Being the first target, Agatha is unable to move, her hand still on her holster.




Vani put her finger on tactical tomahawks that she kept on each thigh.



The guests in Valhalla also stand up and all come to a halt with their fingers on their holsters.



“Ohh!, Ohhhhh!! what is this!!”




Eugene sprawled in his chair, held up both hands, and screamed exaggeratedly.




“You guys really going to pull a wild-west in this place!?  And it's at noon too!”




“InoRyder, clam down and put the gun away.”




 Abigail looked at her with only her eyes.




“Nope, Abby.
That one pointed the gun at you first, Have your men put their guns down Agatha.”




“Are you out of your mind!?”




 A hysterical growl echoed through Valhalla.




“She might be an alien!”




“I've already been with her naked and thoroughly examined her beauty.”




“Don't you understand!? The woman said it herself that shapeshifters exist!! you can't be so sure, you don't even know if it's really a woman or not!!”




“Shut up!! it doesn't matter as long as I enjoy it.
It's a very important lesson from Senpai, This is the age that love isn't bound by gender or stereotypes!!”




“You guys are the reason why your team's sex life is getting so messed up.”




“Well, Agatha, I saw your boyfriend in Haven the other day.”







“Heven's Gay bar.”








“His face is ……
ah, some kind of inviting face.
Don't you usually talk crap about him? He probably exploded from the stress and his pent-up needs.”









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 The corners of Agatha's eyes twitched.
She could see the not-so-small amount of damage on her face.





“You don't have to say that now! what is your problem!!”





“If you don't want me to tell your men about your nasty side, put down the gun!”





“Ahhhhhhh you fucking coward!!!”




Despite the difference in numbers, there's nothing they could do.
Normally, they would have gone to subdue InoRyder without a second thought, but there she was, living up to her reputation as a mad dog.





When this woman says she will do something, she will.
The soldiers were unable to move and had no choice but to listen quietly to the increasingly petty arguments.



 Dominic looked around.



 Most of the soldiers and guests were wary of Abigail.




On the other hand, there were a few guests who had known InoRyder and they were now wary of the Alpha team's actions.  Dominic remained unconcerned, but he could not make any more bad moves here.




Thus, a classic Mexican standoff ensues in Valhalla.




A tension in which even the sound of breath could lead to the trigger.




Such a stalemate continued, and no one was able to move.




 It was an unexpected voice that broke the tension.



“That's enough.”




 The deep voice that suddenly rang out made everyone's shoulders jump.






 Abigail looked over there, and a man broke through the crowd – Penrose.




Valhalla gasped at the unexpected appearance of the Fort 88 leader.




“L-Lieutenant General, What are you doing in such a place?”




“Why would you put a key source of information in jeopardy unnecessarily, Dominic? Didn't I say to show her the video and respectfully invite her to join us?”




“Sir, please accept my apologies.
However, because Abigail has raised the possibility that she might be a shape-shifter, a doppelganger, it is necessary to place her under arrest and conduct a medical test in the Secretary General's lab.”



“I know what a doppelganger is.”




At Penrose's words, Dominic groaned in annoyance.




“So you already knew about them, As expected of your excellency. 





“I've been fighting aliens since before you were born.
I know how to recognize them.
I can guarantee you that no one here, even Abigail, is a doppelganger.”










With that, Dominic backed down meekly.





“All of you, put your guns down.”




 Penrose waved his hand and everyone in the room lowered their guns.




“Miss Abigail.”

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 Penrose stepped forward, and Abigail straightened her posture.





“I want information.
Is that clear?”





“Yes, sir.”






“I've waited long enough.
You seem to know a lot more than just the gate.
It's time for me to hear your story.”









“I'm going to put you under arrest for double agents, but I promise not to hurt you if you cooperate.
—- Understand?”




Penrose looked at Eugene with his eyes.




 Eugene nodded, His head dripping with cold sweat.




“Then I'll invite you to join me.”









 Abigail nodded.





“Abby, I'll go with–“




 Penrose interrupted InoRyder with his hand.





“Abigail will be under my direct protection.
I'll let you know when you can see her within the next couple of days.”



yes, yes sir …….”





There was an unseen power in Penrose's every move. He is not a man with just a title.
No soldier could go against him.








Abigail calls, and Natsuki steps out.





“Abby, are you okay?”




“Yes, don't worry–you guys keep doing what we agreed alright–…….”





 Abigail whispers into her ear, and Natsuki gives a small nod, “Yeah.”




 As they hugged, Niblo dove into Abigail's hair.




“InoRyder, take care of the kids.”




I'll be there to pick you up myself, don't worry.”




“Thank you.”




 After giving InoRyder a hug and kiss as a farewell, Abigail left Valhalla, accompanied by Claudia, who was standing behind Penrose.

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