Chapter 218 Taking the first step

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『Are we already under 88, subhuman stronghold?』





Ferris asked, looking around the pitch-black, empty turnel.





 This is the space between the underground haven and the ammunition depot.
We had made our way through the tunnels and once again had easily gained entry to Fort 88.




『Yes, there is a brothel next to here, and on the other side is a weapons cache.
It's a hidden space between the two.』




I didn't know it is so easy to get in…….』




  Ferris's red eyes glowed dimly in the darkness.




『–Hey, Jibodan.
I think you could gain Elysium a big favor just by selling the info on this tunnel.
What do you think?』




『I can sell it when I'm done.
How much would that be?』




『Maybe you can get enough money to buy an entire small floating island.
Then we could build a villa and have a comfortable life there.』




Kufufu, Ferris laughs with her mouth closed.
When she laughs like this, she really looks like a fox.




『I'm going to turn on the lights.』




Tiriel held up her cabrontia, and immediately an orange light appeared.




As the light floated in the air, it illuminated the secret passage.




Tiriel was wearing a Cossack hat that hid the tip of her problematic ear.
Her long flaxen hair was hung down in front of her, partially hiding her face.
It's a little creepy, but it's better than people seeing her face.




Ferris, on the other hand, wears thick-rimmed glasses without lenses, and a big neck warmer that covers the lower half of her face.



 Still, I'm glad it's winter.
We can't wear this many clothes if it was summer.  And with this, we should be able to blend in with the city




While we were chatting like this, the sound of a “kong-kong ……” echoed through the tunnel.
It was coming from the wall on the Haven side.




The sound of concrete being knocked continues  ……
kong kong kong …….
a morse code.



 I asked the termites to make a hole in the concrete wall.




A low rumbling of a motor and a faint light came from the other side of the collapsed wall.




Standing there was not Abigail —- but Natsuki.




She was standing there, staring at the giant termite-kun who had destroyed the wall “Uwa~~”




I had already sensed her presence with my , but what happened to Abigail?





“Ah, Jebotan! Long time no see!”





Noticing me, Natsuki jumps into my chest with a smile on her face.
Her hair smelled like shampoo.




 I hugged her back and she said happily, “Welcome back.”

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“Abby is unable to leave, so I'm here on her behalf.
It's called a liaison, right? How's it? Isn't it kind of cool?”




Natsuki put her hands on her hips and made her signature pose.





 She wore a cap on her head and a long one-piece hoodie that reached just below her knees.
Her smooth white legs appeared from under the hem of the hoodie.
The size is too big, probably an adult men's size.
She was wearing sneakers on her bare feet.  I would say that it's a little naughty …….but I couldn't lust for it because the printing on it was too eccentric.




   A picture of a naked man with his left hand outstretched, and God is about to touch the fingertips with her his right hand.




But the god in that picture is chili pepper.




 A god dressed as a chili pepper (a chili pepper dressed as a god?) has given something important to the first ancestor of the human race.
It is thought to represent that historical moment.
Is he bestowing the spicy taste buds? This hoodie has such a crazy print.




 Natsuki is indeed a true master.
I was impressed by her cutting-edge taste in fashion.




I took a quick look down the way she had entered.
There seemed to be no one else in the room except for Natsuki.
Incidentally, this is the main air-conditioning room of the underground haven, and not many people come in here.



“No one else is in there but me.
Actually, there is a girl named Vani, but she is too young to enter the underground haven.
I asked her to wait outside with Yakumo and said I'm going pick up something I forgot.”




Oh, I nodded.




Hey, Jebotan? What about your voice?”




When I conveyed to her with a gesture that my batteries were dead, she gave me a stunned look.



“You used up two batteries? it's only been two weeks, just how much have you been talking? Are you singing karaoke all day or something?”





 That's what I've been doing actually, playing live duets with Titania every night.
Hahh I can't even tell a joke now.
I want an outlet, fast.





I invited Natsuki into my secret area.








She noticed Ferris and Tiriel standing in the dim light.




“Who are those kids? ……





Natsuki asked fearfully, ducking behind me.




『Hey Tiriel, this one's called Natsuki, and she's with me, and ……
channeling, right? Can you give her that thing?』




『I'm running low on magic right now…….』




『Then let me give you an injection….』




『Aaa—ah—eh!? Suddenly there's enough magic left in my body for one person!?』




 Tiriel clanked her staff.




 A high-pitched thunk reverberated in the hollow space, and an angle halo floated above Natsuki's head.
No need for an injection.
Too bad.


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『Can you hear me, Natsuki?』




 She startled and looked up at me, puzzled.




“I –I can……
Is this Jebotan's voice?”




Now Natsuki can use telepathy with the mysterious power of that Cossack hat girl.
You can talk to me even if you are a little far away just by thinking about it.
But be careful, the Cossack girl can hear everything you say』




like this?』




『yes yes』




 I licked Natsuki's face with my tongue and she kissed my tongue in return.
It felt nice and soft.
As expected of a professional.
Thank you for touching me sexually without me telling.




I was not in the mood for casual chit-chat.
So I immediately introduced Natsuki to them.




 After my introduction, they took off their hats and glasses to reveal their faces.




 Natsuki bowed.




『I'm Natsuki.
Nice to meet you』




Are you Jibodan's prostitute?』




Ferris walked around Natsuki and scanned her.




『How can you withstand Jibodan's fierce pounding with that skinny body?』




 There was no hint of mockery or contempt in Ferris's face or voice, just pure curiosity.




Natsuki, on the other hand, remained silent and alternately look at the fox and elf girls with an uncomfortable look on her face.




『Are you afraid of them?』




 I asked, and she hesitated before shaking her head.





I was just surprised.
I never imagined aliens can be so beautiful.』




Ferris didn't seem to be bothered by the words, but Tiriel next to her was shaking her head exaggeratedly.




『You are quite something too.
Next time I'll give you some of my elf skin care.
It's a precious thing made by melting the nightshade mushroom.』




『I don't know what that is, but thank you.』




『Well, looking at you closely, you have beautiful skin too~.
What are you using? I'm interested in subhuman beauty products.』




『Really, your skin is as white as an underground vegetable.
Your eyes also have an unusual shape, Do all subhuman girls have eyes like that?』




  Tiriel and Ferris looked at Natsuki's face closely.




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 Natsuki was slightly perplexed by the pressure of curiosity coming from them, but she quickly recovered her composure and replied.




『Un…….not really, it's just a cheap lotion and moisturizer that you can buy at a convenience store, do you want them?'』




『Eh, really!? I'm so happy! My name is Tiriel.
Nice to meet you, Natsuki!』




 Tiriel took Natsuki's hand and shook it.




『Hey, Natsuki.
Did you call Jibodan Jebotan?』




I think it's cuter that way.』




『……How nice.
Natsuki understands Jibodan very well.』




Ferris smiles at her.
It's a warm smile, a smile that says, 'I've found a comrade.'




『You call him Jibodan, so you're Ferris?』




『Yes, I am.
Do you know about me?』




『Yes, I do.
Jibodan told me about you.
I heard that you're a fox  ……』




 Natsuki glanced at Ferris's head.
But there were no fox ears there.




『I'm using shifting skill now, so —- ha!』




Poof! The fox's ears and tail returned 




The moment Natsuki sees this moment, 『–Uwa!』 She held her mouth with both hands and her eyes lit up with excitement.




『Wow! What's that!? So cute~~♡ floofy fluffy tail~~♡』




There it is, Natsuki's Kawaii Culture.




『Be careful, Natsuki.
Ferris is much more ferocious than she looks.
Don't provoke her, or she will turn you into a piece of meat.』




 Tiriel held Natsuki's hand as she was about to reach for her fox ears.
Her eyes are serious.




『I won't be rough with Jibodan's exclusive prostitute』




Ferris's eyebrows furrowed disapprovingly.
Then her ears fell down.
Seeing this, Natsuki heats up.




『Ah~♡ Can I take a picture so Yakumo can see it too?』




『picture? –Polaroid!?』




Tiriel turns wary.




『A Polaroid? I don't really know, but here.』




 Natsuki took out the terminal.



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They looked at the terminal screen with great interest.




 Natsuki showed them how to operate the terminal.




『It has a camera on it.』




  Natsuki took the terminal and stepped in between them.
She shows them the selfie she took “oh~~……!” “so cute–“.




『Is that what subhumans generally wear?』




It's called casual clothe…….
Oh, right.』




  Natsuki seemed to remember something and put down her backpack.




『Oufit for you, Jibotan!』








I was alarmed by her bizarre style, but what she pulled out was a rather tropical, oversized outfit.




『It's a 6L, this is the biggest clothes available at 88 right now but the design is kind of weird, like resort-style.』




You really searched it for me.』




『No problem!』




Natsuki wink.




『Hey, Try it on, Jibodan.』




『I want to see it!』




So I took off my apron and tried on the clothes I received while the three young girls gawked at my nakedness.
It was a tropical shirt and aloha pants




They laughed cheerfully.




I asked Natsuki to show me a picture, and after a quick snap, it turned out that I look like a sumo wrestler.
Still, I was thrilled to see myself wearing something civilized for the first time in years.




 Using my appearance as a topic, the three of them started chatting with each other.





 –I had just witnessed a historic first step.




is the first person in history to instantly become friends with an alien on their first meeting and even take a commemorative photo with them? Amazing.
Kawaii culture has broken the world's barriers.




 Ignorance may actually be the most important element of peace




The three of them instantly became friends (?).
I wonder if it's because of the girls's empathy? also, it might be the fact that all of them are young and not professional soldiers.




If we want to settle this war, how about gathering young girls of both races and throwing them into some faraway land? With only me as the stud.
A modest suggestion for world peace from the Butcher.




 Everyone will be happy there.
I will build a paradise where girls squeal constantly all day and all night.

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