Chapter 217 Woman who calls storm

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◇◆◇ (Gevaudan's point of view)




I think I can only take Tiriel with me…….』




And then came the responses.








『What about me!?』




Two voices rose at the same time.




One was Tiriel, who has an oh my gah~ (oh my god) face, and the other was Arshella, who also has an oh my gah~ face.




We are standing outside Ant Hill Castle.
Discussing our future plans.




Ferris' discussions were fruitful, and they managed to persuade Titania to accept an offer of a joint operation against Fort 88, from which I chose a suitable companion from among the three girls to accompany me to the Fort.




Ferris and Arshella wanted to be chosen so Tiriel was relieved that she is now free, but then she got dragged back out of nowhere.








I point at the two, one by one.




First, Arshella's vertically split pupils, tiny horns, leathery wings, and a scaly tail.




Similarly, Ferris's feral eyes, bushy ears, and fluffy tail.




『I can assure you that they'll spot us immediately and the whole plan will be blown out of proportion』




you can't sneak into the Fort with such a fantasy look.




I can barely get in with my , but even then I can't act freely, and I could get caught at any moment.




But Arshella persists.




『Don't any subhumans have horns or tails, or at least some of them? If I can make myself look like them…』




『Nope, You guys haven't seen it right? Also, no subhuman wears armor like that, Arshella.』




No one walks the streets in medieval armor nowadays.
Only cosplayers would.
And even then, they don't wear full-fledged armor so complex that they can't put it on and take it off by themselves.




『How strange ……』said Arshella『After all the trouble I went through to get it…..』 She began to kick the dirt, grumbling.




『Me! what about me!』




said Tiriel.




『Aren't my ears a little different from those subhumans!?』




She pointed at her own pointed ears and showed them to me.




『You can cover them with a hat.
It's winter now, so it won't look that strange.』




As I said this, Tiriel, who had her escape route shut off, turn silent and her face devoid of hope.




In her place, Ferris stepped forward.




『Guess that makes me fine then!』




 She said confidently.




『What do you mean?』




『Watch me—-Ha!』





 Ferris spins around on the spot like a ballerina.





With a cartoony poof! smoke engulfs her figure.




 When the white smoke cleared, Ferris' ears and tail disappeared.




『How is it?』




 Ferris smiled and does a peace sign, nihihi …….




『Oh, wow!』




  Ferris, proud of my compliment, puffed out her small chest.




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 I patted her head.
I couldn't see it, but I could feel her ears.
I wonder if it is the type that deceives the perception of others like my ?




 I look carefully at Ferris and Tiriel, who are standing side by side.




No, to think about it.
either of you won't do.』




『What? Is there still a place that's not right?』




『The physical feature is probably fine, but–』




Ferris and Tiriel check their appearance.
While looking at them alternately, I tell them something very important.




『–You two are too cute.』




By human standards, these girls are like one in a million.
With looks like that, if she walked down the street, she would be approached by everyone.
We will be noticed.
Not good.




『That…too cute is a bit……』




Tiriel begins to move around shyly.





She's an honest, somewhat quirky, and kind of funny girl.
She is the only one of the four girls who tries to keep her distance from me, and that is her strong point.
That makes her worth the effort.




Ferris, on the other hand, kept a serious expression on her face.




『So how do you plan to hide, Jibodan?』




『I'll just put on subhuman skin.
I can just wander around the dark corners of the city and I don't even have to sleep at night, I can stay underground if I want.』



Both the underground passage I dug with mole cricket-kun, and the secret cave beyond it have not yet been discovered by humans.
Even the neighboring underground haven can be my hiding place.
I could do what Shigeaki did and break into someone else's room and stay there.
I don't want Abigail to get mad at me, so I'll avoid that if at all possible.




 Then Ferris hesitated and looked up.




『Ummm ……
then take me there too.
We'll figure something out after that later.
Don't worry.
If it comes to it, we'll just fight it out and then call for reinforcements later.』




Ferris said.
The idea of starting a war outright is ludicrous.




『Hey, by the way…』




 Arshella interrupted.




What are you going to do with 88 after all this? Why are you trying to kill your fellow subhumans? Isn't It's about time you tell us?』




『And how's that matter to you?』




『You are about to fight with us, and it would be strange if we didn't know your purpose in this fight.』




 Hmmm …….




 It's kind of embarrassing…….





 But I can't remain silent at this point.




–So I told them the whole story.




I revealed my plan there must be a person among the 88 who betrayed me, so Abigail is going to pinpoint the one who betrayed me, and I will take care of them in turn.




『W-What is that? So that's what really happens……!?』




『That's unacceptable!』




Arshella looks surprised and Tiriel is enraged.
The girls seemed to be touched by the fact that someone betrayed me and left me to die.





I expected them to mock my juvenile motivations, but when they sympathized with me, it made me somewhat happy.




『Let's destroy the subhuman race, Jibodan!』




 Hmph! Ferris snorts.




 That's why we just can't destroy 88……





 I sighed in my heart, and the three girls proceeded to talk on their own.





『Well then, Tiriel and I will accompany you to Jibodan, and Arshella can go back to Faymbaum and report back, ok?』




『Hah~ ……….okay.
Just don't start a war without me.』




Ferris's personality had completely changed for the better, even giving Arshella instructions directly.
I was somewhat proud of that.
I wonder if this is how parents feel when they see their daughters grow up.





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–I also began to notice a hint of something erotic in Ferris's body.




 I wonder if it's because I've been pumping testosterone into her.





 To be honest, she has such beautiful eyes and glossy lips that I want to push her down.
Even her fluffy tail and soft ear seem sexualized somehow.
Ferris will probably be a real deal five years from now.









 Tiriel raised her hand sheepishly.




『Am I still need to go? Isn't it enough if Ferris and Makomo are with you?』




『I can't talk to Jibodan if Tiriel doesn't go.
come on.』




Ferris took Tiriel's hand, not wanting to let her go.




『But, but ……..
I can't use my power right now, so I might be ……
slowing you down?』




Tiriel is very reluctant.




But I think it is to be expected.
For the aliens, sneaking into Fort 88 is a suicide mission.
If they were discovered, they will be immediately gunned down without hesitation.
No matter how many bullets they can withstand, there are limits.





However, I agree with Ferris that if she's coming, Tiriel has to be there too.




『We have no choice.
Tiriel, I'm concerned if Ferris is alone……'ll come with me, right?』




I secretly pulled out a picture from the pocket of my apron.




 When Tiriel saw this, she turned pale “Hiiii”




The picture that horrified her was: —- her butt-fuck aftermath.




After returning from the colony, I went to the camp of Ferris and the other girls several times to crawl into their bed and deepen my friendship with them.
I remembered that Tiriel wanted to see a camera, so I brought a Polaroid with me.
I showed her how to use it and tricked her into taking a few test shots.
Since it was her request, she can't complain.
As they say, bad-wording is a curse.




She was so drunk from my rich cock milk that in the pictures, she has a cock in her ass with an ahegao face.
Her cum-stained vagina was in full view. The photo of a total pervert.
The perfect blackmail image.








Tiriel finally agreed in the face of my threat, losing all hope.




『And Makomo overthere, are you coming with us?』




I turned my head, and Makomo, noticing my gaze, jerked her shoulders and hid behind a tree.




 –You know, you already have the prey brand stuck on you.
I can tell the approximate location of the prey no matter where you are.





Incidentally, I decided not to pursue Makomo because she was not involved in the attack with Yufan the other day.
As for me, I wanted to group her together with the jiangshi girl and humiliate them, but alas.




『Nah, it's hard to move when there are too many of us.
Makomo, go back with Arshella.
Left this to me and Tiriel.』




『That's fine — Oh, that's right Arshella.』




Suddenly, I remember and pull a “thing” from my apron pocket to give it to her.








『Souvenir for Lydia.
Give it to her when you get back.』




『W-What is this?』




They are a dildo, a remote vibrator, and a state-of-the-art sex toy–the Womanamia.




 The Womanamia looks like a small U-shaped dildo, but after it is inserted, it expands and into a large phallus.
It fills the vaginal canal, massages the g-spot and other spots at the same time, and can vibrate.
It stuck snugly to the labia and rubbed on the clitoris.
The silicone material is soft and comfortable to the touch.
It also has a heater.
Depending on the person, some said that it make them cum continuously.





 Arshella gawks at the sex toy and takes it.




 Wanting to prank her a bit, the toys start vibrating in her hands.




『–Ohhh!? hey, it's moving? Is this normal?』




Asked the innocent Arshella, I hold back a laugh and said.




『Give it to Lydia and she'll understand.
But tell her that the device can only be used for a limited time, and then it will stop moving, so plan your use accordingly』




『Oh, okay.
leave it to me.』




 I also pushed the remote control to her, and she accepted it with a confused look.



『Then we'll leave tomorrow night.』


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 I was about to leave when Ferris grabbed my finger.




『We still have time today, right?』




She looks up at me and smiles seductively.




『Let's play together a bit more.』




 I was invited.




Ferris has been like this for quite some time now.




Apparently, she really wants to get me out of Titania's grasp.
I think it's a futile effort, but it's too good for me to refuse.
I'll take it.




Thus, with my arm being pulled, I headed off with Ferris and the others to a pre-departure party.












  And after making the three of them raise the white flag, I returned to the Ant Hill Castle.




And now I am in the middle of farewell sex with Titania on my bed.
The ultimate move.




 I penetrate her in the back in the sitting position, rubbing her tits from behind, and fuck her throat with my tongue.




“An ♡ An ♡ Aaaa —-!”




Titania moans cutely.




But this is not from her mouth.
The real Titania was muffling with her mouth covered with my thick tongue.




 What I mean is that the voice was coming from a small monitor placed beside the bed.
The crackling noises that are typical of poor-quality speakers are mixed in along the video feed that comes from the camcorder camera.




We mingled as we watched our own sex tape.




The video being played was Titania's sex tape.
The equipment was from Shigeaki, which I had secured with the intention to film while I fuck Natsuki.
Since I had brought it home, I had been filming Titania a lot.




 This is like a palindrome, “me fucking Titania while Titania watches me fucking her.”




She looked at the image of herself with curiosity.
I think it was a shock for her to see herself moving and to hear her own voice for the first time in her life.
And with it, came a different level of shame to see her own sexual act.




At first, Titania tried to cover the monitor with her hand in a panic, but as she was restrained by me and forced to watch her own AV while being fucked in the back, she soon lost her resistance.
Now, her honey pot is overflowing like a waterfall.
She is aroused by watching the images of herself getting raped.





 –But I can't help but wonder.





 Porn of women being fucked by me is not that bad.




Even I was excited.
Come to think of it, I was always raping women in prison while checking the reflection in the mirror, so maybe that kind of habit is ingrained in my body.
I want a big mirror.




It seems that the combination of a beautiful woman being raped by an ugly man and making her cum is more likely to induce more sexual arousal than scenes of handsome men and beautiful women having sex. Maybe it's because the viewer's brain interprets the paradox of the woman accepting and reaching a climax while the male is not-so-good looking as a result of her experiencing 

unimaginable pleasure. Gevaudan Theory.






“Titania, cute.”




“Nhh♡!? guh♡!”




 I pointed at the monitor and she climaxed, her whole body trembling, tightened her grip on my son.
I also ejaculated.
It was the best feeling to ejaculate into her vagina while she is cumming.




The video was playing was a scene of her being sprayed and her whole body covered in cum.
I taught her the butcher's knowledge that she looked cuter when she was covered in cum.




I think I succeeded in introducing Titania to the virtues of mankind's degenerate culture of watching porn.
If you get lonely while I'm gone, you can masturbate with this.
With that reminder, I thrust up hard from below as she finished her orgasm.




“–Oh, ♡♡!”



“Titania, s——.”




I was about to say, “I love you.” when I heard a sound like a broken cord and I lost my voice.




–Ah, so the battery that Yakumo gave me finally died.




I've been too devoted to nighttime conversation training.
Humanity's items are bound by the need for electricity.
I guess I'll have to scavenge a power generator next time.




 Disappointed, I stopped moving.




“–Pu-hah ……
Gevaudan ……”




 Then Titania turned around, spitting out my tongue.




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“◇Go home●▲#■〆▲※。〆▼□#〆skill〒□○☆○□。§○■☆〓★●★&&、○※▲■◎★●△▲〓§●△。&●&Elf〒▼§〓●■★、〒▼§〓curse●■★◇○◇▲〓〓〒〒§△。Subhuman Fortress〓□&●▼★▲▲▽●§★#、▼△☆I▼〓□▲〒▲○§▲△□■〆▲▽☆●。▼○I○#●★、you▽※□▲◎□#▼■▼§△□◎▽§#&#§”





 I feel like I'm being told something.




 Maybe something about not using too much skill.
My listening comprehension of Alien language has improved a lot.





 While I don't understand 90% of what she says.
Still, I nodded my head and Titania smiled.




 She shifted her position, straddled me, and sucked my semen-scented cock into her mouth.




“—-nh, ohhhh …………!”




Thus, I was once again allowed to nourish my energy with skin-to-skin contact with the sweaty Titania.












 –Early in the morning.




 I was standing alone on the terrace looking in the direction of Fort 88.




The weather was clear.
Last time I was helped a lot by the heavy snow, but this time the infiltration won't be as easy as the last time.
And with Ferris and Tiriel, it was going to be a challenge.
As a professional, I need to be very careful.





While I was thinking about this and that about my future plan, Titania joined me on the terrace.
Lately, she hasn't been able to get up until noon the day after I hold her, but this morning she seemed to be in good spirits.




 When I looked at her, I saw that she was holding something in the shape of an egg.




 It's strange no matter how many times I see it.




 It become redder since the last time I saw it, and there were only a few colors left.




 Titania stood next to me and smiled mischievously when she saw me staring at the egg.




 Titania holds the egg in both hands and raises it to the sky.




A golden light bursts from her pupils.




Her left hand is engulfed in white flames and her right hand in black flames.



Then the white and black flames moved across the surface of the egg-like intertwining snakes.




The flame enveloped the eggs in layers.




Then the glow emitted from the egg changed to a golden color like sunlight that emerged from behind the mountains.
It is the same color as Titania's pupils.




Eventually, the burning egg exploded.




Though it was a small explosion, the white shockwave emitted from the egg spread and melted into the sky.





 Soon after, the sound of rumbling thunder reached my ears from far away.





Beyond the direction of the thunder,  was Fort 88.




Behind the mountains, a gray cloud appeared out of nowhere, and I saw it expand to fill the clear sky with layers upon layers of clouds.




They were a perfect cumulonimbus cloud.





 Or, it could even be called a war cloud. 




 –The snow that time, you did that for me…….




I found myself hunched down, on the verge of tipping over.




 For the first time in a long time, I was truly surprised.
Weather manipulation.





While I was stunned, Titania pointed at an egg(?) in her hand. 




“Heaven And Earth”





She certainly meant it.
I don't know what it means, but it was definitely something extraordinary, right?




Then she pointed at me and said “Larva” and pointed at the sky and said “Taranis”.




 She then twirled her finger around and pointed far away, and tried to tell me something more, but I, who still had the listening ability of a toddler, could only catch words I had heard before, like Mifosis, elemental, Albasia, coordinates, Tartaros, and Oberon.





Soon the temperature dropped rapidly, and the wind brought a trace of snow.

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