent.




『That's enough.
It's too harsh to make him recall his dying moment.』








 Ferris and Tiriel both shuddered at Natsuki's words.




 I don't really mind.
But as usual, Natsuki is a very caring girl.





 We started talking about my future plans.




『Natsuki, let me get this straight.
So, there is a strong possibility that I died as a result of his scheming, and all the circumstantial evidence is pointing to him.
He has been acting strange lately, and I think he may have had something to do with my death right?』




『Um …
yeah, yes』




『And now that Garnier, my foster parent, the one who seemed to know everything just died the other day.』




『…..are you okay, Jebotan?』




Natsuki gently grabs my arm.
She looks at me with sympathetic eyes.
Natsuki is very kind to me today.




my foster parent died in prison………




『–I'm not particularly emotional about it, but I guess I was ……




 I wanted to meet him at least once to see what he was like.
Maybe it could trigger some unexpected drama, such as the revival of lost memories like in movies?




『……You wanna borrow my chest?』




 Natsuki spreads her hands defenselessly as if to say, Come cry on my chest.




『Putting the borrowing joke aside.
Abigail intends to uncover the truth about what really happened at that time by tracing the people who were involved with 89, people who may have helped the lieutenant general, the gang, and the upper management of 89, right?』




『Yes, she did.』




『Well,  I'll take care of the rest.
You guys don't have to be involved anymore.』




『What? only Jebotan?』




 I nodded my head to the surprised Natsuki.





『I think I've known enough 'dots'.
By the way Natsuki, it's been quite a while. Aren't you keeping someone waiting?』




『What? –Ah, crap! I forgot about Vani!』



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Natsuki's head snapped up and shoved Gin back into her bag, then hurriedly spun around.








Then she trips on the bag under her feet and nearly falls.




 I took her arm to support her and she pointed to her feet and asked, 




what's this?』




There's a bag sitting there.




 *twitch* *twitch*……and something is moving inside.




『It's a body bag with a Jiangshi in it.』








*stare* Natsuki looks at the shoulder bag with an increasingly suspicious look on her face.




-Actually, I brought Yufan.




If I leave her at the castle, Highland Zephyr might attack under the guise of rescuing her while I'm gone.




 If I bring her here, the rescue team will have no choice but to come to the 88.
Well, worst-case scenario, we'll just start a fight over here.
Titania is safe, and the three girls have agreed too.
So now, Yufan is reduced to a poor portable onahole with no one to help her.




 I lightly kick the bag, which is wriggling around in protest.
The prisoner should be quiet.




 Seeing the bag quieted down, Natsuki said, 『Well, whatever.』 and pushed the terminal to me.





『Then, I've got all the stuff we're talking about today on that terminal.
And it's connected to the darknet, so we can chat! I'll be in touch!』




 Natsuki said that and was about to leave, but she quickly turned back and brought her face close.












  After kissing my mouth, Natsuki peeks in, her brow furrowed with anxiety.




『You came back to judge those who did wrong, right?』




 Not really…….




 The truth is, I don't care who they are, as long as I can kill them.




But I did make a strange promise to Abigail…….




 I was hesitant between answers.




『That's right.』




 I replied.




Her relief was evident on her face then she said, “See you later, Jebotan.” and waved a cheery bye-bye as she dashed off into the underground haven.




–I've made another strange promise.




This is why I'm not good at getting involved with a lot of people, the promises like this add up.




 Well, well.




 Abigail has uncovered the point I need to head towards.
I can almost see it now.




 Then the rest is easy.




 All I have to do is connect the dots.




I'll unleash the horror called the Butcher on this place as much as I want.




 It's been a long time…..









 I stared into the darkness for a while, lost in thought, and then I looked back at Ferris and the others.




『–Now, let's get started.』

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